A week ago I wrote a post on why the hashtag #Wikileaks wasn’t appearing on Twitter’s trending topics lists. In it, I concluded that this failure to trend was an artifact of an actually-quite-reasonable-really algorithm, and shouldn’t be taken as evidence of anything nefarious.

Okay. That was then. But in the intervening week, Wikileaks has seen a truly staggering amount of traffic on the site, and still hasn’t trended once.

How staggering? This staggering:

Back in the summer, the title of the movie Inception peaked at 0.4% of Twitter traffic, stabilizing at about half that. It trended for a month and a half. Wikileaks, without trending, has broken 2.0% of total traffic twice in the last week, and hasn’t once dipped below Inception’s all-time high.

Want more? Here’s more. Wikileaks had more traffic than “world aids,” the week’s longest-trending phrase, for all but three hours of the week. It out-