Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Scrap the MAP! Webinar with Garfield High School Teachers

Scrap the MAP! Webinar with Garfield High School Teachers:

Scrap the MAP! Webinar with Garfield High School Teachers

Support High Stakes Test Resistance

Originally Posted on February 5, 2013
Support High Stakes Test Resistance—Scrap the MAP!
Webinar with Garfield High School Teachers:

Why they did it, How they did it, Where the struggle is headed next.
Earlier this month, teachers at Garfield High School in Seattle, Washington, voted unanimously to stop administering a widely used, yet highly unfair standardized test. They are now facing threats of 10-day suspension without pay if they continue their boycott. Students and parents are joining the struggle in defense of their teachers and their right to a quality education.
The outcome of this grassroots movement will have an enormous impact on the future of resistance to high stakes testing around the country. Their struggle is our struggle!
Join with other concerned teachers, parents, and activists around the country for a free webinar featuring Jesse Hagopian, Garfield teacher and alumnus, as he discusses the background and current state of the fight to Scrap The Map. This will be an interactive, online meeting, with an opportunity for participants to ask questions. This webinar will be moderated by Brian Jones, teacher, author, and educational justice activist from NYC.
Sunday, Feb. 10
5pm PST, 6pm MST, 7pm CST, 8pm EST

You must register via email to receive an invitation to the webinar: Write to garfieldteacherswebinar@gmail.comYou will then receive a link to the webinar and easy technical directions for utilizing the free, online, web meeting service.
Learn more about the struggle of the Garfield Teachers at
The courageous Boycott of the MAP test by Seattle teachers has inspired students, teachers, parents, and activists across the country. They have shown their solidarity through resolutions of support by teacher unions (by both the ATF & NEA), letters and emails to district officials, rallies, petition drives, and many other local actions. (See a full list of statements here
“Without question or hesitation, I stand with the teachers, students, and parents at Garfield HS as they resist these unjust, soul-crushing standardized tests. This is not a Garfield issue. It’s a discussion in every public high school across the United States. We should all applaud and raise our fists for the people at Garfield and remember them forever as the first to stand up.” – 1968 Olympic medalist and protestor, Dr. John W. Carlos