My mother died when I was 17.  Part of my college was paid for by Social Security Survivor Benefits.
While I was an active-duty Marine in the 1960's, I had free government health care.
I finished college on the GI Bill and with the help of government-insured loans.
I have drawn unemployment insurance when my company moved out of state.
I bought the house from which I write this with a VA-backed mortgage.
I had government-insured loans to pay for my education as a teacher.
I am on Social Security.  I am eligible for all of Medicare, although so far only on part B because I am covered by other health insurance
I have a state government pension as a retired school teacher.
Part of my father's care when he had Alzheimer's and had to be in a home was covered by his Social Security and Medicare -  we were lucky in that he did not outlive his resources and have to resort to Medicaid to stay in his home.
I am nothing special.
I am an ordinary American.
I grew up in an upper middle class family, and attended superb local public schools.
I have always benefited from the government.
I am happy to pay taxes for government services.
I benefit from the roads on which I drive, the police and fire who protect us and our home, the sanitation workers who pick up our garbage, the public works people who plow the snow from our street,  the water and sewer services provided by the local government.
When I have traveled abroad I have had the protection of the United State Government upon whose passport I have traveled.
My savings accounts are insured by the federal government.
All of these are also social programs - they benefit all of society.
I know how lucky I am to be an American.
I want those benefits to be available to all those who come after me.
What about you?