Saturday, March 16, 2013

ASCD Conference Highlights: Day 1 | InterACT

ASCD Conference Highlights: Day 1 | InterACT:

ASCD Conference Highlights: Day 1

Freeman Hrabowski
What a busy day! There are 10,400 participants in this conference, hundreds of sessions, in a facility that seems like a whole campus. Lots here to write about in greater depth, but here are my highlights from Day 1.

Freeman Hrabowski
Dr. Freeman A. Hrabowski III was the keynote speaker this morning. His speech offered some inspirational examples of what’s possible when children have the support, expectations, structures, and nurturing that they need. Sometimes the tone of such speakers can seem like a challenge: if you cared more and worked harder, you’d be able to save more kids from bad outcomes. Hrabowski wasn’t suggesting that, but rather, trying to inspire the audience to believe that relationships make a difference. The most interesting take-away for me was the idea of having students involved in conversations about school improvement. I think that happens sometimes, but I expect there are opportunities to turn even more to our children for their perspectives and insights.
The morning’s general session also included the presentation of ASCD’s Outstanding Young Educator Awards. I