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Friday, March 26, 2021

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Biden Says Schools Are On Track To Open As Promised, But Will Kids Go? via @kpcc

Does the African American Need Separate Charter Schools? | Cloaking Inequity - via @ProfessorJVH

Philadelphia to welcome back another group of students to in-person learning on April 26 - Chalkbeat Philadelphia - on chalkbeat

Leonie Haimson: NYC Squandered Millions on Charter Rentals | Diane Ravitch's blog - via @dianeravitch

Rutgers To Require Vaccine Proof For 'All Students Planning To Attend This Fall'

Education Matters: DCPS has a total failure of leadership -

If You Want Student Loan Debt Cancellation, the Time to Act Is Here - Starting next week, the Debt Collective will embark on a week of action to tell the Biden administration that it’s time to cancel every cent of student debt. Join us.

State board examining accreditation of Western Heights Schools via @nondocmedia

Students need more than a citizenship test to prepare for civic engagement via @nondocmedia

SUNO changes procedures after multiple students report that scholarships were not honored

The precarious state of American child care

NJ schools will get $636M to combat learning loss. How should they spend it?

Northern Virginia schools divided over CDC’s new three-feet guidance

D.C. and Maryland say that schools can shrink social distancing to 3 feet.

Gary Rubinstein: How to Pretend to Reform Schools | Diane Ravitch's blog - via @dianeravitch

Celebrating Heroic Women Breaking Glass and Winning Gold - Blog -

Board approves paying $1,000 bonuses to Georgia teachers - on @ap

House panel OK's tighter school sex education rules - on @ap

Iowa House approves charter school expansion bill early Thursday after lengthy debate | State and regional news | - on @scj

HB 563 Diverts Public School Dollars to Unaccountable Private Entities - Kentucky Center for Economic Policy -

Boston Public Schools plan to delay full-time education for K-8 students until April 26 approved - - on @masslivenews

Firing of Fort Worth high school teacher Georgia Clark upheld | Fort Worth Star-Telegram - on startelegram

School choice proposal wins approval in Missouri House | Politics | - by @ on @stltoday

Detroit schools need 1,000 more teachers to continue in-person education - via @fox2news

Rantz: WA schools used COVID survey to ask middle schoolers if they're trans or 'something else' - via @mynorthwest

West Virginia House passes transgender athlete bill | Wv | - on @WVNews247

As 21-person elected school board bill gains momentum, calls grow in Chicago for another option via @ChalkbeatCHI

Georgia House votes to expand school voucher program - on @ajc

'Not babysitters:' Elementary school specialists frustrated with district teaching plans | KSNV - on

S.F. school board votes no confidence in commissioner over racist 2016 tweets - on @sfchronicle

Oklahoma State Board Of Education Flips Public School Funding On Its Head | KOSU -

Measure granting Tennessee school boards sole authority to close schools heads to Lee | Tennessee | - on @thecentersquare

Arkansas to ban trans women competing in women's sports | - on THV11

Low-Income School Districts Saw Greatest COVID Attendance Dip | WBEZ Chicago -

Report: 30% of Milwaukee public high schoolers failed last fall | Wisconsin | - on @thecentersquare

High-poverty schools start to reckon with unprecedented federal funding heading their way via @Chalkbeat

Some Oakland Elementary Schools to Remain Closed Next Week as Many Teachers Choose to Stay Home

Toxic CPS-CTU feud simmers under surface of latest reopening talks

Big Education Ape: Stickin’ to the Union- Teacher in a strange land -

Big Education Ape: Class of 2021: Win a $1,000 #PublicSchoolGrad Scholarship | Schott Foundation for Public Education -

Big Education Ape: WATCH THE VIDEO: Biden demands resumption of in-person learning in “school reopening summit” - World Socialist Web Site -

Big Education Ape: CURMUDGUCATION: Do Rising Charter Tides Lift All Boats? -

Tom Loveless: Why Common Core Failed | Diane Ravitch's blog
Tom Loveless: Why Common Core Failed Tom Loveless is an experienced education researcher who taught sixth grade in California. He has long been skeptical of top-down solutions to classroom-level problems. In this post, he explains why Common Core failed. The theory of standards-based reform is that if everyone has the same curriculum and the same instruction, no one will fall behind. Thirty year
Teacher Tom: Setting Ourselves, and Others, Free
Setting Ourselves, and Others, Free I want the children themselves to tell me their stories, in their own words, reticences, giggles, and gestures. I want to listen to them, not just with my ears, but my combined senses; the one comprehensive sense which is, in the end, the only way to really "listen" to anything. I want to know them, as much as I can, as they know themselves, not filtered throu
Cancel the Tests and More! - Network For Public Education
Cancel the Tests and More! Join NEA’s national campaign to cancel the tests. Here is what they suggest. 1. Take Action . S ubmit a comment to the Department of Education . The proposed waiver template does not go far enough to offer states and districts the flexibility we believe they need to support students and rebuild schools. 2. Spread the word. Help get as many folks as possible to sign ont
Educational Researchers Demand Cancellation of Spring 2021 Tests: Secretary Cardona Won’t Cancel, but Says In Future He May Reexamine Role of Testing | janresseger
Educational Researchers Demand Cancellation of Spring 2021 Tests: Secretary Cardona Won’t Cancel, but Says In Future He May Reexamine Role of Testing On Tuesday, in remarks at the annual legislative conference of the Council of Chief State School Officers, the new Secretary of Education, Miguel Cardona declared that he will not bow to pressure and will instead continue demanding that standardize
Whatever Happened To the Dalton Plan? | Larry Cuban on School Reform and Classroom Practice
Whatever Happened To the Dalton Plan? When, where, and why did the Dalton Plan arise? Begin with Helen Parkhurst . A 20th century educator much taken with the Progressive approach to schooling, she designed the Dalton Plan after World War I as a way of organizing instruction consistent with Maria Montessori’s and John Dewey’s ideas of individualizing all academic work and building school communi
Lawmakers Backing Standardized Tests Should Practice What They Preach | gadflyonthewallblog
Lawmakers Backing Standardized Tests Should Practice What They Preach When it comes to the whip, one side is definitely better than the other. Everyone wants to hold it by the stock. No one wants to get hit by the lash. That’s why politicians as diverse as Donald Trump and Joe Biden have struggled so desperately to defend standardized testing. They want to keep control of the torture device they
Education Matters: Why does Greene struggle with race relations? (draft)
Why does Greene struggle with race relations? (draft) Why does our African American superintendent struggle so mightily with race relations? Well, the answer is simple, she doesn't see children as black, brown, or white, she sees them as test scores and she probably thinks everyone else should as well. On the heels of the districts disastrous mental health rollout, which sought to co-op black hi
Strategies for Safe In-Person Learning - Year 2021 (CA Dept of Education)
State Superintendent Tony Thurmond Joins Educators and Experts to Discuss Strategies for Sustaining Safe In-Person Learning SACRAMENTO—State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Thurmond hosted a statewide webinar today for school leaders and other educational stakeholders designed to help schools successfully navigate the challenges of not only returning students to the classroom, but safe
NewBlackMan (in Exile) NewBlackMan (in Exile) TODAY Big Education Ape: THIS WEEK WITH NEWBLACKMAN (IN EXILE) - Left of Black S11 · E20 | Haki Madhubuti on the Black Arts Movement by Mark Anthony Neal / 13h What are the deep, foundational philosophies that have undergirded the creation of Black art and fuel
More than $1 billion for 56 Black charter graduates!? | Cloaking Inequity
MORE THAN $1 BILLION FOR 56 BLACK CHARTER GRADUATES!? I think this table is very self explanatory. Feel free to spread widely. H/t to my source that passed this along. Stop saying these large charter chains are about Black students. Just stop. See also the post NEW: DOES THE AFRICAN AMERICAN NEED SEPARATE CHARTER SCHOOLS? Please Facebook Like, Tweet, etc below and/or reblog to share this discuss


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