National Day of Blogging for Real Education Reform

Posted on November 18, 2010 by Paula White


November 22, 2010 has been declared the National Day of Blogging for Real Education Reform, promoted by AASA and ASCD. ASCD has gathered 10 articles, in advance of Monday’s Day of National Blogging, in The New Faces of Ed Reform that discuss reforming education with teachers as leaders and partners in meaningful, lasting change.

I can’t wait to see Monday’s collective voices blogging for positive educational reform. Many blog posts have lamented the fact that educator voices are often left out of the conversations about the future of schools. Many state that the future is here and we simply need to embrace it. Others say we need to embrace contemporary tools to help our students learn in school as well as they do out of it. Many see learning and schooling as not equitable, and some examine how we can better support student learning. National organizations are urging us as educators to add our voices to the cacophony and use our passion, our expertise, our visionary leadership to forge the way and be heard as a united group advocating for positive reform for our students–for meaningful learning and for lasting understanding of growth needs for our educational system.

Please share your ideas, then add your blog link on November 22 to the comments here. We’ll compile them into this blog so they will be accessible to all. Join us in sharing your vision, browse the list and come read the Co-op’s posts for even more!