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May 22
For the past three years, the Mt. Diablo Education Association teachers union has asked its members to complete "school climate" surveys, rating the environments at their campuses according to a variety of criteria. Included in that criteria are how respected they feel and whether their administrators demonstrate integrity, honesty and follow-through.
After reviewing surveys from two of the lowest-ranking schools this year, Trustee Lynne Dennler decided to speak to teachers at those sites to gain more insight into their concerns. Dennler, a retired elementary school teacher from the district, shared her thoughts about the surveys and the teachers' comments with the board Monday, without naming the two schools.
Here is what she said:
"Last week, I met with the teachers at two schools. I asked to meet with these teachers, as their recent MDEA climate surveys indicated these staffs are extremely dissatisfied with their administrators.
"Each school has uniquely different issues, but in each, they are unacceptable and undermine a positive teaching