Thursday, October 18, 2012

JUST DRUG EM ALL « Teachers Fight Back

JUST DRUG EM ALL « Teachers Fight Back:


I hate to be an “I told you so”, but I knew the day would come when underachieving students were all treated with some drug to make them pay attention better and perform better in school. Now we have doctors prescribing Adderall and other powerful stimulant drugs to improve the grades of underperforming but otherwise healthy schoolchildren. These are not children with ADHD or any diagnosed problem.
This is great. Why stop with the underachieving ones ? Let’s drug em all, even the high achievers, maybe it will help them too. Everything about the way we’ve treated children in the last two decades or so has been leading to this. We’ve long since given up on the old tried and true methods of discipline and self-control that worked for years. We no longer expect our children or their parents to have any sense of discipline and self-control. We '