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People Have Power: SB 22 Dead (For Now) | AMPS

People Have Power: SB 22 Dead (For Now) | AMPS:

People Have Power: SB 22 Dead (For Now)

Patti Smith – “People Have The Power” (click to listen or download)

Susan Troller is reporting in the Cap Times that SB 22, the bill creating a partisan, political state charter school authorizing board to override the wishes of local school boards (and more) is dead, for now. This is a huge victory for for public education in the state and local control the Wisconsin people’s mobilization.

The bill came before the Senate Education Committee on March 23, in the wake of the mass protests. Hundreds of newly empowered individuals and groups showed up to counter the well laid plans of the FitzWalker gang, School Choice Wisconsin, Wisconsin Charter School Association, American Federation for Children and

Last Stand for Children First: The Common Core Will Be The Common Cure

Last Stand for Children First: The Common Core Will Be The Common Cure:

The Common Core Will Be The Common Cure

Back in 1979 when they used to actually make family movies, I remember seeing a wonderful movie called The Great Santini. The movie was about a Marine Lieutenant Colonel who is raising a family. His hard and nails exterior is a sharp contrast from the type of parenting we see in television and movies so often, but rather than coddling his kids, he builds their character by demanding that they meet his high standards. This is exactly the

Another View: Build on schools' strengths to challenge pupils - Sacramento Bee

Another View: Build on schools' strengths to challenge pupils - Sacramento Opinion - Sacramento Editorial | Sacramento Bee:

Another View: Build on schools' strengths to challenge pupils

Published: Saturday, Nov. 5, 2011 - 10:00 pm | Page 2E
Last Modified: Sunday, Nov. 6, 2011 - 11:41 am

Anthony Cody, a National Board-certified science teacher who has worked in Oakland schools for 24 years, is responding to the Oct. 27 Viewpoints commentary, "State needs waiver from federal school law." The op-ed stated: "California should commit to apply for the NCLB flexibility waiver and develop and implement a reform plan that is rigorous and real."

No Child Left Behind has California schools in a vise. Next year, most schools will be declared "failing" based on our inability to make every child in the state proficient on standardized tests.

The U.S. Department of Education has created a waiver process however, that would allow our

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New report cites disproportionate punishment for black students | iWatch News

New report cites disproportionate punishment for black students | iWatch News:

New report cites disproportionate punishment for black students

Second graders listen in class. Dan Loh/AP
North Carolina research dovetails with recent findings in Texas, other states



In a troubling pattern mirrored elsewhere, black students in North Carolina schools were found to be subjected to far harsher discipline than other students for the same types of minor infractions, according to a report released Tuesday by the National Education Policy Center, a non-partisan research center that sponsors peer-reviewed research.

For the first-time offense of cell phone use at school, 32 percent of black students in North Carolina were given out-of-school suspension, school data collected in 2010 showed, while less than 15 percent of white students received that same punishment for the same offense. For a first-time offense of public display of affection, according to the report, almost 43 percent of the accused black students in North Carolina were given out-of-school suspension,

Big Education Ape: 11-6-11 PM Page 2 #ows #edreform

Big Education Ape: Ed News Now:

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