Thursday, April 11, 2013

Daily Kos: Write off Begich & Pryor and primary them

Daily Kos: Write off Begich & Pryor and primary them:

Write off Begich & Pryor and primary them

I would not necessarily say that were they to vote against gun control directly, given the politics of their states.
But this was a cloture vote on the motion to proceed to debate.
No one who is willing to filibuster a motion to proceed to debate belongs in the Democratic Party.
there are things that are beyond the pale for a Democratic
We believe in having the debate so the American people can here the arguments
The unwillingness to have that discussion has been typical of the obstructionist Republicans in the Senate since Obama was elected President.
That anyone still in the Democratic caucus is willing to do this in unacceptable.
I wonder if the fathers of the two Senators in question, both distinguished public servants with no lack of political courage, could conceivably approve of what these two have done.
Please don't tell me that we need these men to hold the seats.  If these two are so in thrall to the NRA, on what other issues will they betray the Democratic party?
I have no personal connections with either state, and as a retired teacher whose wiofe is battling cancer my 

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