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Thursday, January 11, 2018

New Year’s Resolution For Public Education

New Year’s Resolution For Public Education:

New Year’s Resolution For Public Education

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Wayne Wlodarski, a labor relations consultant for OEA, is asking teachers and all other citizens to make a New Year’s resolution in support of public education.
He, with permission, turned a Network for Public Education (NPE) statement into the attached resolution:
I BELIEVE that public education is the pillar of our democracy. I believe in the common school envisioned by Horace Mann. A common school is a public institution, which nurtures and teaches all who live within its boundaries, regardless of race, ethnicity, creed, sexual orientation or learning ability. All may enroll – regardless of when they seek to enter the school or where they were educated before.
I BELIEVE that taxpayers bear the responsibility for funding those schools and that funding should be ample and equitable to address the needs of the served community. I also believe that taxpayers have the right to examine how schools use tax dollars to educate children.
I BELIEVE that such schools should be accountable to the community they serve, and that community residents have the right and responsibility to elect those who govern the school. Citizens also have the right to insist that schooling be done in a manner that best serves the needs of all children.
In so stating these beliefs, I will do whatever I can to support and promote public education in Ohio.
This resolution can be signed and sent to public official and the media as an expression of support for the public common school system.
Please circulate this resolution via all means available.New Year’s Resolution For Public Education: