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Thought Dreams
I’ve nearly completely extricated myself from my daily reading and commenting on Facebook and Twitter. I’m a retired public school teacher. I’ve virtually stopped writing about education and the continuing destruction of our public schools. I live it everyday now as a consultant in the classrooms.   I’ve been traveling a lot over the last few […]

My First Days With Full-blown Common Core
In this post I write about my experience as a traditional public school teacher facing Common Core (CCSS). Before I do so, there are a few statements I must offer. First, let me be clear that I am writing about my own experiences on my own blog using my own computer and sitting in my own home on my own time. Second, I teach in a wonderful school for an administration that cares about their student

Why Should Parents Raise Money to Pay for Common Core Testing?
This comes from Jennifer Croslin Smith, a Tennessee parent and a founder of No more bake sales or raising money for school uniforms. Nope: “We were just told tonight at our Back to School night that our PTO is foregoing raising money for iPads this year so we can instead purchase computers for Common Core testing which will begin in 2014-2015. We are lucky if we raise $

Former NY St Ed Comm David Milton Steiner Opines in NY Post as StudentsFirstNY Quotes Randi
I pledge allegiance to ed deformAfter Cathie Black does Milton have any credibility left? This Milton is has less vision than the real one. What a NYSED Commish crew over last 18 years. From Dickie Boy Richard Mills through John King. These people are a joke. Leonie posted this tidbit: On disastrous scores StudentsFirstNY cites Randi in defense of the Common Core (!!)  & misquotes Diane in one

Dallas ISD not moving forward with communications consultant proposal
Dallas ISD Superintendent Mike Miles said Thursday night that the district will not move forward with hiring a consultant to help communicate the upcoming teacher pay for performance and overhaul DISD’s communications department. The district advertised a request for proposals for communications consultants to help Miles and other administrators sell the … [visit site to read more]

DREAM 9 Immigrant Youth Released from Immigration Detention as They Await Political Asylum
The young immigration activists known as the DREAM 9 were released from Arizona’s Eloy Detention Center pending consideration of their requests for political asylum. Their release came a day after the National Immigrant Youth Alliance said U.S. immigration authorities determined that the activists had grounds to fear persecution if they were returned to Mexico. That decision does not guarantee th

L.A. Community College District votes to establish gun-free campuses
The Los Angeles Community College District ’s nine campuses will be gun-free zones, according to a resolution passed this week by the Board of Trustees that bans weapons in almost all circumstances.

Video: Carol Dweck on the power of “Yet”
I’m adding this video to The Best Resources On Helping Our Students Develop A “Growth Mindset”: Thanks to Alexander Russo for the tip.
Infographic: “Indigenous Women”
Tomorrow is the International Day Of The World’s Indigenous People. I’m adding this infographic to The Best Sites For International Day Of The World’s Indigenous People: by UNWomen.Explore more infographics like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.
Do We Want A “Community Of Learners” Or A “Classroom Of Students”?
Giving Classrooms A Purpose is the title of an older column I wrote for The Washington Post that summarizes a lesson I do during the first week of the school year. The focus of the lesson is to help students decide if they want to create a community of learners or settle for a classroom of students (I also talk about it a bit in a radio interview I posted earlier today). The complete lesson plan
Education Still on the Wrong Track
CABL Scrambling to Save Common CoreThe Council for a Better Louisiana which is really just a puppet organization for LABI has hurriedly put out a so called "report" in an effort to save the Common Core in Louisiana. CABL is worried lately about the growing opposition to common core by tea party groups. Some high profile Republicans are coming out against the Common Core because they see it as a fe

Winning the Common Core | Teacher in a Strange Land – Education Week Teacher
By Nancy Flanagan on August 8, 2013 8:55 AM Perhaps because Americans as a nation have a gift for organizing, we tend to meet any new situation by reorganization, and a wonderful method it is for creating the illusion of progress at the mere cost of confusion, inefficiency and demoralization. Charles Ogborn There was another moreThe post Winning the Common Core | Teacher in a Strange Land
TFA: “It’s just one unverifiable anecdote after the next” – SCHOOLS MATTER @ THE CHALK FACE
AUGUST 8, 2013 BY PLTHOMASEDD While it may be overly optimistic (which I am rarely accused of being) to suggest that the shine is wearing off the Teach for America brand, it is clear that credible challenges to TFA are being acknowledged more often, including resistance from within the organization itself. Some evidence-based challenges have moreThe post TFA: “It’s just one unverifiable an
GoLocalProv | Only Half of Race to Top Funds Went to School Districts
Thursday, August 08, 2013 Stephen Beale, GoLocalProv News Contributor Half of the $19.1 million of funds spent so far for the Race to the Top—the competitive federal grant program meant to spur innovative education reform and boost student achievement—has gone to local school districts in Rhode Island, according to U.S. Department of Education data. About moreThe post GoLocalProv | Only Ha
Political Memo: In Mayoral Race, Looking for Substance in Schools Conversation
Low state test scores, released on Wednesday, provided a reminder that many of the candidates have yet to articulate far-reaching visions for the city’s schools.    
Economix Blog: Inequality and Opportunity
Proposals by President Obama to expand early-childhood education and vocational training could have promise, but need to go beyond partisan talking points, an economist writes.    

End of an era: 2012 was likely last year of California's STAR test
California prepares to move away from multiple-choice standardized tests.; Credit: Sorcha/Flickr After 14 years, California students have likely filled out their last bubbles on the Standardized Testing and Reporting tests. The state is scrapping the test for a new one in 2015 and state school officials are pushing for no state tests next  Spring as they get ready. The end of the STAR tests suits
George Takei explains why we need to learn from history and not hold the Winter Olympics in Russia
Actor and LGBT activist George Takei on Wedensday warned holding the Winter Olympics in Russia next year would provide legitimacy to the country’s persecution of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people. “There are athletes that are gay or lesbian and their supporters are gay or...

Career and College Readiness Bullshit
Can someone please explain this career and college readiness to me? What is the determination for when one is career and/or college ready? It's all bullshit. I will make my point. But first some background in a somewhat stream of consciousness. . I never cared for school growing up. I always felt that I was smarter than my teachers and smarter than everyone else and I was going to do things my

Follow-Up Friday: Childhood Obesity Rate Drops
There was some good news for a change when it comes to the nation's childhood obesity epidemic: the rate among preschoolers dropped in 18 states and the U.S. Virgin Islands, the first decline on record in decades, according to the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. "Although obesity remains epidemic, the tide has begun to turn for some kids in some states," said Thomas Frieden, t

1. #GCCC13: Watch an 11 Year Old Keynote Speaker... THIS IS AWESOME!
Added by Thomas Whitby on July 26, 2013

New Times-Siena Poll: Quinn, Thompson, De Blasio
From the NY Times:Christine C. Quinn is leading the crowded field in the Democratic primary race for New York City mayor, lifted by support among Manhattanites and higher-income voters, the latest New York Times/Siena College poll finds. But just over a month before the Sept. 10 primary, Ms. Quinn is still well below the level needed to avoid a runoff, and many voters remain undecided.Ms. Quinn, t

March with Save Our Schools Contingent in DC

March with Save Our Schools Contingent in DC:

March with Save Our Schools Contingent in DC

March with Save Our Schools Contingent as we join in the 50th Anniversary March for Civil Rights in DC – August 24th
Public Education is a Civil Right!
Save Our Schools calls all teachers, families and students to join with the 50th Anniversary March for Civil Rights A Continuation of the Battle for Jobs, Justice and Freedom!
Look for the Save Our Schools rally point and banner to pick up your signs at the march starting point at the Lincoln Memorial and at other rally points along the march route.
Make your voice heard! Jobs, Justice, Freedom: Why we are Marching
Public Education is a civil right!
No school closings!
End high stakes testing!
Kids over profits!
Also Join the Journey for Justice Education as a Human Rights Marches, Boycotts and Rallies in your home city on August 28th and August 29th
Look for further details on the 50th Anniversary March for Civil Rights and the Journey for Justice events at the SOS website and future email updates