Last year I did not go to Netroots Nation because it conflicted with my commitment to volunteer at the Wise VA health fair. This year I very much want to go.

But here's the thing - I took an $8,800 pay cut because my national board stipend was eliminated plus we were furloughed 4 days. Some of the extra things I did last year also disappeared, so the actually cut in income is larger. At times we manage to barely scrape by month to month.

I'm not complaining. I still have a secure job, doing something I love, teaching young people.

I would very much like to be in Minneapolis in June. But I need your help. I have applied for one of the DFA scholarships. Would you consider going here and supporting me?

I would be very, very appreciative of your support. I hope that my participation in this community over the years, and at the first four gatherings, starting in Vegas in 2006, justify my making this request.

Thanks for your kind consideration.