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Wednesday, January 27, 2021


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Nine COVID-19 outbreaks in 100-plus Philly private schools since the fall, health department says via @ChalkbeatPHL

Don't Call It A Comeback: School Districts That Never Opened Are Having Trouble Now via @kpcc

Columbia Students Wage the Largest Tuition Strike in Nearly 50 Years - Students are demanding the university lower the cost of attendance and boost financial aid.

Video Shows Florida Sheriff’s Deputy Slamming Black Student to the Ground, Appearing to Knock Her Unconscious

Marjorie Taylor Greene busted for trying to cover-up ugly smears of Parkland survivor -- who she called 'littler Hitler'

Education panel members rip ‘politicking’ in leadup to gifted testing contract vote

De Blasio promises ‘full-strength’ NYC public school reopening in September; teachers’ union skeptical

CDC Makes The Case For Schools Reopening via @kpcc

How four middle school students are making it though pandemic - via @hechingerreport

OPINION: Play is more important than ever

Teachers are moving to the front of the vaccine line — but that doesn’t mean all schools will reopen right away

LAUSD pushes back on CDC school reopening report, calls for more guidance from state on students returning to classrooms - ABC7 Los Angeles - via @abc7

Answer Sheet: How Much Learning is Really ‘Lost’ When Children Aren’t in School Buildings? | National Education Policy Center - on @NEPCtweet

Biden Backs Chicago Teachers' Union Ahead of Potential Strike - Payday on PBS Tonite - Lockouts Increase – Payday Report - on @paydayreport

An impromptu interview with Epic Charter Schools co-founder Ben Harris via @nondocmedia

BREAKING NEWS! QAnon Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Appointed to House Education and Labor Committee | Diane Ravitch's blog - via @dianeravitch

A Dying Teacher, Worrying Over Students to His Last Breaths

Chicago Teachers Are Showing the Country How to Fight an Unsafe Reopening - In These Times - via @InTheseTimesMag

What happens when student research is focused on inequality in schools?

Md. teachers’ union pushes back on Hogan’s call to return to in-person classes | WTOP -

Camden superintendent says the plan to close four schools is ‘painful but necessary’ - via @PhillyInquirer

Massachusetts teachers unions push back on vaccination plan, say it delays safe return to in-person learning -

CPS halts in-person learning for students already back as teachers strike looms; district still aims to open elementary schools Monday - Chicago Tribune - via @chicagotribune

Parents of kids with disabilities discuss pandemic learning - by TodayShow on @TodayShow

CDC officials say schools can re-open during pandemic — but precautions are crucial - by NBCNews on @NBCNews

Mpls. teachers union files charge over lack of talks about in-person return - - on @StarTribune

Broward Schools Wins in Court, But Teachers Union Still Fighting – NBC 6 South Florida - via @nbc6

San Francisco to rename 44 schools with 'racist' namesakes, including Washington, Lincoln, Feinstein - on @SFGate

Big Education Ape: Our Choices During “School Choice Week” | The Merrow Report -

Big Education Ape: SHAWGI TELL: Arizona Pioneer in Wrecking Public Education through Charter Schools | Dissident Voice -

Big Education Ape: #PhilanthropySoWhite: An Urgent Conversation on Whiteness in Philanthropy | Schott Foundation for Public Education -

Big Education Ape: Adapting Elizabeth May’s “Trash Drafting” for Students-as-Writers – radical eyes for equity -

Big Education Ape: Mitchell Robinson: Stop Shaming Teachers into Reopening Schools | Eclectablog -

Big Education Ape: CURMUDGUCATION: Teachers and the Toll of Disinterest -

Big Education Ape: Union leader: Chicago teachers are battling both coronavirus pandemic and fear | Fox News -

Big Education Ape: Teacher Tom: What I Miss -

Big Education Ape: NYC Educator: Bill de Blasio and His Magic 8-Ball -

Big Education Ape: How the Arts (& #artseducation) Can Save the World – Sam Chaltain -

Matt Bai: Time for Teachers to Grow Up and Get Back into the Classroom | Diane Ravitch's blog
Matt Bai: Time for Teachers to Grow Up and Get Back into the Classroom Matt Bai is an opinion writer for the Washington Post. He wrote recently that teachers should recognize that they are essential workers and get back into the classroom. He points out that remote learning is a disaster, that it is a horrible means of learning, and that students’ emotional health is damaged by not being in a ph
NANCY BAILEY: How the Media and School Districts Shame Teachers During Covid-19
How the Media and School Districts Shame Teachers During Covid-19 How the Media and School Districts Shame Teachers During Covid-19 Listen to the news one moment, and you’re warned about the new variants of the virus. There’s uncertainty about it and whether it’s more deadly than the current strain. Next, the media gives voice to critics who belittle teachers and their unions for not returning to
glen brown: Why You Should Double-Mask to Prevent Covid-19 and How to Do It
Why You Should Double-Mask to Prevent Covid-19 and How to Do It “As more contagious coronavirus variants emerge, health experts, including Dr. Anthony Fauci , say it’s probably a good idea to start doubling up on your face masks. “The new variants are thought to have an easier time binding to our cells, so the more layers we have covering our noses and mouths, the less likely we’ll be exposed to
CURMUDGUCATION: The Curmudgureading List
The Curmudgureading List I was recently reminded that it has been a while since I've done one of these. The edublogging universe has, I think, shrunk a bit in the last year or two, which is not to say that there aren't still hundreds out there. But lots of folks come and go, and I drop blogs from the list on the side when they've gone dormant for more than a few months. There has also been a shi
Suddenly President Biden Has Made Ameliorating Child Poverty a Topic of the Hour | janresseger
Suddenly President Biden Has Made Ameliorating Child Poverty a Topic of the Hour Last summer and through the autumn, Jason DeParle—a NY Times reporter and long chronicler of the devastation wrought when, in 1996, welfare reform eliminated Aid to Families with Dependent Children—made the case ( here and here ) for augmenting the Child Tax Credit as the best way to reduce child poverty in the Unit
NYC Public School Parents: What the leaked DOE memo on the "gifted" test reveals
What the leaked DOE memo on the "gifted" test reveals In several of the articles on the controversy over the renewal of the Pearson contract for the gifted test, which will be voted on tomorrow Wed. night by the Panel for Educational Policy, including in the Daily News and Chalkbeat , a confidential draft DOE memo from July 2020 is mentioned that was leaked to PEP members. The memo is embedded a
2021 Medley #2 – Privatization, the Free Market, and Propaganda | Live Long and Prosper
2021 Medley #2 – Privatization, the Free Market, and Propaganda PRIVATIZATION, AND THE FREE MARKET Betsy DeVos might be gone from our federal government, but she and those who support her privatization schemes for public education are still around. It’s “School Choice Week” & I Choose… Stu Egan, who blogs at Caffeinated Rage wrote this about school choice week. In it, he reminds us that “Our pub


Big Education Ape THE TOP BANANA TODAY'S EDUCATION HEADLINES Joe Biden supports Chicago Teachers Union COVID safety concerns as AFT president Randi Weingarten briefs senior White House staffers - Chicago Sun-Times - AFT President Weingarten on Looming Chicago Teachers Stri

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