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Jersey Jazzman: Fear Chinese Schools?

Jersey Jazzman: Fear Chinese Schools?:

Fear Chinese Schools?

We've got to make our schools were more like the Chinese, who are going to kick us in the economic teeth! Just like the banksters keep telling us!

Or not...
"Terrible" Education System Is Main Impediment

11. (SBU) However, Lai identified China's "terrible" educational system as presenting a serious impediment toward achieving a shift to a more knowledge-based economy. The current system promotes copying and pasting over creative and independent

Jersey Jazzman: Something's Coming...

Jersey Jazzman: Something's Coming...:

Something's Coming...

I'll be debuting a new project this week with Blue Jersey. I'm pretty excited about this:

It's not going to change the game by itself, but I think it's going to start something new. Too much has been left unchallenged in the ed reform debate; too often, the corporate "reformers" have made their claims with hardly

Last Stand for Children First: Extending School Day is The Answer to All Our Problems

Last Stand for Children First: Extending School Day is The Answer to All Our Problems:

Extending School Day is The Answer to All Our Problems

Last Stand for Children First has been involved in the education reform movement in Chicago since last winter when we were asked by Mayor elect Rahm Emanuel and business leaders in the Civic Federation to help with their grassroots efforts to fundamentally change education in the city. This effort came to fruition with the passage of SB7 and now with Mayor Emanuel's attempts to impose a longer school day.

The teachers are being most uncooperative really. After having their 4% raise voted down because the schools didn't have enough money, we promised to find a way to give them half their raise if they would only work another 327 1/2 hours. That's a tidy little $3.08 per hour for a beginning teacher. When Jimmy Carter signed the law in 1977 to raise the federal minimum wage to $2.90 an hour in 1979 and $3.10 an hour in 1980, I don't think he realized he was insulting teachers with this paltry raise. Throughout the early 1980s beginning fast food workers and dishwashers lived on

Big Education Ape - PostRank Today's 10 PM 8-28

From Florida Public Employees : Corporations and Charter Schools « Continuing Change From Florida Public Employees : Corporations and Charter Schools « Continuing Change: From Florida Public Employees : Corporations and Charter Schools August 28, 2011 by gatorbonbc Rate This Florida Public Employees: Is this more about serving ...

Texas Miracle or Kabuki Theater? |

Texas Miracle or Kabuki Theater? |

Texas Miracle or Kabuki Theater?

perry clown2 237x300 Texas Miracle or Kabuki Theater?

Anytime I hear the word “miracle” I become suspicious. I know the word appeals to highly religious folks. However, as far as I can tell, behind every so called “miracle” there is a con man.

Now that Texas Governor Rick Perry is the GOP frontrunner for the presidency, the media is flooding the airwaves with Perry-mania. Perry’s support is mostly based on his so called “Texas Miracle”. Perry wants Americans to believe that through his leadership and job creating record he is qualified for the presidency.

Perry points to the fact that since 2009, 38% of all jobs created in the U.S. were created in Texas. This is a true. However, the reason for the jobs growth in Texas has nothing to do with Rick Perry and his approach to the economy. In fact, Rick Perry should be thanking President Obama for the economic “miracle” in Texas.

Consider this, Rick Perry claims, “I know how to create jobs … You let the private sector [free from] over taxation, free them up from over regulation,

The Earth Moved…and Shook the Headlines - Lily's Blackboard – Lily's Blackboard

The Earth Moved…and Shook the Headlines - Lily's Blackboard – Lily's Blackboard:

The Earth Moved…and Shook the Headlines

We had an earthquake in DC last week. Kind of.

I mean, I spent time as a kid in Fairbanks, Alaska when my Dad was stationed on Ft. Wainwright, and we had these kinds of shakes a few times a month. The dishes shook. Maybe a picture fell off the wall. And we went about our business smiling at the little adrenaline rush that followed the twinge of initial fear – probably some evolutionary “duck and cover” hold over.

Here in our nation’s capital the buildings are older and higher than those in Fairbanks. We’re not used to shakes any greater than those caused when an opposing party takes over the House. Buildings were evacuated and workers sent home. They closed some schools for two days to make sure th

Dad, We Spent the First Week Taking Tests « Cooperative Catalyst

Dad, We Spent the First Week Taking Tests « Cooperative Catalyst:

Dad, We Spent the First Week Taking Tests

Note: This is a cross-post from my own blog Education Rethink.

I asked Joel what he thought of school and he said, “I love it. We get to play. We get to learn math. I’m practicing reading real books.”

“What do you mean real books?”

“It’s like school finally started. We spent all of last week taking

THIS changes everything? - Arlington, VA, United States, ASCD EDge Blog post

THIS changes everything? - Arlington, VA, United States, ASCD EDge Blog post:

THIS changes everything?

Are you a techno-constructivist? How do you envision and implement the use of technology? Scott Noon originally asked this question some ten years ago. Are you a techno-traditionalist? And should you be? I’m still asking the question today.

Techno-traditionalists use technology to complete tasks we have always done, but more efficiently and with more convenience. Crafting lesson plans, managing grades and sharing files are all good examples. It is couched in our Industrial-aged comfort zone; completing tasks at the knowledge, comprehension, application and analysis levels of Bloom’s taxonomy. Looking at the summer night sky, studying human body systems and playing a virtual guitar all on your tablet are techno-traditionalist tasks. These things are okay as interim steps, moving towards new ways of creating, producing and problem-solving…as long as we’re pushing the boundaries on technology use. We all begin the journey as techno-traditionalists, but there is a need to grow. We’re not tapping into the power and promise of technology if we are satisfied playing notes on a touch screen piano interface.

Techno-constructivists push boundaries to find new ways to work and play…ways in which we could not imagine innovating in the past. Like all constructivist theory it is based on

Big Education Ape: 8-28-11 PM Save Our Schools Rocks Chicago EDition

Big Education Ape: Ed News Now:

Published by Coopmike48 – 5 news spotters today

Save Our Schools tries to make Chicago inroads - Save Our Schools tries to make Chicago inroadsPosted By Cassandra West On Saturday, August 27, 2011 In Teachers Mike Klonsky, an educator, school reform activist and blogger, talks during the first...


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