Today I received an email which began as follows:
On behalf of the Board of Education, the Department of Human Resources with the Baltimore County Public Schools (BCPS) is pleased to offer you an Advance Contract for the 2014-2015 school year.  You are receiving this advance contract because we have identified you as an outstanding teacher.  We look forward to supporting your efforts in the classroom making a difference in the lives of students in BCPS.  
Officially I do not YET have a school assignment, but I am was recruited for a specific school, and I am pretty much assured of going there.
The principal, a former Maryland Secondary Principal of the Year, is an old acquaintance who recruited me for my current position, but then chose to accept his current job.  I knew he was leaving before I accepted my current job, which had been designed for me.
This will be an equivalent commute - of about 45 miles each way.
I will make somewhat more than I had been making, the exact amount to be determined after I submit verification of my teaching experience (I have already submitted by DD214, military discharge papers).  
I tentatively know my course load
3 section of AP Economics, combined Macro and Micro (which I have not previously taught)
1 section of AP US Government & Politics
2 Sections of Local, State, and National Government to students identified as talented and gifted
I am expected to challenge the bright students who have assigned to me, to take them beyond where they think they can go, to get them to think more deeply, to express themselves more precisely and persuasively.
In line with that, I may also become the sponsor the Speech and Debate club/team.  While I have never coached a debate team, I have coached a mock trial team, and I have organized formal debates in my classes.  I also have experience in public speaking, dating back to winning a prize at an American Legion Oratorical Contest on the US Constitution when a high school I have a teaching job for next year: