Sunday, April 7, 2013

Daily Kos: This is nothing but thinking aloud a bit

Daily Kos: This is nothing but thinking aloud a bit:

This is nothing but thinking aloud a bit

at this point in my life I think I would enjoy being able to make enough from writing to fill in the difference what I used to make teaching and what I make now in Social Security and Pension.  I am lucky in having medical insurance through my wife's job.
Looking back, I think from all sources for all the writing I have done - on line, for print, reviewing book proposals - over the past 20 some-odd years, I have grossed a grand total of less than 3,500, and most of that this past year.
There are people who would hire me to write for them, but it would not be my voice, and I would lose the ability to write here in my own name.
It's a nice fantasy to think that one could make 15-20K a year from writing - most of the professional writers I know have trouble making that much from their writing, and I am not sure I would qualify as a professional.
It has been a long day, part of it working on taxes, but still finding time to put up three posts here, and to monitor the comments.  Lots of work, some pleasure, but . . . .
I suppose that to be able to pay the bills I may have to consider jobs that would mean my absence from here, except perhaps on topics like music and history.
Still, should that happen, it has been a great ride now for over 9 years.  I am user 4334.  There are so many now I am not sure I would be missed.