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Wednesday, May 5, 2021

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PA Charter Change Roundup: May 5, 2021 -

For some Black families in CHCCS, remote learning is a "breath of fresh air" - The Daily Tar Heel - on @dailytarheel

Letter: Create a plan for all children to be vaccinated | First Focus on Children - on @first_focus

The Republican War Against Trans Kids | GQ -

Republican lawmakers defend Three-Fifths Compromise - The Washington Post -

Education Research Report: Reviews Examine the Effectiveness of Interventions Designed to Improve School Environments -

Food insecurity seems to have risen during the pandemic. Why that’s critical for Philadelphia’s early learners. via @ChalkbeatPHL

As Campus Life Resumes, So Does Concern Over Hazing via @kpcc

Unsurprising Statistic Of The Day: More Teachers Are Considering Leaving The Profession | Larry Ferlazzo's Websites of the Day... - on @Larryferlazzo

Homeroom: I’m Concerned About Wokeness at My Child’s School

The Congresspeople Standing Up for Their Trans Children - Trans people, who face relentless attacks on their right to exist, are nearly absent in federal representation. Reps. Marie Newman and Pramila Jayapal, both parents to trans kids, have their backs.

'Motherhood Is Activism': How One Black Mom Is Using Her Platform to Normalize Conversations About Social Justice Issues With Children

GOP lawmakers want to ban "woke philosophies" like critical race theory in Texas schools

The biggest impact of the Gates divorce may have nothing to do with the Gates Foundation

Two-thirds of kids are behind on regular vaccines, herd immunity at risk

In Rhode Island, VP Harris Will Promote American Families Plan

What Teen Vaccines Mean for School Reopenings

‘I Used to Like School’: An 11-Year-Old’s Struggle With Pandemic Learning

Anti-Masker Screams Tucker Carlson Talking Points While Disrupting School Meeting

Florida Teen Accused Of Rigging Homecoming Election To Be Tried As Adult

STUDENT VOICE: Once schools reopen fully, some lessons from distance learning will endure

Numbers count - Why it is important to attend Mulgrew retiree event today Plus Debate: Attend Mulgrew Retiree Town Hall or Hold Rally at UFT HQ Instead?

Parent, watchdog group share concerns about Twin Rivers police, budget -

New York school official’s feelings hurt by ‘anti-racist’ lessons: ‘I hate to have to even hear the word’

In 'Major Win for Progressives,' Former CFPB Chief Richard Cordray Tapped to Oversee Federal Student Loans - via @commondreams

The Centers for Politics and Unions - WSJ - by @WSJopinion on @WSJ

Biden’s plan to make America less terrible for parents

In an Attempt to Prove Why Critical Race Theory Shouldn’t Be Taught in Schools, Tennessee Lawmaker Falsely Claims Three-Fifths Compromise Was to End Slavery

Auditor details financial issues in delayed Orleans Parish School Board finance review

CDC Emails With Teachers Union Show Politics Still Trump Science - Bloomberg - on @bopinion

Rockwood teachers call for protection from harassment over diversity curriculum | Education | - by @ on @stltoday

Absent while in class: Austin ISD mom shocked after her child receives 47 absences during in-person learning | KXAN Austin -

Gov. Kristi Noem on education, indoctrination and critical race theory - via @argusleader

LAUSD drops plan to extend school year amid opposition - Los Angeles Times - by @howardblume on @latimes

Portland schools want a 4 percent budget increase to improve racial equity - via @bangordailynews

Austin ISD Lays Off Special Education Staff To Reorganize A 'Toxic' Work Environment | KUT Radio, Austin's NPR Station -

Charter school case goes to state Supreme Court | News, Sports, Jobs - The Intermountain - on @InterMountainWV

Illinois parents arrested for kids missing school -

Idaho experiencing "unprecedented" superintendent turnover - via @idahoednews

Over half of California public school students remain in distance learning via @edsource

School choice bills still awaiting approval, opponents still fighting | State News | - on @comissourian

What Lies Ahead For CPS’ Next CEO | WBEZ Chicago -

Gadfly on the Wall: Let the Children Play – My Prescription for Covid “Learning Loss” | National Education Policy Center - on @NEPCtweet

Big Education Ape: Teacher Tom: Seeking Not Truth, But Complete Truth -
Big Education Ape: CURMUDGUCATION: Khan Academy Expanding To Littles -

Big Education Ape: JEFF BRYANT: A Florida School Improved Reading and Math Scores With Streetlights—And Joe Biden Is All For It | Ed Politics -

Big Education Ape: The Problem of Student Engagement in Writing Workshop – radical eyes for equity -

NYC Educator: The School Calendar and Losing 15 Minutes of Fame
The School Calendar and Losing 15 Minutes of Fame During the apocalypse I've gotten repeated calls to appear on the news and give opinions about various situations. It was easy to talk about the botched and delayed school openings, as well as the tone-deaf responses of de Blasio and the Mariachi Chancellor. Lick their fingers, place them in the air, and hope their responses would prove popular.
Biden’s Proposed American Families Plan Would Revolutionize Life for Poor Children | janresseger
Biden’s Proposed American Families Plan Would Revolutionize Life for Poor Children When public policy has been entirely inadequate and misguided for decades, it is difficult to grasp the full implications of the beginning steps for reform. Such is the case with President Joe Biden’s proposal last week to respond to our society’s outrageous level of child poverty. The development of coherent, eff
NANCY BAILEY: The Covid-19 Tech v. Teacher Tug of War and Teacher Appreciation
The Covid-19 Tech v. Teacher Tug of War and Teacher Appreciation The Covid-19 Tech v. Teacher Tug of War and Teacher Appreciation It’s Teacher Appreciation Week, time to thank a teacher before there are no teachers to thank. Not only did teachers have Covid-19 fears to contend with this past year, keeping their students and themselves safe, but they’ve also gone through a tug of war since the sta
Texas: SPEDx Whistleblower Laurie Kash Was Right, and She’s Been Paying for It Ever Since. | deutsch29: Mercedes Schneider's Blog
Texas: SPEDx Whistleblower Laurie Kash Was Right, and She’s Been Paying for It Ever Since In August 2017, Laurie Kash was hired by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) as its director of special education. Her immediate supervisor was Justin Porter , who was then the executive director of special populations. (One year later, in August 2018 , Porter assumed Kash’s job, which sat vacant for nine mont
Seattle Schools Community Forum: The New Way in Seattle Schools
The New Way in Seattle Schools What the “New Way?” Encompassing the entire district, we see changes aplenty with near zero explanation. I’ll start but do chime in with yours. - Minutes of committee meetings . Man, these are starting to look like charter school board meeting minutes. Which is to say, sparse and just the facts (and maybe not even all the facts). Example: the scribe appears to have
Choosing Democracy: Sacramento City USD Fails English Learners
Sacramento City USD Fails English Learners The Education Committee of LULAC/Sacramento has recommended for over 4 years that the funds allocated to Sacramento City Unified School District specifically to improve the educational achievement of English Learners be used specifically for that purpose. ( see example below of 2018 submission). Supplemental funds carried over from one year to the next


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