James Jordan Middle School principal Myranda Marsh talks with students before they take a final. A court order is mandating that student test scores be a part of a teacher s performance evaluation at LAUSD schools. (Andy Holzman/Staff Photographer)
Armed with a court order mandating the use of student test scores in teacher evaluations, Los Angeles Unified Superintendent John Deasy now faces the tough job of selling his achievement-based review system to the district's teachers, union leaders and even its school board members.
The ruling issued last week orders LAUSD to include pupil progress scores in rating teachers and school administrators in order to bring the district into compliance with state law.
Although he was a defendant in the suit, the decision was viewed as a victory for Deasy, who has been a strident advocate for using test scores as one factor in teacher evaluations.
And Deasy himself sees the judge's ruling as ammunition in his fight to implement Academic Growth over Time. The complex formula of standardized tests scores and demographic