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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

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Multiple victims reported in Tennessee school shooting

Curmudgucation: FL: Let's Assess Four Year Olds | National Education Policy Center - on @NEPCtweet

Students in grades six to nine can return to Philadelphia schools in May; seniors to get outdoor graduations - Chalkbeat Philadelphia - on chalkbeat

Homeroom: The Worsening Homework Problem

Union leaders say teachers more comfortable returning to school post-vaccine

Teachers Union Switches Stance, Now Endorses CDC Guidance on School Reopenings | Education News | US News - on @USNews

Letter to my community: My faith in Judaism and my faith in unions are via @jdforward

Black children significantly more likely to have a parent who died of COVID-19

As Texas Legislature considers anti-trans bills, NCAA announces it will not hold events in states that discriminate against trans students

LAUSD's slow, cautious reopening shows the influence of the teachers union but has critics

When LAUSD reopens schools, K-8 students will spend more time in child care than class

Newark schools reopen with hybrid learning plan

COMIC: For Music Teacher, Virtual School Meant Teaching Kids 'To Hear The Way I Hear'

NYC to combine summer camp and summer school in new initiative called Summer Rising

CUNY Board of Trustees tables vote on $3 million McKinsey proposal after criticism

Oklahoma teacher calls student the N-word during bizarre altercation -- and it's caught on video

NCAA Says It 'Unequivocally' Supports Transgender Student Athletes

Rural schools have a teacher shortage. Why don’t people who live there, teach there?

OPINION: New research shows that ninth grade matters more than ever

Even as colleges pledge to improve, share of engineering and math graduates who are Black declines

4th grader shames GOP Texas senators who have been “attacking me since Pre-K”

Texas high schoolers had a mock 'slave auction' where they put prices on Black classmates

One dead, one injured in shooting at Austin-East High School in Knoxville - via @knoxnews

Teacher placed on leave after lesson about N-word | - on KHOU

One out of six Baton Rouge school teachers stayed home Monday as part of a protest | Education | - by @ on @theadvocatebr

CPS high school teachers will refuse in-person work as reopening talks break down - Chicago Tribune - via @chicagotribune

Cardona: Schools need to rebuild trust as reopening continues via @Chalkbeat

Washington state Legislature approves ban on Native American school mascots | - on KING5Seattle

‘Race against time’: Pandemic propels fight to save Native American languages

Big Education Ape: De-Gun the Police: A Reader – radical eyes for equity -

Big Education Ape: The Politics Of School Choice | Diane Ravitch's blog -

Big Education Ape: Secretary Cardona Continues 'Help is Here' School Reopening Tour with a Visit to Mary Harris ‘Mother’ Jones Elementary School in Adelphi, Md. | U.S. Department of Education -

Big Education Ape: There’s a Lesson for Educators in the Life of DMX - Philly's 7th Ward -

Teacher Tom: I Don't Know What They Are Learning . . . And Neither Do You
I Don't Know What They Are Learning . . . And Neither Do You I was recently asked how I go about explaining to skeptical parents what their child is learning as she plays. It's a common enough question, one I don't need to address very often in my day-to-day life as a teacher, largely because the Woodland Park Cooperative School's reputation as a play-based school precedes it, mostly only attrac
Ken Futernick: Teacher Stories about Life Today | Diane Ravitch's blog
Ken Futernick: Teacher Stories about Life Today About a decade ago, when policy elites were bashing teachers on a regular basis, Ken Futernick was writing about the challenges that teachers face every day, including lack of support by administrators and poor working conditions. Recently, he has been creating podcasts in which teachers explain how they teach about important issues of the day, lik
Education Matters: Gary Chartrand spreads misinformation about charter schools, again.
Gary Chartrand spreads misinformation about charter schools, again Gary Chartrand really supports charter schools; that is undeniable; however, the same can’t be said for public schools, which he has for decades sought to undermine. His tenure on the state board of education, a position he as a grocer was completely unqualified for saw, high stakes testing go up, and teacher salaries go down as
CURMUDGUCATION: When Bill Gates Shows You Who He Is...
When Bill Gates Shows You Who He Is... This recent article from the New Republic is a bit of a slog if you have not become a student of the various attempts to create covid vaccines, treatments, etc. But it hinges on two factors that matter a great deal in education-- intellectual property and Bill Gates. It comes, coincidentally, right around the 68th anniversary of Jonas Salk's creation of the
The Year Without Standardized Testing | gadflyonthewallblog
The Year Without Standardized Testing Last year was the first in nearly two decades that the US did not give standardized tests to virtually every student in public school. Think about that. Since 2001 almost every child took the tests unless their parents explicitly demanded they be opted out . For 19 years almost every child in grades 3-8 and once in high school took standardized assessments.
IT IS NEVER AS INNOCUOUS AS IT APPEARS UPON FIRST BLUSH “What was educationally significant and hard to measure has been replaced by what is educationally insignificant and easy to measure. So now we measure how well we taught what isn’t worth learning.” —Arthur L. Costa; Professor of Education, Emeritus; CA State Univ, Sacramento Every once in a while I feel the need to do a kitchen sink editio


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