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EXTRA: Big 8 Ohio School Districts Protest Senate Plan for School Funding | janresseger - https://wp.me/p3JgEc-7Ul via @janresseger

CURMUDGUCATION: Is There Common Ground on Race and Education in Plain Sight - http://curmudgucation.blogspot.com/2021/06/is-there-common-ground-on-race-and.html

Supreme court rules that Arkansas teachers pension were suckers to trust Goldman Sachs. – Fred Klonsky - https://wp.me/p4C3g-qny via @fklonsky

Why Are Federal Funds Flowing to "White Flight" Privatized Charter Schools and Contributing to the Re-segregation of Education? - Network For Public Education - https://networkforpubliceducation.org/why-are-federal-funds-flowing-to-white-flight-privatized-charter-schools/ via @Network4pubEd

Who Will the Next Mayor Choose for the Next NYC School Chancellor? | Ed In The Apple - https://wp.me/p2zCG-2Sg via @edintheapple

The Issue That Will Decide the NYC Mayor’s Race: Charter Schools | Diane Ravitch's blog - https://wp.me/p2odLa-ukY via @dianeravitch

Seattle Schools Community Forum: Critical Race Theory - https://saveseattleschools.blogspot.com/2021/06/critical-race-theory.html

Education Research Report: “Framework for Equitable Instruction” supports multilingual students’ content-area learning and language development. - http://educationresearchreport.blogspot.com/

Teacher Tom: "My Kids Were Born With Unschoolers' Hearts" - http://teachertomsblog.blogspot.com/2021/06/my-kids-were-born-with-unschoolers.html

Jeremy Mohler: A Promising Strategy to Build Ties Between Schools and Communities | Diane Ravitch's blog - https://wp.me/p2odLa-uij via @dianeravitch

Keeping, Culling, and Forgetting | Blue Cereal Education - http://bluecerealeducation.com/node/1101

NewBlackMan (in Exile) - https://www.newblackmaninexile.net/

Larry Ferlazzo's Websites of the Day... | The latest news and resources in education since 2007 - https://larryferlazzo.edublogs.org/ on @Larryferlazzo

Campaign to Shame Prep Schools for Teaching About Diversity Secretly Managed by Rightwing Group | Diane Ravitch's blog - https://wp.me/p2odLa-ukS via @dianeravitch

The U.S. Has a Long History of Banning Controversial Topics and Blaming Teachers | Diane Ravitch's blog - https://wp.me/p2odLa-ul9 via @dianeravitch

U.S. Department of Education Announces Full Agenda for Equity Summit Series +Secretary Cardona Holds Virtual Listening, Learning Roundtable with Rural Youth From Across the Nation - https://www.ed.gov/news/press-releases

FCC can help equip your community for remote learning https://educationvotes.nea.org/?p=49403#.YNH7hd_a0Rg.twitter via @EdVotes

Opinion | The damaging myth of America's Marxist school system https://www.nbcnews.com/think/opinion/america-s-school-teachers-aren-t-marxist-cabal-fox-news-ncna1271655 via @NBCNewsTHINK

NYC Educator: UFT Executive Board June 21, 2021--Winding Up for the Year - http://nyceducator.com/2021/06/uft-executive-board-june-21-2021.html

EXCLUSIVE! UFT Members to be Made Whole For Spring Break (And....4 Days Left!!!) - http://southbronxschool.blogspot.com/2021/06/exclusive-uft-members-to-be-made-whole.html

Are Reparations the Answer to America's Historic Racial Wealth Gap? | NewBlackMan (in Exile) - https://www.newblackmaninexile.net/2021/06/are-reparations-answer-to-americas.html

'Letters To My White Male Friends' Is A Call To Action And A Reflection On Race | NewBlackMan (in Exile) - https://www.newblackmaninexile.net/2021/06/letters-to-my-white-male-friends-is.html

Republican-led states enact fascistic laws that ban the teaching of “divisive concepts” - World Socialist Web Site - https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2021/06/22/crit-j22.html on @WSWS_Updates

GOP threatens to shut down Tennessee Department of Health for "pushing vaccines on children" https://www.salon.com/2021/06/22/gop-threatens-to-shut-down-tennessee-department-of-health-for-pushing-vaccines-on-children_partner/

What is critical race theory? Explaining the discipline that Texas' governor wants to "abolish" https://www.texastribune.org/2021/06/22/texas-critical-race-theory-explained/

Gov. Greg Abbott vetoes criminal justice bills, legislation to protect dogs, teach kids about domestic violence https://www.texastribune.org/2021/06/21/texas-greg-abbott-veto/

George Clooney to launch Los Angeles high school film program http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/TheRawStory/~3/2KYj4XDfh_Y/

Texas governor kills bill that would teach children about domestic violence http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/TheRawStory/~3/xo0Gxhbzk0w/

Winning HS Basketball Team Under Fire After Tossing Tortillas At Challengers https://www.huffpost.com/entry/coronado-high-orange-glen-tortilla-toss_n_60d0c453e4b0903140631519

Can George Clooney and a new L.A. high school make Hollywood crews more inclusive? http://feeds.latimes.com/~r/lanowblog/~3/CYYWz04D1Fw/caa-george-clooney-team-for-l-a-based-school-to-improve-inclusion-on-film-sets

Parents weigh risks of COVID shots for youngest kids. Vaccinate or wait? https://www.njspotlight.com/video/parents-weigh-risks-of-covid-shots-for-youngest-kids-vaccinate-or-wait/

NYC Education Dept. to scale back building fees for extracurricular programs after uproar https://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/education/ny-education-department-building-fees-20210621-l3xrlrybt5dntmzpqonbv3ctoa-story.html#ed=rss_www.nydailynews.com/arcio/rss/category/new-york/education/

Why the Hollywood Elite Are Giving to Los Angeles Schools https://www.nytimes.com/2021/06/22/us/clooney-los-angeles-schools.html

Ed Notes Online: UFT Retiree Chapter Election impacted by proposed Medicare changes - High turnout, RA vote up by ten points, reaching 30% - highest ever - Unity still gets all 300 delegates - https://ednotesonline.blogspot.com/2021/06/uft-retiree-chapter-election-impacted.html

Charter schools are public schools – they have to be held accountable to the taxpayers | Opinion https://www.penncapital-star.com/commentary/charter-schools-are-public-schools-they-have-to-be-held-accountable-to-the-taxpayers-opinion/ via @penncapitalstar

Lines drawn over Atlanta’s push to lift struggling schools - https://www.ajc.com/news/atlanta-news/lines-drawn-over-atlantas-push-to-lift-struggling-schools/CTZGSM6WFNFW3EF4PLGK6ZM6VA/#new_tab on @ajc

Mental health experts: Our youth experiencing crisis from COVID - https://wp.me/panY8T-9U7G

Battle over critical race theory reaches San Diego school districts https://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/news/education/story/2021-06-21/battle-over-critical-race-theory-reaches-san-diego-school-districts

School leaders call for more state aid in Wisconsin budget - https://www.jsonline.com/story/nletter/politics/2021/06/21/school-leaders-call-more-state-aid-wisconsin-budget/7771504002/#new_tab via @journalsentinel

CPS laying off 443 teachers and support staff. CTU vows to fight cuts. http://a.msn.com/01/en-us/AALhXpL?ocid=st

Push to ban Native American mascots accelerates in western U.S. - https://www.oklahoman.com/story/news/2021/06/21/call-to-ban-native-american-mascots-accelerates-western-united-states/7734443002/#new_tab via @theoklahoman_

California school districts receive unprecedented windfall but lack teachers to help students catch up http://edsource.org/?page_id=656711 via @edsource

Proposal would allow non-citizens to vote during school board elections https://www.thecentersquare.com/illinois/proposal-would-allow-non-citizens-to-vote-during-school-board-elections/article_703a066c-d2d2-11eb-92c9-3760fb51a99b.html

Report: Black Students Twice As Likely To Be Underprepared For College As White Peers | WPLN News - Nashville Public Radio - https://wpln.org/?p=115474 by @damonmtll_ on @WPLN

State orders fixes at Seattle schools after finding special education violations during pandemic https://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/education/state-orders-fixes-at-seattle-schools-after-finding-special-education-violations-during-pandemic/

Student challenges Florida Gov. DeSantis over critical race theory ban - The Washington Post - https://www.washingtonpost.com/education/2021/06/21/critical-race-theory-ban-florida/


THE TOP BANANA: TODAY'S EDUCATION HEADLINES Monday, June 21, 2021 #REDFORED #tbats #edchat #K12 #learning #edleadership #edtech #engchat #literacy #edreform
Big Education Ape THE TOP BANANA TODAY'S EDUCATION HEADLINES Father’s Day 2021: A Reminder to Read Aloud to Your Children | Live Long and Prosper - https://wp.me/pUgLi-1C2 Seattle Schools Community Forum: Stats on King County Children and COVID Vaccination - https://saveseattleschools.blogspot.com/2021/06/stats-on-king-county-children-and-covid.html CURMUDGUCATION: Things My Father Taught Me - ht

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THE TOP BANANA: TODAY'S EDUCATION HEADLINES Sunday, June 20, 2021 #REDFORED #tbats #edchat #K12 #learning #edleadership #edtech #engchat #literacy #edreform #FATHERSDAY
Big Education Ape THE TOP BANANA TODAY'S EDUCATION HEADLINES Big Education Ape: Teacher Tom: Teacher Tom's Play Summit is Here: Together, Let's Turn This World Around - https://bigeducationape.blogspot.com/2021/05/teacher-tom-teacher-toms-play-summit-is.html Cheers to Dads Who Read to Their Babies and Beyond! - https://nancyebailey.com/2021/06/20/cheers-to-dads-who-read-to-their-babies-and-beyond
CURMUDGUCATION: ICYMI: Father's Day Edition (6/20) Father's Day Edition My father is in his mid-80s, not quite as spry as he once was, but still the smartest human I know. I have a lot more to say, but I just erased a humongous paragraph because I realized it just needs to be a separate post. So let's get on to the reading for this week. I will warn you up front that there's a lot of critical rac

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Big Education Ape PLEASE EXCUSE THE TEMPORARY FORMAT CHANGE I suffered a severe sinus infection from allergies which affected my vision. I am having trouble focusing. I went to my doc and she assured me it was temporary. 😊 Hope to be back to normal soon!!!! TOP POSTS THIS WEEK 6/19/21 Biden promised to end federal funding of for-profit charter schools. A new report explains how they operate. - T

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