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Thursday, January 1, 2015

We ARE winning. Here’s the scorecard | Seattle Education

We ARE winning. Here’s the scorecard | Seattle Education:

We ARE winning. Here’s the scorecard

From the Network for Public Education:
At the 1st annual conference of the Network for Public Education in Austin, Texas in March, NPE President Diane Ravitch delivered a speech titled “Why We Will Win.” She told the crowd of over 400 public education activists from around the country that everything the “faux reformers” are doing is failing or has already failed, and that “students, teachers, parents, and communities” are organizing to fight back.
In that spirit, here are the Top Ten stories of 2014 (in no particular order) that highlight the pushback to the failed policies of the faux reformers, and the crumbling foundation of the reform movement.
These stories can carry us into the New Year with a sense of hope and purpose that together we will save our schools.

Multiple states drop out of Common Core, PARCC/Smarter Balanced

Click on the link above for an informative map of where each state currently stands on Common Core, and whether they are in or out of the PARCC and Smarter Balanced consortiums. The interactive map also includes an analysis of which states are contemplating measures against the standards and the standardized tests that accompany them. The smart money says 2015 will see more states dump either or both.

Race to the Top defunded in 2015 omnibus bill

Race to the Top has been the signature education reform program of the Obama administration and Education Secretary Arne Duncan. RTTT began in 2010 with $4.35 billion dollars to distribute to state that were still crippled by the recession. States were forced to compete for federal education funds, with winners coerced into adopting the reforms favored by the administration, such as the Common Core standards and aligned PARCC and Smarter Balanced tests. The complete defunding of the grant program is quite a blow to the Obama education agenda.

Collapse of inBloom

In a true win for grassroots advocacy and student privacy rights, data management behemoth inBloom was toppled in 2014. Fortified with 100 million dollars from Bill Gates, and toppled by parent activists in New York City and beyond, the demise of inBloom is a righteous example of parent power.

First Annual NPE Conference

2014 marked the first annual Network for Public Education Conference in Austin, Texas. The powerful event brought together education activists from around the nation to talk about the issues of the day, with livestreamed panel discussions and keynote addresses from education luminaries Karen Lewis, John Kuhn and NPE President Diane Ravitch. You don’t want to miss the 2015 conference in Chicago, April 25-26!

Pro Public Education Candidates elected

Education issues were the central focus of numerous high profile, big money races We ARE winning. Here’s the scorecard | Seattle Education:

United Students Against Sweatshops (USAS), Teach for America’s worst nightmare | Seattle Education

United Students Against Sweatshops (USAS), Teach for America’s worst nightmare | Seattle Education:

United Students Against Sweatshops (USAS), Teach for America’s worst nightmare


This is an amazing group.
United Students Against Sweatshops (USAS) is the nation’s largest youth-led, student labor campaign organization, with affiliated locals on over 150 campuses. USAS affiliates run both local and nationally-coordinated campaigns for economic justice in partnership with worker and community organizations. Since 1997, USAS has won precedent-setting campaigns, educated students about the growing dominance of corporations in the globalized economy, as well as the intersectionality of identity and social justice issues with the labor movement, and has trained tens of thousands of young activists to become skilled organizers, researchers, and campaigners in labor and social justice organizations.
Public education is under attack. Corporate-backed behemoths like the Walton (Walmart) and Fisher (Gap Inc) foundations are pouring millions into manufacturing a new pro-corporate education reform consensus on our campuses, propping up groups like Teach for AmericaStudents for Education Reform, and countless sponsored academic research programs. Their goal? To privatize our public education system, turning over a major public good into private hands, in the process smashing the only organized force that has dared to stand up to them: teachers’ unions.
Our teachers have been beating back the corporate attack alone for a long time now. But that’s about to change.
USAS is launching a new campaign to fight back against the corporate robber barons that are dominating the education debate on our campuses, sidelining teachers and education professionals as collateral damage in their take-no-prisoners war against unions. We think it’s about time for corporate-backed groups on our campuses to be called out for what they are and stop getting a free pass when they peddle anti-union trash as grassroots charm.
It’s not that hard to unmask them. Teach for America, for example, partners with Goldman Sachs, the massive investment bank that drove our economy into the ditch and sent hundreds of thousands of homes into unjust foreclosure. Meanwhile, the Walton Foundation gave a quarter million dollars to Students for Education Reform and over $22 million to at least 48 different colleges and universities around the country in 2012 alone.

Updates from the Education Justice campaign

A National Survey of School Desegregation Orders

A National Survey of School Desegregation Orders:

A National Survey of School Desegregation Orders

Across the United States, some school districts are bound by orders to increase the racial integration of black and Latino students and improve their educational opportunities. Some of the orders are mandated by federal courts. Others resulted from voluntary agreements between school districts or other educational institutions and the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights. Over the last 15 years, many orders have been lifted. This has left many communities uncertain of whether orders still exist and hobbled efforts to ensure they are being followed. The map and tables below are the most comprehensive record of these orders, including never-before-released data on ongoing voluntary desegregation agreements from the Department of Education. Related Story: School Segregation, the Continuing Tragedy of Ferguson »

Number of Districts with Currently Open Desegregation Orders

Click on a state to see how many school districts are under orders there.
21425111338510182846748536117211443982331911734610652283112112Number of Open Voluntary Orders'54555657585960616263646566676869707172737475767778798081828384858687888990919293949596979899000102030405060708091011121314Number of Open Court OrdersYear
How to use this data: If a district is under a voluntary order with the Department of Education, you can request a copy of the order from the agency. If a district is under a court order, those records can sometimes be obtained from the school district itself or from the federal courts, though the recording keeping on court-ordered desegregation is in considerable disarray. ProPublica has also compiled a limited number of these records.
Voluntary Desegregation Orders
Court Desegregation Orders
District NameStateYear Entered
Adams County 14Colorado2010
Adams County 14Colorado2014
Addison School Dist 4Illinois2013
Adler School Of Professional PsychologyIllinois2012
Albany City School DistrictNew York2013
Ames Community School DistrictIowa2004
Anderson CoKentucky2014
Anderson County School District 05South Carolina2013
Ansonia Board Of EducationConnecticut2010
Antioch UnifiedCalifornia2011
Antioch UnifiedCalifornia2013
Argosy UniversityCalifornia2013
Arizona Depart Of EducationArizona2012
Arlington IsdTexas2012
Atlanta Christian CollegeGeorgia2011
Aurora East Unit School Dist 131Illinois2013
Aurora East Unit School Dist 131Illinois2013
Aurora Public School DistrictColorado2008
Avondale Elementary DistrictArizona2004
Avondale Elementary DistrictArizona2013
Baker UniversityKansas2010
Baldwin-Whitehall SdPennsylvania2013
Basis Dc PcsDistrict of Columbia2013
Beaufort County School DistrictSouth Carolina2010
Bennington Public SchoolsOklahoma2013
Berlin Board Of EducationConnecticut2012
Bessemer City Sch DistAlabama2013
Bill Ireland Youth Development CenterGeorgia2009
Boces Questar IiiNew York2014
Boces St Lawrence-LewisNew York2014
Boces SullivanNew York2014
Boston PsMassachusetts2010
Boston PsMassachusetts2012
Boulder Valley Re 2Colorado2013
Bridgeport Board Of EducationConnecticut2012
Brookfield Local SdOhio2013
Brookfield Local SdOhio2010
Broward County School DistrictFlorida2012
Bryan CountyGeorgia2013
Burlington Re-6JColorado2014
Calvert County Public SchoolsMaryland2012
Caney Valley U.S.D. #436Kansas2009
Capital City Public Charter SchoolDistrict of Columbia2013
Carnegie Mellon UniversityPennsylvania2008
Cartwright Elementary DistrictArizona2013
Cartwright Elementary DistrictArizona2005
Cassopolis Public SchoolsMichigan2011
Castro Valley UnifiedCalifornia2013
Catawba County SchoolsNorth Carolina2012
Centinela Valley Union HighCalifornia2012
Central Arizona CollegeArizona2012
Central Falls Sch DistRhode Island2011
Cesar Chavez AcademyMichigan2012
Chabot CollegeCalifornia2011
Chase County U.S.D. #284Kansas2014
Chgo. City Colleges-Community College District 50Illinois2012
Christian County SchoolsKentucky2014
Christian Theological SeminaryIndiana2014
Christina School DistrictDelaware2012
Cicero School District 99Illinois1999
Clarkson CollegeNebraska2006
Clarksville-Montgomery CountyTennessee2012
Clay County School DistrictFlorida2011
Cleveland Metropolitan School DistrictOhio2011
Cleveland Metropolitan School DistrictOhio2014
Clifton School DistrictNew Jersey2012
Coachella Valley UnifiedCalifornia2013
Collegiate AcademiesLouisiana2014
Colonial School DistrictDelaware2014
Colorado Technical UniversityMissouri2011
Columbia College ChicagoIllinois2014
Columbus Municipal School DistrictMississippi2011
Columbus Preparatory AcademyOhio2011
Conecuh County Sch DistAlabama2010
Confluence AcademiesMissouri2014
Corona-Norco UnifiedCalifornia2013
Ct Dept EdConnecticut2009
Cuny Hunter CollegeNew York2013
Cupertino Union ElementaryCalifornia2013
Davenport Comm School DistrictIowa2012
De Soto U.S.D. #232Kansas2009
Dearborn City School DistrictMichigan2012
Dekalb CountyGeorgia2012
Dekalb CountyGeorgia2013
Des Moines Independent Community School DistriIowa1998
Desoto Parish School BoardLouisiana2013
Dorchester County 02South Carolina2013
Douglas County School District Re 1Colorado2012
Douglas County School District Re 1Colorado2012
Dover Public SchoolsOklahoma2012
Duke UniversityNorth Carolina2011
Duval County School DistrictFlorida2013
East Baton Rouge Parish School BoardLouisiana2013
East Haven Board Of EducationConnecticut2011
East Otero R-1Colorado2006
East Providence Sch DistRhode Island2010
Echols CountyGeorgia2012
Elko County SdNevada2013
Estelline School District #28-2South Dakota2013
Fairfield Board Of EducationConnecticut2013
Faulkner State Community CollegeAlabama2014
Florence Unified School DistrictArizona2007
Florida Statewide Education SyFlorida1998
Franklin County SchoolsNorth Carolina2011
Franklin-Mckinley ElementaryCalifornia2009
Garden City U.S.D. #457Kansas1996
Gaston County SchoolsNorth Carolina2012
Gaston County SchoolsNorth Carolina2012
Glendale Elementary DistrictArizona2000
Glynn CountyGeorgia2013
Grand Haven Area Public SchoolsMichigan2013
Grand Rapids Public SchoolsMichigan2014
Grant County School DistrictKentucky2013
Grant County School DistrictKentucky2013
Greeley School District 6Colorado2010
Guam Department Of EducationGuam2007
Guymon Public SchoolsOklahoma2008
Hagerman Municipal SchoolsNew Mexico2007
Hamtramck Public SchoolsMichigan2010
Hanover Community School CorpIndiana2013
Harding County 31-1South Dakota2011
Hartford Board Of EducationConnecticut2013
Hazleton Area SdPennsylvania2014
Hazleton Area SdPennsylvania2014
Henderson County School DistrictKentucky1998
Henry CountyGeorgia2013
Henry CountyGeorgia2014
Hickman Mills C-1 School DistrictMissouri2013
Hill City School District #51-2South Dakota2006
Hofstra UniversityNew York2013
Horizon Science Acad ColumbusOhio2013
Humble IsdTexas2013
Huntsville City Sch DistAlabama2013
Hutchinson Public Schools U.S.D. #308Kansas2012
Indiana State UniversityIndiana2012
Iowa City Comm School DistrictIowa2013
J S Morton H S District 201Illinois1998
Jamestown CollegeNorth Dakota2014
Jefferson County School District R-1Colorado2013
Kansas City U.S.D. #500Kansas2011
Kansas City U.S.D. #500Kansas2011
Kansas City U.S.D. #500Kansas2011
Kansas State UniversityKansas2014
Kemp IsdTexas2010
Knox County School DistrictTennessee2010
Kyrene School District #28Arizona2011
Lake Stevens Sd No. 4Washington2009
Lebanon R-Iii School DistrictMissouri2009
Lebanon SdPennsylvania2011
Lee County Sch DistAlabama2013
Leon County School DistrictFlorida2011
Lincoln Elem School Dist 156Illinois2010
Lincoln Parish School BoardLouisiana2013
Lincoln UnifiedCalifornia2013
Logan School DistrictUtah2014
Lone Grove Public SchoolsOklahoma2008
Los Angeles UnifiedCalifornia2013
Los Angeles UnifiedCalifornia2008
Los Angeles UnifiedCalifornia2013
Los Angeles UnifiedCalifornia2011
M S D Pike TownshipIndiana2012
Macomb IsdMichigan2011
Madison CoKentucky2012
Madison-Plains Local SdOhio2009
Manatee County School DistrictFlorida2013
ManchesterNew Hampshire2014
Mapleton 1Colorado2012
Maplewood Career CenterOhio2012
Maries County R-I School DistrictMissouri2009
Maries County R-I School DistrictMissouri2009
Marion CountyGeorgia2011
Marion County School DistrictFlorida2013
Marygrove CollegeMichigan2010
Maryland Higher Education CommMaryland2000
Memphis City School DistrictTennessee2012
Merritt CollegeCalifornia2010
Metro Nashville Public SchoolsTennessee2013
Metro Nashville Public SchoolsTennessee2011
Metropolitan Community CollegeMissouri2011
Midland UniversityNebraska2011
Minneapolis Public Schools-School District #1Minnesota2013
Minneapolis Public Schools-School District #1Minnesota2013
Minneapolis Public Schools-School District #1Minnesota2010
Mo Dept Of Elementary And Secondary EducationMissouri2010
Monterey Peninsula UnifiedCalifornia2014
Montgomery County Sch DistAlabama2012
Moore County SchoolsNorth Carolina2012
Msad 16 HallowellMaine2008
Mt. Diablo UnifiedCalifornia2014
Murphy Elementary DistrictArizona2012
Muscogee CountyGeorgia2013
Neoga Comm Unit School Dist 3Illinois2011
Neosho R-V School DistrictMissouri2000
New London Board Of EducationConnecticut2012
New Mexico Children Youth & FamiliesNew Mexico2008
New Richmond Ex Vill SdOhio2011
Newberry County School DistrictSouth Carolina2010
Norfolk Public SchoolsVirginia2012
Norman Public SchoolsOklahoma2009
Northern Valley Regional High School DistrictNew Jersey2013
Oakland UnifiedCalifornia2013
Oakland UnifiedCalifornia2012
Oklahoma City Public SchoolsOklahoma2012
Oklahoma State Regents Of Higher EducationOklahoma2009
Olentangy Local SdOhio2012
Onondaga-Cortland-Madison BocesNew York2014
Opelika City Sch DistAlabama2013
Painesville City Local SdOhio2009
Papillion-La Vista Public SchoolsNebraska2011
Paradise Valley Unified DistrictArizona2001
Parlier UnifiedCalifornia2008
Pasadena UnifiedCalifornia2012
Pasadena UnifiedCalifornia2012
Pasadena UnifiedCalifornia2014
Pasadena UnifiedCalifornia2012
Pasadena UnifiedCalifornia2011
Paterson School DistrictNew Jersey2011
Pattonville R-Iii School DistrictMissouri2009
Pattonville R-Iii School DistrictMissouri2009
Pemiscot County R-Iii School DistrictMissouri2008
Pennsylvania Higher Ed SystemPennsylvania1999
Philadelphia SdPennsylvania2012
Pitt County SchoolsNorth Carolina2012
Plainfield Board Of EducationNew Jersey2011
Plainfield School Dist 202Illinois2012
Platte County R-Iii School DistrictMissouri2011
Polytech School DistrictDelaware2014
Poplar Bluff R-I School DistrictMissouri2010
Poplar Bluff R-I School DistrictMissouri2010
Portland Public SchoolsMaine2013
Posen-Robbins El Sch Dist 143-5Illinois2013
Providence Sch DistRhode Island2011
Pueblo School District 70Colorado2007
Putnam County School DistrictFlorida2012
Rapid City Area School District #51-4South Dakota2011
Raymond Sch DistNew Hampshire2011
Red WingMinnesota2010
Redding Board Of EducationConnecticut2010
Regional School District 15Connecticut2012
Regional School District 19Connecticut2012
Richardson IsdTexas2013
Richmond Heights Local SdOhio2011
Richmond Heights Local SdOhio2012
Richmond Heights Local SdOhio2012
Riverside Elementary DistrictArizona2007
Roaring Fork Re-1Colorado2005
Robeson County SchoolsNorth Carolina2013
Robeson County SchoolsNorth Carolina2013
Rockwood R-Vi School DistrictMissouri2013
Roosevelt Elementary DistrictArizona2000
Rowan-Salisbury SchoolsNorth Carolina2012
Sacramento City UnifiedCalifornia2014
Sahuarita Unified DistrictArizona2002
San Francisco State UniversityCalifornia2014
Santa Ana UnifiedCalifornia2014
Santa Clara UnifiedCalifornia2013
Santa Fe Public SchoolsNew Mexico2004
Santa Maria-Bonita ElementaryCalifornia2012
Sauk Rapids Public School District 47Minnesota2012
Schenectady City School DistrictNew York2003
Schenectady City School DistrictNew York2013
Scotland Board Of EducationConnecticut2011
Scottsdale Unified DistrictArizona2009
Shawnee Mission Public Schools U.S.D. #512Kansas2010
Snoqualmie Valley Sd No. 410Washington2014
Snowflake Unified DistrictArizona2005
South Haven Public SchoolsMichigan2011
South Sioux City Community SchoolsNebraska1997
Southwest Baptist UniversityMissouri2009
Springfield SdVermont2012
St Vrain Valley School District Re 1JColorado2010
St. Cloud Area School District 742Minnesota2011
State Fair Community CollegeMissouri2009
Stony Creek Joint UnifiedCalifornia2014
Stroud Public SchoolsOklahoma2013
Sun Prairie AreaWisconsin2013
Sylvania City SdOhio2006
Syracuse City School DistrictNew York2013
Tabor CollegeKansas2014
Tahlequah Public SchoolsOklahoma2010
Tallapoosa County Sch DistAlabama2011
Tallapoosa County Sch DistAlabama2011
Temecula Valley UnifiedCalifornia2013
Texas Higher Ed DesegregationTexas2000
The National College Of Business And TechnologyTennessee2013
Tigard-Tualatin Sd 23JOregon2014
Toledo City School DistrictOhio2012
Tolleson Union High School DistrictArizona2012
Topeka Public Schools U.S.D. #501Kansas2012
Traverse City Area Public SchoolsMichigan2012
Truman State UniversityMissouri2012
Tucson Unified DistrictArizona2011
Tucson Unified DistrictArizona2013
Tucson Unified DistrictArizona1996
Tulsa Public SchoolsOklahoma2010
Tulsa Public SchoolsOklahoma2013
Union Public SchoolsOklahoma2010
University Of California-San DiegoCalifornia2012
Vestal Central School DistrictNew York2012
Wallingford Board Of EducationConnecticut2013
Warrensburg R-Vi School DistrictMissouri2012
Washington Elementary School DistrictArizona2011
Wayne Public SchoolsOklahoma2013
Waynesboro Area SdPennsylvania2012
Waynesboro City Public SchoolsVirginia2012
Weakley County School DistrictTennessee2013
West Contra Costa UnifiedCalifornia2012
West Geauga Local SdOhio2012
Westchester Community CollegeNew York2012
White Plains Public SchoolsNew York2013
Wilkes-Barre Area SdPennsylvania2012
Wilson County SchoolsNorth Carolina2012
Windham Board Of EducationConnecticut2006
Yuma School District 1Arizona2013
District NameStateYear Placed
Aberdeen School DistMississippi1969
Alabaster CityAlabama1963
Alexandria City Pblc SchsVirginiaN/A
Allendale 01South Carolina1968
Amite Co School DistMississippi1969
Anniston CityAlabama1963
Appling CountyGeorgia1969
Arlington Co Pblc SchsVirginia1957
Asheville City SchoolsNorth Carolina1965
Attala Co School DistMississippi1970
Augusta Co Pblc SchsVirginia1966
Avoyelles ParishLouisiana1967
Baltimore City Public SchoolsMaryland1976
Baltimore County Public SchoolsMaryland1973
Barnwell 19South Carolina1970
Barnwell 45South Carolina1969
Barrow CountyGeorgia1969
Benton Co School DistMississippi1970
Bienville ParishLouisiana1966
Bossier ParishLouisiana1965
Brookhaven School DistMississippi1969
Brunswick Co Pblc SchsVirginia1969
Bryan CountyGeorgia1969
Buckingham Co Pblc SchsVirginia1961
Buffalo IsdTexas1970
Buncombe County SchoolsNorth Carolina1965
Caddo ParishLouisiana1966
Cahokia Cusd 187Illinois1961
Calcasieu ParishLouisiana1968
Calhoun CountyAlabama1963
Calhoun CountyGeorgia1969
Calvert IsdTexas1970
Camden CountyGeorgia1969
Canton Public School DistMississippi1965
Cape Henlopen School DistrictDelaware1957
Capital School DistrictDelawareN/A
Carroll County School DistMississippi1965
Caswell County SchoolsNorth Carolina1958
Catahoula ParishLouisiana1966
Center 58Missouri1986
Chambers CountyAlabama1963
Charlottesville Cty Pblc SchsVirginia1957
Chesterfield 01South Carolina1969
Choctaw Co School DistMississippi1970
Choctaw CountyAlabama1966
City Of Monroe School DistrictLouisiana1966
Claiborne ParishLouisiana1966
Clarendon 01South Carolina1962
Clarendon 03South Carolina1969
Clark County School DistrictNevada1972
Clarksdale Municipal School DistMississippi1969
Clay CountyAlabama1963
Cleburne CountyAlabama1963
Cleveland School DistMississippi1976
Clinch CountyGeorgia1969
Clinton Public School DistMississippi1967
Coahoma County School DistrictMississippi1970
Colbert CountyAlabama1963
Colmesneil IsdTexas1970
Colquitt CountyGeorgia1971
Columbia CountyGeorgia1969
Columbia School DistrictMississippi1969
Concordia ParishLouisiana1966
Copiah Co School DistMississippi1970
Covington Co SchoolsMississippi1969
Coweta CountyGeorgia1969
Crisp CountyGeorgia1968
Cullman CountyAlabama1963
Daingerfield-Lone Star IsdTexas1970
Danville City Pblc SchsVirginiaN/A
Decatur CityAlabama1963
Desoto ParishLouisiana1966
District Of Columbia Public SchoolsDistrict of Columbia1954
Dodge CountyGeorgia1969
Dollarway School DistrictArkansas1959
Dooly CountyGeorgia1969
Dorchester 02South Carolina1968
Dorchester 04South Carolina1969
Dougherty CountyGeorgia1963
Durant Public School DistMississippi1965
Early CountyGeorgia1969
East Feliciana ParishLouisiana1965
Edenton/Chowan SchoolsNorth Carolina1968
El Centro ElementaryCalifornia1955
El Dorado School DistrictArkansas1965
El Paso IsdTexas1971
Elysian Fields IsdTexas1970
Emanuel CountyGeorgia1969
England School DistrictArkansas1971
Englewood CityNew Jersey1964
Englewood On The Palisade CharterNew JerseyN/A
Erie City SdPennsylvaniaN/A
Fairfax Co Pblc SchsVirginia1964
Fairfield CityAlabama1965
Fairfield IsdTexas1970
Fayette CountyAlabama1963
Fayette CountyKentucky1965
Fayette CountyTennessee1972
Florence 01South Carolina1970
Florence CityAlabama1963
Forrest City School DistrictArkansas1970
Forrest County School DistrictMississippi1965
Fort Payne CityAlabama1963
Fort Wayne Community SchoolsIndiana1990
Franklin Co School DistMississippi1969
Franklin CountyAlabama1963
Franklin CountyTennessee1964
Franklin County SchoolsNorth Carolina1966
Garland IsdTexasN/A
Georgetown 01South Carolina1969
Georgetown IsdTexas1964
Glascock CountyGeorgia1969
Glynn CountyGeorgia1963
Goodrich IsdTexas1970
Grapeland IsdTexas1976
Greenwood Public School DistrictMississippi1969
Halifax County SchoolsNorth Carolina1964
Hanover Co Pblc SchsVirginia1966
Hardeman CountyTennessee1969
Harnett County SchoolsNorth Carolina1965
Harnett Early Childhood*North Carolina1965
Haywood CountyTennessee1967
Hermitage School DistrictArkansas1969
Hollandale School DistMississippi1971
Holly Springs School DistMississippi1969
Holmes Co School DistMississippi1965
Homewood CityAlabama1965
Hoover CityAlabama1966
Huntsville CityAlabama1966
Indian RiverFloridaN/A
Indian River School DistrictDelaware1957
Indianapolis Public SchoolsIndiana1972
Irwin CountyGeorgia1969
Jackson CountyAlabama1963
Jackson ParishLouisiana1966
Jacksonville CityAlabama1963
Jeff Davis CountyGeorgia1969
Jefferson CountyAlabama1965
Jones Co School DistMississippi1970
Junction City School DistrictArkansas1966
Kalamazoo Public SchoolsMichigan1971
Kemper Co School DistMississippi1969
Kosciusko School DistrictMississippi1970
Lafourche ParishLouisiana1967
Lake Forest School DistrictDelaware1957
Lake Ridge SchoolsIndiana1963
Lamar CountyAlabama1963
Lanett CityAlabama1963
Lansing Public School DistrictMichigan1973
Lasalle ParishLouisiana1966
Lauderdale Co School DistMississippi1969
Lauderdale CountyAlabama1963
Laurel School DistrictMississippi1970
Lawrence Co School DistMississippi1969
Lawrence CountyAlabama1977
Leake Co School DistMississippi1969
Leeds CityAlabama1963
Lenoir County Public SchoolsNorth CarolinaN/A
Lexington 04South Carolina1966
Limestone CountyAlabama1963
Lincoln Co School DistMississippi1969
Lincoln CountyGeorgia1968
Lincoln ParishLouisiana1966
Longview IsdTexas1965
Los Angeles UnifiedCalifornia1976
Louisville Municipal School DistMississippi1966
Lovelady IsdTexas1977
Lynchburg City Pblc SchsVirginia1962
Madison CountyAlabama1964
Madison Cusd 12Illinois1969
Madisonville CisdTexasN/A
Malakoff IsdTexas1970
Manhasset Union Free School DistrictNew York1964
Marion Co School DistMississippi1969
Marion CountyAlabama1963
Marshall CountyAlabama1963
Mcduffie CountyGeorgia1969
Meridian Public School DistMississippi1969
Milford School DistrictDelaware1957
Milwaukee School DistrictWisconsin1976
Minneapolis Public School Dist.Minnesota1972
Mitchell CountyGeorgia1969
Monroe CountyGeorgia1969
MontclairNew JerseyN/A
Montgomery Co School DistMississippi1967
Montgomery CountyGeorgia1969
Montgomery County SchoolsNorth Carolina1956
Morgan CountyAlabama1963
N. Little Rock School DistrictArkansas1969
Natchitoches ParishLouisiana1970
Neptune TownshipNew Jersey1967
Neshoba County School DistrictMississippi1969
Nettleton School DistMississippi1969
New Haven School DistrictConnecticut1965
New Rochelle City School DistrictNew York1961
New York City Public SchoolsNew York1973
Newberry 01South CarolinaN/A
Newport News City Pblc SchsVirginia1957
Newton CountyGeorgia1969
North Bolivar School DistrictMississippi1983
North Pike School DistMississippi1969
North Tippah School DistMississippi1968
Norwalk School DistrictConnecticut1968
Oakwood IsdTexas1970
Obion CountyTennessee1962
Oktibbeha County School DistrictMississippi1969
Oxford CityAlabama1966
Palo Alto UnifiedCalifornia1979
Peach CountyGeorgia1969
Pell CityAlabama1966
Person County SchoolsNorth CarolinaN/A
Pickens CountyAlabama1963
Piedmont CityAlabama1963
Pine Bluff School DistrictArkansas1970
Pittsburg UnifiedCalifornia1969
Plaquemines ParishLouisiana1969
Pointe Coupee ParishLouisiana1965
Poplarville Separate School DistMississippi1970
Powhatan Co Pblc SchsVirginia1963
Pulaski Co. Spec. School Dist.Arkansas1983
Pulaski CountyGeorgia1969
Quitman Co School DistMississippiN/A
Quitman School DistMississippi1994
Randolph CountyAlabama1963
Randolph CountyGeorgia1969
Rankin Co School DistMississippi1971
Richardson IsdTexas1966
Richland ParishLouisiana1966
Roanoke City Pblc SchsVirginia1962
Roanoke Co Pblc SchsVirginia1970
Russellville CityAlabama1963
Sabine ParishLouisiana1977
San Angelo IsdTexasN/A
San Bernardino City UnifiedCalifornia1974
San Juan DistrictUtah1994
Scott Co School DistMississippi1970
Scottsboro CityAlabama1963
Screven CountyGeorgia1968
Senatobia Municipal School DistMississippiN/A
Sequoia Union HighCalifornia1971
Sheffield CityAlabama1963
Shelby CountyAlabama1963
Shelby CountyKentucky1972
Simpson Co School DistMississippi1970
Smithville IsdTexas1970
So. Conway Co. School DistrictArkansas1972
South Bend Community Sch CorpIndiana1980
South Pike School DistMississippi1969
South Tippah School DistMississippi1967
Springfield Sd 186Illinois1976
St Clair CountyAlabama1966
St. Helena ParishLouisiana1961
St. James ParishLouisiana1966
St. John The Baptist ParishLouisiana1966
St. JohnsFlorida1970
St. Landry ParishLouisiana1969
St. Martin ParishLouisiana1965
St. Mary ParishLouisiana1969
St. Mary'S County Public SchoolsMaryland1958
St. Tammany ParishLouisiana1966
Starkville School DistrictMississippiN/A
Strong-Huttig School DistrictArkansas1970
Suffolk City Pblc SchsVirginiaN/A
Sumter CountyAlabama1963
Sumter CountyGeorgia1969
Tangipahoa ParishLouisiana1968
Tarrant CityAlabama1963
Tate Co School DistMississippiN/A
Tattnall CountyGeorgia1969
Taylor CountyGeorgia1969
Telfair CountyGeorgia1969
Terrebonne ParishLouisiana1967
Trinidad IsdTexas1976
Trinity IsdTexas1973
Trussville CityAlabama1975
Tucson Unified DistrictArizona1976
Tunica County School DistrictMississippi1966
Tuscaloosa CountyAlabama1963
Tuscumbia CityAlabama1963
Tyler IsdTexas1970
Union Co School DistMississippi1970
Union ParishLouisiana1969
Union TownshipNew JerseyN/A
Uvalde CisdTexas1973
Valdosta CityGeorgia1970
Vidalia CityGeorgia1969
Walthall Co School DistMississippi1970
Warren CountyGeorgia1969
Warren County SchoolsNorth CarolinaN/A
Warren School DistrictArkansas1968
Washington CountyGeorgia1970
Washington ParishLouisiana1967
Waterbury School DistrictConnecticut1969
Watson Chapel School DistrictArkansas1971
Wayne Co School DistMississippi1970
Wayne CountyGeorgia1969
Webster Co School DistMississippi1970
Webster ParishLouisiana1974
Weldon City SchoolsNorth Carolina1964
West Baton Rouge ParishLouisiana1965
West Carroll ParishLouisiana1969
West Memphis School DistrictArkansas1965
West Point School DistMississippi1971
Western Line School DistrictMississippiN/A
Wheeler CountyGeorgia1969
Whitewright IsdTexas1970
Wilcox CountyGeorgia1969
Wilson CountyTennessee1970
Winfield CityAlabama1963
Worth CountyGeorgia1969
Yancey County SchoolsNorth Carolina1960
Yazoo City Municipal School DistMississippi1970
Yazoo Co School DistMississippi1969
Sources: U.S. Department of Education, U.S. Department of Justice, Stanford University, ProPublica research.
Note: Based on data received from the U.S. Department of Education and may not include open agreements entered into prior to 1996. Some school districts may appear multiple times because they are under more than one order.

* This school district is defunct as of the 2011-2012 school year due to merger or closure.
A National Survey of School Desegregation Orders: