Friday, September 21, 2012

Jersey Jazzman: "Won't Back Down" Panels Snub Teachers

Jersey Jazzman: "Won't Back Down" Panels Snub Teachers:

"Won't Back Down" Panels Snub Teachers

Around the country, there have been a slew of "special screenings" of Won't Back Down, the corporate reformers' latest piece of propaganda. As a special treat, StudentsFirst and other reformy organizations have been organizing panels of "experts" to discuss the film. Guess which experts have been excluded?

Newark (from the great education student and blogger Stephanie Rivera):
In addition to the movie screening, B4K provided a panel at the event. It was definitely an intense one. A lot of hostility, frustration, and anger:
Moderator: Tom Moran, The Star-Ledger
  • Junius Williams, Esq., Director, The Abbott Leadership Institute

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