Thursday, November 3, 2011

A GOLDEN CHALK AWARD GOES TO — « Teachers Fight Back

A GOLDEN CHALK AWARD GOES TO — « Teachers Fight Back:


Another Golden Chalk Award has been given out. This one goes to Mary Fergus, a spokeswoman with the Illinois State Board of Education. She was explaining to reporters why Illinois students did so poorly on the national tests, but much better on the Illinois Standards Achievement Tests.

She was quoted as saying, ” It’s a different test and our students are not necessarily taught to the standards of that test. They are taught to the standards aligned to the Illinois Standards Achievement Tests”.

Way to go Mary! What a great phrase you used, “not taught to the standards of that test”. Thank you for being so honest. Is “not taught to the standards of that test”, the same as “not teaching to the test”? Wow, it’s so

Eviction Defense! | #OWS

Eviction Defense! |

Eviction Defense!

Sign up for the eviction defense text blast!
Send a text to the number 23559, with the the message @occupyalert
This will be used for emergency alerts and announcements.

Three weeks ago NYPD delivered what was effectively a notice of eviction, telling residents of Liberty Square that Brookfield, with the help of the city, was going to clean the park. Instead, #OWS mobilized, organizing a mass clean up, mobilizing thousands of supporters, and flooding the mayors office with phone calls. An amazing pre-dawn defence packed the square with thousands of people. Brookfield stood down and the eviction was averted.

Washington Post Co Silences Employees with Intimidation: Kaplan again |

Washington Post Co Silences Employees with Intimidation: Kaplan again |

Washington Post Co Silences Employees with Intimidation: Kaplan again

Many of you know of the case of Pfc Bradley Manning. The government has alleged he leaked documents to Wikileaks and has caged him for months now in an attempt to let others know not to mess with the US government and its classified documents. Well, wlelcome to The Washington Post Company, a company that appears to be using similar tactics such as employment termination, criminal prosecution and civil suit to silence whistle blowers and initimdate future whistleblowing by employees just like the government is doing with Bradley Manning. Case in point: Ben Wilcox, former director of legal studies at WaPoCo’s Kaplan University was sentenced to prison on about July 20, 2011 as a result of these tactics.

Kaplan University, the for profit college subsidairy of the Washington Post C

Some High-Performing Florida Charter Schools “Run by or Connected” to Legislators | Scathing Purple Musings

Some High-Performing Florida Charter Schools “Run by or Connected” to Legislators | Scathing Purple Musings:

Some High-Performing Florida Charter Schools “Run by or Connected” to Legislators

From Jeffrey Solochek at GRADEBOOK:

Keeping with new state law, the Florida Department of Education has blessed 104 charter schools as “high performing” this year. The appellation grants these schools added powers, making it even more difficult for local school boards to govern them. (See Pasco County’s recent deliberations over a Charter Schools USA application.)

The new abilities granted to these high performers include adding enrollment annually without outside permission, expanding grade levels without sponsor approval, getting 15 year contracts, and opening “replicated” schools anywhere in Florida with minimal barriers. Of course, that replication is limited to one per year, but that hasn’t stopped some operators from proposing

Big Education Ape: 11-3-11 PM Charters are Flunking EDition #EDreform

Big Education Ape: Ed News Now:

Published by Coopmike48 – 7 news spotters today

Which charters are flunking according to DOE's own metrics? - About two weeks ago, DOE officials released a list of twenty elementary and middle schools that they are considering closing. According to the NY Times, “The schools on the list fit at least one ...


Port Washington Educators Oppose Evaluation System - Three top educators of the Port Washington School District joined hundreds of Long Island public school principals in challenging the state Education Department and criticizing new standards for ev...


Side by Side: On Britain's School Wars - Nothing is so likely to cause a dinner party to turn violent. In Britain, the question of the type of school parents choose for their children ranks with international terrorism and global warming ...


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The Problem With Paying Teachers Less Money | Swampland - Lara Cerri / St. Petersburg Times / ZUMAPRESS.comShore Acres Elementary fourth grade teacher Telsha Marmash leads her students in a discussion about prefixes Nov. 1, 2011 in St. Petersburg, Florida...


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Mike Bloomberg's Marie Antoinette Moment | Matt Taibbi - Last year I had a chance to see New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg up close at the Huffington Post’s “Game Changers” event. I was standing right behind the guy when he was introduced by Nora Ephron, and...


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Police, Occupy protesters clash in Oakland #ows - News from The Associated Press:Police, Occupy protesters clash in OaklandBy TERRY COLLINS Associated PressAP Photo/Terry CollinsUS VideoBuy AP Photo ReprintsMultimediaTimeline on World Cup Violence...


Northeast High Schools May Shorten Student Vacations - HARTFORD, Conn. -- Education officials in the Northeast worried Thursday about having to shorten school vacations to make up for all the days students have missed because of power failures caused b...


Occupy protesters disavow Oakland violence - OAKLAND, Calif.—Occupy Wall Street supporters who staged rallies that shut down the nation's fifth-busiest port during a day of protests condemned on Thursday the demonstrators who clashed with pol...


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Lesbian student crowned homecoming king - Happy is the head that wears the crown. San Diego area high school senior and self-identified lesbian Rebeca Arellano has been voted homecoming king by her fellow Patrick Henry High school peers He...


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Eva Occupies OWS - November 2, 2011 (GBN News): NY City Mayor Michael Bloomberg believes he has found a sure-fire way of evicting those nettlesome Occupy Wall Street protesters, GBN News has learned. According to Cit...


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