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U.S. schools chief says he's optimistic for Detroit district's future | Detroit Free Press |

U.S. schools chief says he's optimistic for Detroit district's future | Detroit Free Press |

U.S. schools chief says he's optimistic for Detroit district's future

U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan has spent the better part of his administration referring to Detroit Public Schools as one of the worst urban school districts in the nation, but he said this afternoon he believes the district is on the road to improvement.

“I’m more optimistic today about Detroit’s future than probably any time in the past two and a half years,” Duncan said during a brief phone interview with the Free Press. “I’m very encouraged by the leadership and the courage that’s being shown.”

Duncan spoke in advance of his visit to Detroit next week, part of a six-state school bus tour in which he will highlight the “huge tie

All Education Matters: Wall Street Journal: S&P Affirms Some Student-Loan ABS

All Education Matters: Wall Street Journal: S&P Affirms Some Student-Loan ABS:

Wall Street Journal: S&P Affirms Some Student-Loan ABS

When the country faced the debt ceiling fiasco, AEM discussed what could have potentially happened if the U.S. defaulted on its debt. I also talked with several experts, and the analysis was grim. Then S&P downgraded us, even after we raised the debt ceiling, and it remained to be seen how that would impact student loans. That was discussed from the vantage point of the market place, i.e., how would investors respond to the downgrade, what that could potentially do to variable interest rates on student loans, and what the would mean for people seeking student loans. More importantly, however, I wanted to touch upon the way it could affect current borrowers.

The outcome still remains uncertain, but the WSJ provided some information on S&P's ratings of student loan

Big Education Ape: 8-31-11 PM Listen and Learn ‘high-class debate’ Edition #BILLIONAIREBOYSCLUB #FAUXREFORM

Big Education Ape: Ed News Now:

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Feds Loosen Rules on Cutting Special Ed. Spending - Published Online: August 31, 2011School districts that want to reduce special education spending from one year to the next without restoring what was cut now have the blessing of the U.S. Departmen...


RheeFirst! - Michelle Rhee is the Sarah Palin of public education. She is all celebrity and very little record. To the extent she has a record, she has misrepresented it. Closer scrutiny of her reveals that she...


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coopmike48 #EDU Ken Davis clarifies. And so do I. « Fred Klonsky's blog: Ken Davis clarifies. And so do I. « Fred Klonsky's... minutes ago · reply · retweet · favorite

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Obama's Risky Scheduling Conflict - Politics - President Obama's decision to schedule a major jobs speech in front of a joint session of Congress at 8 p.m. next Wednesday, the precise time of the Republican presidential debate, is a risky bet t...


Obama Jobs Address Also a Deficit Address - The President has requested a joint session of Congress on September 7 at 8pm (amusingly conflicting with the next GOP Presidential debate at the Reagan Library), “to lay out his plan to create job...


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How Walmart Trains Managers | Labor Notes - The brave Walmart workers who belong to OUR Walmart say fear is the main thing stopping their fellow retail workers from organizing. As an assistant store manager at Walmart, I saw how managers wer...


Who Moved My &%$$@#! Cheese and Why?? « EducationCEO's Blog - Yes, I’ve read the book. And hell yeah maybe there was some truth to the manner in which I handle change, but at least I don’t blame other folks when their late and/or half-arsed last-minute and il...


Want Change? Let's Work for It - I've been talking to the challengers and wanted to put out the call for help. So what can you do?first, money. Money is not going to win a position for anyone but no one can run without it. In f...


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Ruh-roh: Economy sliding into recession? - That's what Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge is saying. On Friday, the government revised its Gross Domestic Product figures downward from 1.3 percent to 1 percent for the second quarter. Further, GDP h...


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Web 2.0 Tools - Share Your Favorites! - What are some of your web 2.0 favorites and how do you use them in your classroom/school? Here are just some that I have used in the past, more will be updated in the coming weeks. Until them, p...


Our Freshman Software Exploration Project (6 Days of Wonder) - Software should be viewed holistically, in my opinion. I know that in 4 years most of my students will not be using the same version of any software I teach. I do want them to have deep knowledge o...


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Why I Still Think President Obama Can Bring Us Together - I used to think that Barack Obama would follow the wisdom of Abraham Lincoln in bringing us together. I used to read that President Obama adopted a balanced, inclusive, "team of rivals" approach to...


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Bring teachers’ pay into this century - OUR ABILITY to compete for the jobs of tomorrow depends, above all, on our capacity to educate children today. Yet we are still operating under yesterday’s system to attract and retain new, talente...



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