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Crybaby in Indiana

At Jeb Bush’s bipartisan conference on the privatization movement, outgoing Indiana Governor Mitch Danielscomplained that teachers used illegal tactics to defeat State Superintendent Tony Bennett. He claimed, with no evidence, that teachers campaigned for Glenda Ritz using school emails and facilities.
Bennett, of course, was the hero of the privatization movement. Jeb Bush made him the chairman of his “Chiefs for Change,” a group of state superintendents devoted to high-stakes testing and privatization. Bennett had a war chest of about $1.5 million, compared to about $300,000 for Ritz. His loss was a shocking upset and setback for the privatizers.
And Ritz not only beat him, but got more votes that the Republican who won the governorship. Some 

A Sad Story of “Reform Churn” in Newark

Did the Global Village School Zone in Newark have a chance?
Did it get enough time?
Did it spend enough money?
Does Superintendent Cami Anderson have better ideas?
Doesn’t reform take time?
Stay tuned.

A Student Calls for Help

After reading about Stephanie Rivera and her new national student organization (Students United for Public Education), Blake Ward got in touch with Stephanie, and he posted this comment on the blog:
“I am from Sumter, South Carolina and our newly-merged school district is facing the issues of a “Broadian” for a superintendant (as I term the graduates of Eli Broad’s Academy for Superintendants) and a school board whose decisions are almost always divided along racial lines. Because of the policies of our school district, our districts teacher morale is at an all time low. They have to wake up every morning and wonder whether or not their careers are going to be ruined by surprise audits from the districts new teacher evaulation system. To add to their frustration, they’re scared to speak out because they are afraid that they will be put on the superintendant’s “hit list.”
On September 11th, I started the Sumter School District Student Coalition and I currently serve as the co-chair 

British Schools Face Deep Cuts Due to Overspending by Academies

The conservative British government is hurrying to convert its state schools to academies with private sponsors, akin to our charter schools. In the mad rush to expand the academies, so much was spent on them that there will be deep cuts in the budget of state schools. This works to the advantage of the academies as the state schools tighten their belts, cut programs, increase class size and become less attractive.

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Diane Ravitch's blog: The Odd and Shifting Logic of School Choice by dianerav In the just concluded trial about vouchers in Louisiana, a state education department official said that a student with a voucher is a public school student, no matter what school she attends. The judge could not follow the logic. He ruled that the state could not take funds away from public schools to pay for vouchers. Leonie Haimson of Class Size Matters in New York City noticed that charter advocates pull the same trick, with the same logic. They change their rationale to fit the need of the mom... more »