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Thursday, August 19, 2021

THE TOP BANANA: TODAY'S EDUCATION HEADLINES Thursday, August 19, 2021 #REDFORED #tbats #edchat #K12 #learning #edtech #engchat #literacy #edreform #TEACHtheTRUTH #CRT

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The Top Banana: Today's Education Headlines | Facebook -

Is Math The Emperor’s New Subject? | Gary Rubinstein's Blog - via @garyrubinstein

CURMUDGUCATION: NH: New Voucher Boondoggle Under Examination -

Has School Ventilation Improved as Schools Open? - on @NancyEBailey1

Seattle Schools Community Forum: Seattle Special Education PTSA Asks for Virtual Option For Grades 6 to 12 -

AIN’T GOING TO END WELL FOR ANYONE – Dad Gone Wild - via @norinrad10

La BESE Abruptly Adjourns Due to Unruly Public Response to Masking | deutsch29: Mercedes Schneider's Blog - on @wordpressdotcom

California: Culver City School District is First in State to Require All Eligible Students to Be Vaccinated | Diane Ravitch's blog - via @dianeravitch

School Reopening Cartoons | Larry Cuban on School Reform and Classroom Practice - via @CubanLarry

Steven Singer: Why Does Your Child’s Right to Unmask Usurp My Child’s Right to a Safe School? | Diane Ravitch's blog - via @dianeravitch

Teacher Tom: This Is The Greatest Fraud Of Our Educational System -

UnKoch My School! The Koch Attack on Public Schools | Diane Ravitch's blog - via @dianeravitch

Jeff Bryant in the Progressive: The End of School ‘Reform’ | Ed Politics -

Gadfly on the Wall: Economists Worry Covid-19 May End Standardized Testing Altogether | National Education Policy Center - on @NEPCtweet

Biden orders Education Department to move against governors banning school mask mandates - The Washington Post -

How the Eviction Crisis is also an Education Crisis | Schott Foundation for Public Education -

Increasing Federal Investment in K-12 Public Education With an Equity Lens - Center for American Progress

Report: Measuring the Child Tax Credit’s Economic and Community Impact - Niskanen Center - by @hamandcheese

Classrooms Are 'Completely Taken Over by Rats,' Teachers Say as Calif. School Cancels Classes

LeVar Burton to Host TV Special Featuring Library of Congress National Book Festival on PBS | Library of Congress -

Casualties of reopening schools: Children dying from COVID-19

32 teens died from gunfire this year in Philadelphia. The city and school district are seeking a safe path for students. - Chalkbeat Philadelphia - on chalkbeat

Choosing Democracy: President Joe Biden speaks on vaccine requirements, boosters and masks i... -

Biden: having children wear masks is not about politics via @YouTube

Welcoming back English learners | EdSource - on @edsource

NewBlackMan (in Exile) - via @NewBlackMan

Miami, Tampa schools defy DeSantis on masks despite threats

Biden hits governors who 'intimidate educators' on mask mandates

Over 323,000 Federal Student Loan Borrowers to Receive $5.8 Billion in Automatic Total and Permanent Disability Discharges | U.S. Department of Education -

Kids caught in the crossfire in debate over masks in schools | The Maine Wire -

U.S. Education Secretary Promises A Safe School Reopening If Adults "Do Their Job" - Gothamist - on @gothamist

How Texas schools are getting around mask mandate ban via @Yahoo

Joe Biden takes aim at states blocking mask mandates, setting Gov. Greg Abbott up for showdown with feds

Culver City Unified to require student COVID-19 vaccinations, in what may be a first

The Highland Project -

Thursday’s New Articles On School Reopenings | Larry Ferlazzo's Websites of the Day... - on @Larryferlazzo

Larry Ferlazzo's Websites of the Day... | The latest news and resources in education since 2007 - on @Larryferlazzo

Education Dept. Will Erase $5.8 Billion In Loans For Borrowers With Disabilities

Miami-Dade County Schools Mandate Masks, Defying Florida's Governor

Polls: Parents Support School Mask Mandates But Oppose Student Vaccine Requirements

Teachers In Washington State Must Get Fully Vaccinated — Or They Could Be Fired

A North Carolina Principal Rethinks The Classroom And Brings Students Outdoors

In Florida, Texas And Arizona, Defiant School Leaders Are Sticking With Mask Mandates

New York State may have power to enact mask mandate at schools, Hochul hints

NYC launches ‘Vax to School’ but no COVID vaccine mandate for returning students: De Blasio

Biden Ramps Up Virus Strategy for Nursing Homes, Schools

Biden Administration to Use Federal Civil Rights Office to Deter States From School Mask Bans

Nixed Utah high school lessons taught students 'most slaves were treated kindly' and had nice housing

Pennsylvania school board bans Critical Race Theory by passing ‘Patriotism Amendment’

More than a dozen kids with disabilities are suing Greg Abbott for his mask mandate ban

‘I don’t like masks’: Alabama county schools superintendent with 400 students out due to COVID refuses any mandates

Child Cases of COVID: Hospitalizations a Real Concern

TEACHER VOICE: Through tutoring, I discovered I love teaching middle schoolers

Bowser says D.C. schools will reopen with almost all kids in classrooms - The Washington Post -

California School Delays Reopening After Classrooms 'Taken Over By Rats' | HuffPost - on @HuffPost

Washington Governor Mandates Vaccines For All School Employees; Strictest Rule In U.S. | HuffPost - on @HuffPostPol

The incident illustrates the increasingly fraught debate around mask rules in the state even as kids return to in-person classes. via @HuffPost

Meeting the President's Call to Support the Safe and Sustained Reopening of Schools - Blog -

Update on the Free Inquiry Rule - Blog -

Ed Notes Online: Food Stamps (SNAP): Biden Expands Plan but for Republicans, Isn't it better for capitalism for people to be hungry? -

Analysis | Florida Gov. DeSantis faces growing revolt from school districts imposing mask mandates

CTU negotiations with CPS over COVID-19 precautions drag with start of school year days away - Chicago Sun-Times -

WATCH: Utah teacher fired after politically charged speech in class - East Idaho News - via @eastidnews

15-year-old stabbed, killed by fellow student at Kipp DC College Preparatory school | WJLA - on @7newsdc

Dozens of Illinois public school districts on probation for refusing to comply with Pritzker’s mask mandate

Arizona Supreme Court to decide new education tax legality - on @ap

Louisiana school board meeting brings anti-mask mandate protests - via @theadvertiser

Civil Rights Groups Ask Biden Administration to Commit to K-12 Testing | Education News | US News - on @USNews

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