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Wednesday, January 20, 2021


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Biden will extend student loan relief through September

On Biden’s To-Do List Today Is Rescinding the Racist 1776 Commission

NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund Launches Scholarship for 50 Future Civil Rights Attorneys After Receiving $40 Million Anonymous Donation via @TheRoot

K-12 enrollment down statewide, in Orleans Parish

NOLA Public Schools COVID-19 cases decline; announcement on reopening could come this week

Trump's right-wing 1776 history report appears to plagiarize authors: report

40 Funny Tweets That Sum Up Kid Logic

New blow to SAT empire shows California's key role in diminishing college admissions tests

Another blow to the SAT: Essays and subject tests to be scrapped amid pandemic fallout

The SAT Announces Dropping Essay and Subject Tests

OPINION: Will the Biden administration boost early childhood education?

COLUMN: History textbooks must not ignore white supremacist violence - via @hechingerreport

Sarah Lahm: Charter Schools Movement Sees a Growth Opportunity in Public School Funding Cuts | Ed Politics -

January 2021 IQC Meeting Agenda - Instructional Quality Commission (CA Dept of Education) -

Big Changes to the SAT

With possible teacher strike vote looming, CPS chief says union talks need to focus on how, not whether, to reopen schools - Chicago Tribune - via @chicagotribune

100-plus Broward schoolteachers, staff won’t return amid COVID | Miami Herald - on miamiherald

SC public school enrollment dips amid pandemic, private schools get unexpected boost | News | - on @postandcourier

For schoolchildren struggling to read, COVID-19 has been a wrecking ball - The Boston Globe - on @BostonGlobe

School choice proponents galvanized by remote learning struggles speak out at committee hearing | Education | - on @stltoday

Newark’s new high schools will handpick students, raising equity concerns via @ChalkbeatNWK

College Board drops SAT's optional essay and subject tests to 'reduce demands on students' - by NBCNews on @NBCNews

How much learning have Washington students missed? The state doesn’t know | The Seattle Times - by @joy_resmovits on @seattletimes

Proposed school reopening fund could cost districts money | CalMatters

Some schools won't show inauguration in classrooms over concerns of potential violence #FoxNews

Why public school enrollment in Louisiana is down nearly 17,000 students | Education | -

Biden to Revoke Trump's 'Patriotic Education' Order, Shield DACA on First Day as President - by @andrewujifusa on @educationweek

Biden to Rescind the Racist 1776 Commission - on TheRoot

Full text: Joe Biden inauguration speech transcript - POLITICO -

Biden’s Covid-19 stimulus plan includes $40 billion for child care

Tennessee bill threatens to withhold funds as school reopening debate heats up via @ChalkbeatTN

Big Education Ape: NYC Public School Parents: The impact of Covid on NYC schools and class size & critique of DOE's plans for next year -

Big Education Ape: Before You Must Go (The Whole Trump of You) | The Jose Vilson -

Big Education Ape: Joe Biden Has a Golden Opportunity to Strengthen Public Education | Ed Politics -

Big Education Ape: Educators, Social Justice Is About Consistent Action, Not Simply When It's Trending On Social Media - Philly's 7th Ward -

Big Education Ape: Locals – Including NAACP – Oppose Biden’s Pick of Cindy Marten -

Big Education Ape: Educators welcome Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, and their support for public schools - Education Votes -

Big Education Ape: Think of a Leader. Who did you picture? | Teacher in a strange land -

Big Education Ape: Take the Money and Run – Tennessee Education Report -

Big Education Ape: NYC Educator: No, It's NOT Time To Fully Open School Buildings -

Teacher Tom: Ideas for What to Say Instead of "Be Careful"
Ideas for What to Say Instead of "Be Careful" The Technology of Speaking With Children So They Can Think , To learn more and to register, click right here. Awhile back , I riffed on what is popularly called "risky play," what author and consultant Arthur Battram argues we should call "challenging play," what I want to re-label "safety play," and what one reader pointed out used to just be called
CURMUDGUCATION: What Donald Trump Means To Me
What Donald Trump Means To Me I have followed Trump's career for decades. As anyone who has been paying attention knows, and as some folks insist on being shocked and surprised to discover on a regular basis, he really is that bad, and has always been that bad. I cannot think of a single human virtue that the man has ever displayed, and he is not even particularly good at many of the human vices
Biden must build a more equitable US education system: To A Greater Glory [National Catholic Reporter] | The Jose Vilson
To A Greater Glory [National Catholic Reporter] | The Jose Vilson TO A GREATER GLORY [NATIONAL CATHOLIC REPORTER] In my latest op-ed, I wrote an article as an open letter to the Biden administration that harkened back to my Jesuit education (Nativity Mission, Xavier High). Here’s a little bit: In this way, I’m asking us to live out our stated values politically and spiritually. If God truly lives
Miguel Cardona, Who Are You? | Real Learning CT
Miguel Cardona, Who Are You? President-elect Joe Biden has nominated Miguel Cardona, the current Connecticut Commissioner of Education, to be the next U.S. Secretary of Education. Anyone he nominated would be better than Trump’s Secretary of Education. But who is Miguel Cardona and what is the vision that he brings to the U.S. Department of Education and to the teaching and learning in all of th


Big Education Ape THE TOP BANANA TODAY'S EDUCATION HEADLINES Free Market Facts And School Choice - by @palan57 on @forbes Why Must 

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