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Friday, January 29, 2021


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The Impact of Teacher Deaths

Video: “Dr. Fauci joins AFT and NEA for vaccine discussion” | Larry Ferlazzo's Websites of the Day... - on @Larryferlazzo

ALERT! Red State Governors Push DeVos Privatization Agenda As They Celebrate “School Choice Week” | Diane Ravitch's blog - via @dianeravitch

‘We should not rush this’: Students demand a voice in Philadelphia’s reopening plans - Chalkbeat Philadelphia - on chalkbeat

Schools Must Resist Destructive Anti-racist Demands - The Atlantic -

The Hierarchy Of The Teachers Union In Delaware | Exceptional Delaware - via @ExcptlDelaware

Newsom: California schools won't reopen 'if we wait for the perfect'

San Jose hospital executive disciplined after teachers allowed to get coronavirus vaccine

American Psychiatric Association issues apology for structural racism

Teacher vaccinations remain a key reopening factor for some NJ schools

Biden Signs Most Far-Reaching Federal Protections For LGBTQ People Yet

San Francisco School Name Debate Pits Liberals

D.C. and teachers union meet with arbiter to determine if reopening agreement was breached

Cloaking Inequity: Using Data and Research to Unlearn Chait’s False Opinion About Charter Schools | National Education Policy Center - on @NEPCtweet

Safe return or no return: Strikes loom for public schools - via @therealnews

Chicago teachers struggle at a crossroads

State Board of Education approves update to revoking teacher certifications via @nondocmedia

NEPC Interviews Jack Schneider and Jennifer Berkshire About Their New Book “A Wolf at the Schoolhouse Door” | Diane Ravitch's blog - via @dianeravitch

Newsom's $2 billion plan to reopen California schools fizzles - on @sfchronicle

Closing schools, laying off 150 will push more kids to N.J. city charter schools, union says

San Diego Unified's federal lobbying efforts come under scrutiny by parent group - The San Diego Union-Tribune - by @Kristen_Taketa on @sdut

Parents of Remote Learners Less Likely to Work Full Time - on @Gallup

CPS leader insisting on return to in-person class, despite no deal with the teachers union. Teachers say they will teach remotely until they get a deal.

Should Schools Be Able to Discipline Students for What They Say on Social Media? - The New York Times -

Fauci says Biden's push to reopen schools in 100 days 'may not happen' via @nypost

Big Education Ape: More states seek federal waivers from standardized tests as Biden extends deadline for requests - The Washington Post -

Big Education Ape: ASD Light – Tennessee Education Report -

Big Education Ape: Dr. Fauci has conversation with teachers' union about reopening schools in President Joe Biden's first 100 days - ABC7 San Francisco -

Big Education Ape: NYC Public School Parents: Last night's historic vote of the Panel for Educational Policy to reject the Pearson contract for assessing "giftedness" -

Big Education Ape: Dr. Cardona, Please Cancel the Tests - Network For Public Education -

Big Education Ape: NEA’s top priorities in Congress - Education Votes -

Teacher Tom: Disarming
Disarming There was once a time when I felt I always had to don my armor to go out into the world. You know what I'm talking about it, of course: everything from the clothing to the attitude that I wear when I leave the safety of home. It's the way we protect ourselves from a world that we fear will harm us if it sees who we really are. The hostility of the world is real. Black people better pro
Andrea Gabor: What the Poet Laureate Amanda Gorman Taught Us | Diane Ravitch's blog
Andrea Gabor: What the Poet Laureate Amanda Gorman Taught Us Andrea Gabor has written recently about the importance of civics education. She has reminded us that the obsession with standardized testing has robbed students of the joy of learning and consumed time that could be better spent in other ways. The 22-year-old Poet Laureate Amanda Gorman, who spoke so beautifully at the inauguration of
Ohio Senate Killed New School Funding Plan: Now We Hear That Money Doesn’t Matter | janresseger
Ohio Senate Killed New School Funding Plan: Now We Hear That Money Doesn’t Matter Ohio Auditor Keith Faber explained on Tuesday that, “The Auditor of State’s Office recently completed a performance audit for the Ohio Department of Education.” Faber says that the purpose is to make recommendations about “economy, efficiency, and/or effectiveness in the areas reviewed…” One of the subjects of the
NYC Educator: NY Times Continues Its Battle on Common Sense
NY Times Continues Its Battle on Common Sense I've been amazed for years as the NY Times, with some notable exceptions, offered the worst education reporting in Fun City. This is a revered name, with generations of history, and yet you always feel they hate union as much as the tabloids. Of course, the Times has had to deal with union and likely would have made more money if all those who worked
Teacher Comments on Being Tech Skeptics | Larry Cuban on School Reform and Classroom Practice
Teacher Comments on Being Tech Skeptics I am fortunate to have many readers who are classroom teachers. I have published posts over the past few years about my research on exemplary teachers who integrated technology into their lessons. Some of those posts triggered responses from teachers. Here are a few of their comments. Louise Kowitch, retired Connecticut social studies teacher: ….The impact
Capital Union President Lied To Every Single Teacher In Capital School District | Exceptional Delaware
Capital Union President Lied To Every Single Teacher In Capital School District For the past several months, teachers at Dover High School have been grappling with Covid, remote learning, hybrid learning and the district itself. But it appears their greatest enemy might just be their own union that is supposed to protect teachers. This past Monday, WDEL had an explosive article about teachers at
NYC Public School Parents: Reimagine our City Schools: alternatives to Mayoral control on Sunday at 8 PM
Reimagine our City Schools: alternatives to Mayoral control on Sunday at 8 PM The deep flaws and persistent problems with Mayoral control are even more evident to many people, given the de Blasio’s push to have the Pearson contract for the gifted test approved, and when it failed last night at the PEP , even among many of his own appointees, his insistence to continue this controversial program
CURMUDGUCATION: Selling Roboscoring: How's That Going, Anyway?
Selling Roboscoring: How's That Going, Anyway? The quest continues--how to best market the notion of having student essays scored by software instead of actual humans. It's a big, bold dream, a dream of world in which test manufacturers don't have to hire pesky, expensive meat widgets and the fuzzy unscientific world of writing can be reduced to hard numbers--numbers that we know are objective a
For Data Privacy Day — take our Survey: online apps used by districts and their privacy provisions | Parent Coalition for Student Privacy
FOR DATA PRIVACY DAY — TAKE OUR SURVEY: ONLINE APPS USED BY DISTRICTS AND THEIR PRIVACY PROVISIONS Today, January 28th is Data Privacy Day, the international annual day of action and awareness to promote the privacy of our personal data. The Parent Coalition for Student Privacy is researching which ed tech apps schools are asking students to use and whether they are sufficiently protective of ch


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