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Saturday, February 10, 2024



Once upon a time in a grand mansion named Mar a Lago, resided a wealthy real estate tycoon named Donald John Trump. He was a man of immense riches and insatiable ego, cloaked in the extravagance of his opulent estate. However, amidst all the lavishness, one thing eluded him - genuine affection.

Donald sought to possess the most beautiful women, showcasing a penchant for allure and mystery, reminiscent of an obsessive character from a dark classic. However, instead of charm, Donald was committed to the voluptuous Stormy Daniels, enticed by her enigmatic allure.

One day, during a moment of self-promotion in his ostentatious abode, Donald pondered the purpose of his wealth. Despite all that money could provide, he felt a profound inner void. He craved something beyond monetary value – the love and adoration of the masses.

Driven by an insatiable desire for public approval, Donald resolved to pursue the highest position in the land – the presidency. He believed that with his charisma, he could win over the masses and quench the void in his heart with their validation.

As the campaign gained momentum, Donald's larger-than-life persona and unfiltered oratory style captivated the media and the public. His audacious lies and promises entertained the masses, amplifying his godlike image, and he reveled in the adoration and attention.

However, as the election approached, Donald's past indiscretions with Stormy Daniels resurfaced, tarnishing his carefully fashioned facade. Media scrutiny surrounding their affair caused his tailored image to crumble, casting doubt on his presidential ambitions.

Despite the scandal, Donald adamantly refused to yield. He intensified his bombastic rhetoric, endeavoring to divert public attention from his personal transgressions. Nevertheless, as the election day loomed, it became evident that his efforts were futile.

Donald's adversary emerged triumphant, sealing his defeat and leaving him feeling diminished and defeated. Retreating to Mar a Lago, he grasped that all his wealth and power couldn't secure the one thing he desired - genuine love and acceptance.

In a moment of bleak realization, Donald contemplated his journey. He comprehended that his relentless pursuit of affluence and prestige had extracted a toll. Meaningful relationships and authentic connections had been sacrificed in favor of transient indulgences and material acquisitions.

And so, in the grand estate of Mar a Lago, Donald John Trump learned that true wealth wasn't measured in lies or extravagant possessions, but in the impact he made on the lives of others. And as he looked out at the sunset from his lavish estate, he knew that he had finally found his own version of "rosebud".... a golden toilet.

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