Friday, January 13, 2012

Jersey Jazzman: More New Jersey Charter Malfeasance

Jersey Jazzman: More New Jersey Charter Malfeasance:

More New Jersey Charter Malfeasance

You could make a good argument that one or even two school board members not following the law is an anomaly and not necessarily indicative of a systemic problem. But three or more? I'd say something's not right.

Here are the New Jersey school districts and charter schools that have three or more board members who did not complete a criminal background check in time and now have to vacate their positions. Remember, for all intents and purposes, a charter school in New Jersey is its own school district; I've underlined the charter schools on this list.
  • Bergen Arts And Sciences Charter School, Bergen - 3 members
  • West Wildwood, Cape May County - 3 members
  • Adelaide L. Sandford Charer School, Essex - 3 members

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