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Monday, February 14, 2022

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Cooperative Games - Alfie Kohn -

Curriculum as Windows, Mirrors, and Maps – radical eyes for equity - via @plthomasEdD 

Universal Preschool and The Expectation Divide: It’s Time to Talk! - on @NancyEBailey1 

With A Brooklyn Accent: Thoughts on the Harvard Case: Why Discrimination Against Asians in Admission Cannot Be Attributed to Race Based Affirmative Action - 

Schools Matter: TN's Bill Lee Plans $32 Million for White Christian Nationalist Charter Schools - 


NYC Public School Parents: Why is NYC refusing to report vax rates in schools as required by law, & doing little to increase those numbers? -

San Francisco: Plutocrats Pour Big $$$ into School Board Recall | Diane Ravitch's blog - via @dianeravitch

Lorenzo Dow Turner, Black Educator Hall of Fame Member - Philly's 7th Ward -

Adams’ unlikely alliance with the head of New York’s teachers union

Honesty in the Time of COVID | Teacher in a strange land - via @nancyflanagan

Teacher Tom: Committing Atrocities In The Name Of Absurdities - 

Radical Eyes for Equity: Privilege as a Barrier to Learning | National Education Policy Center - on @NEPCtweet 

Reformers’ Occupational Hazards: Innocence and Failure | Larry Cuban on School Reform and Classroom Practice - via @CubanLarry 

Ed Notes Online - 

Africana Studies Can Save The World - Philly's 7th Ward -

Rachel Levy: If We Value Our Schools, We Must Value Our Teachers | Diane Ravitch's blog - via @dianeravitch 

Biden plays the warrior in Europe but folds when it comes to protecting voting rights at home -

Frederick Douglass Chose This Day To Be His Birthday – Here Are Teaching & Learning Resources About Him | Larry Ferlazzo's Websites of the Day... - on @Larryferlazzo

Feb. 14, 1783: Belinda Sutton Petitions for a Pension as Reparations - Zinn Education Project - on @ZinnEdProject 

Repair: Students Design a Reparations Bill - Zinn Education Project - on @ZinnEdProject 

Heather Mace: $1.15 billion cut is cruel joke on Arizona’s children via @tucsonstar 

Blog Posts Archive - Network For Public Education - on @Network4pubEd 

#TeachTruth: Don’t censor honest accounts of history – I AM AN EDUCATOR - via @JessedHagopian

Silencing School Whistleblowers Through Social Media  | gadflyonthewallblog - via @StevenSinger3

Choosing Democracy: The Second Insurrection is Coming : - 

Alternative Pathway for Students Who Fail High School Exit Exams Education Research Report -

Welfare Is No Substitute for a Child Tax Credit

Student Debt Burden Damages America

NewBlackMan (in Exile) - via @NewBlackMan 

Immanuel Wilkins live from PhilaMOCA
'Coming up in the Philadelphia area, Immanuel Wilkins got his musical training not only in jazz circles but also at the Prayer Chapel Church of God, where he played piano. The active feedback loop of a worship service, with its pulsating cycles of call and response, remained a vivid sense memory for Wilkins as he moved on to some fairly elite institutions — notably the Juilliard School, from whic
Rev. Dr. Justin Lester on Bringing Young Black People Back to Church
' Weekend Edition Saturday 's Scott Simon speaks with the Rev. Dr. Justin Lester of Congdon Street Baptist Church in Providence, R.I., about Black pastors trying to bring the younger generation back to church: "the real questions of life - dealing with divorce and parents and depression and sex and sexuality and gender identity and - we're not giving people the space to ask questions".'
Left of Black S12 · E11 | How the Transatlantic Slave Trade Changed Black Age with Dr. Habiba Ibrahim
How are African Americans socialized in this society that redefines age, and by extension childhood, for those of enslaved descent? Black children are brutalized by a criminal justice system that does not see them as "children," while fully-grown mature Black men were historically called "boy" by their Caucasian counterparts. Are the attempts at un-aging, and re-aging, Black bodies yet another me
Kiese Laymon on Radical Revision
“It’s hard not to write whack-ass shit if you’re afraid of looking at the parts of yourself and the people around you that you don’t want to look at.” ' Thresholds host Jordan Kisner talks with Kiese Laymon about fear, loving an enemy, trying not to write wack-ass shit, and what it was like to buy back the rights to his first books in order to have them revised and republished.'

Teacher pay and ’empowerment’ accounts: Lawmakers debate education priorities via @nondocmedia

The Criminalization of Black Women Starts Early

With A Brooklyn Accent -

Thoughts on the Harvard Case: Why Discrimination Against Asians in Admission Cannot Be Attributed to Race Based Affirmative Action
Given what I have learned about college admissions, it is astonishing that a law firm would argue that the primary cause of discrimination against Asians in admissions at Harvard is admissions preferences given underrepresented minorities at that school As Daniel Golden has argued in his 2007 book "The Price of Admissions". preferences given to children from wealthy families,, the vast majority of
When Our Best Young People Become Collateral Damage to the Nation's Obsession With Guns
This morning, as I read short portraits of the four young people who died in the Oxford High School mass shooting, each of them a leader in their school and community, I thought of not only of the devastating impact of their murder on their family and friends, but of all we as a society were losing by not having them grow into adulthood. Mass murders like this not only create an atmosphere of terr
What West Side Story Meant to Me Growing Up
Our family entertainment on Christmas Eve is going to be watching West Side Story. I am looking forward to this with great anticipation I have read the critiques of the original production and the most recent version in terms of portrayal of Puerto Ricans and am not about to contest those viewpoints. But I have a profound emotional attachment to the songs in West Side Story that go back to my chil
Reflections on January 6, 2021
When Donald Trump ascended to the Presidency, I argued that the greatest danger he posed was not in the policy positions he took, but in his propensity to incite his followers to attack neighbors, co workers, and people in government they viewed as enemies, whether because of their racial/ethnic/gender identities, or their political views Nothing I saw during the four years of his Presidency sugge
An Unspoken Racial Subtext for the Rage of the US Right-- TV Advertising
In trying to make sense of the depth of the rage on the American Right, and its growing disillusionment with democratic institutions, it is easy to look to Fox News, conservative talk show hosts and social media figures as major instigators, but I am increasingly convinced that something most people are exposed to every day- television advertising- also plays a role As someone who regularly watche
R.I.P Ronnie Spector
, lead singer of the Ronettes, a romantic figure for a generation of young people who had begun to challenge racial boundaries, but who still believed in love and marriage, at least until the Vietnam War and the Counter Culture started to shatter traditional gender roles Ronnie Spector, from a bi-racial family in the Washington Heights section of Manhattan, projected a unique combination of innoce
Eugenics and Ethnic Cleansing Are a Global Threat
Two weeks ago, I was privileged to be part of an oral history interview with Jose Francisco Avila, a writer and activist who has helped organize a global movement highlighting the history and culture of the Garifuna people, a group of mixed African and indigenous ancestry exiled from Caribbean Islands to coastal Honduras, Guatemala and Belize several centuries ago who now have a sizable presence i
TBS New Directions Bold New Approach to Reducing Youth Violence in the Bronx
For many years, I have been telling anyone willing to listen that the worst thing that ever happened to the young people of the Bronx, and New York City, was the closing of the night centers that were fixtures in New York City Public Schools until they were shut down during the fiscal crisis of the mid-1970's. I grew up in a tough Brooklyn neighborhood going to those centers, which were open 7-9 P

PROOF POINTS: Uncertain evidence for online tutoring

Larry Ferlazzo's Websites of the Day... | The latest news and resources in education since 2007 - on @Larryferlazzo

Frederick Douglass Chose This Day To Be His Birthday – Here Are Teaching & Learning Resources About Him
Frederick Douglass chose this day to be his birthday. You might be interested in THE BEST RESOURCES FOR TEACHING & LEARNING ABOUT FREDERICK DOUGLASS . “I have no accurate knowledge of my age, never having seen any authentic record containing it…I do not remember to have ever met a slave who could tell his birthday.” Frederick Douglass, “Narrative” #OTD 2/14 1818(?)-date he chose
SEL Weekly Update
I’ve recently begun this weekly post where I’ll be sharing resources I’m adding to The Best Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Resources or other related “Best” lists. You might also be interested in THE BEST SOCIAL EMOTIONAL LEARNING RESOURCES OF 2021 – PART ONE. Finally, check out “Best” Lists Of The Week: Social Emotional Learning Resources . Here are this week’s picks: To Build New Habits, Get C
New Resources On Race & Racism
I’m adding these new resources to various “Best” lists. You can find links to all of those many lists that relate to race and racism at “Best” Lists Of The Week: Resources For Teaching & Learning About Race & Racism: Op-Ed: King was a critical race theorist before there was a name for it is from The L.A. Times. I’m adding it to The Best Websites For Learning About Martin Luther King , Jr. and to
A Look Back: A Fourth Step: “I Do, We Do, You Do” and then “You Teach”
I thought that new – and veteran – readers might find it interesting if I began sharing my best posts from over the years. You can see the entire collection here . This post originally appeared in 2018: As regular readers know, I’m a big fan of creating the conditions where students can teach their classmates (see The Best Posts On Helping Students Teach Their Classmates — Help Me Find More and m
Monday’s New Tweets & Articles On School Reopenings
wiredsmartio / Pixabay Ordinarily, I’d add these new articles and videos to The Best Posts Predicting (& Showing) What Schools Look Like During The Pandemic . However, that list is just getting too massive. So, in the future, if you want to find these in one place, click here: Will schools require Covid-19 vaccines for students? is from Vox. Science, not politics, should dictate school mask manda
Six Ways For Students To Be Powerful In The Classroom – What Are More Ideas?
Pexels / Pixabay The Ikea Effect (see Video: “How the ‘IKEA effect’ can motivate people to work [& learn] harder” ) – basically, we are more invested in something if we feel we contributed to creating it – is not big news to just about anyone. As many experienced teachers know, this holds true in the classroom, also. I was prompted to write this post because of a couple of things that happened th

3 members of the San Francisco School Board are facing a recall 

Seattle Schools Community Forum: Seattle Public Schools - Superintendent Searches + Levy News - 


Pep Club Apologizes For Cowboy Outfits At Game Against Native American Team

Multiple San Diego superintendents were paid more than $300,000 in 2020 - The San Diego Union-Tribune - by @Kristen_Taketa on @sdut 

DeSantis criticizes proposed cuts to mask mandate districts | Miami Herald - on @miamiherald 

How kids get into Philadelphia’s special admissions schools has changed drastically. Some families are crying foul - via @PhillyInquirer 

GOP pushes US schools to post all class materials online | AP News - on @ap 

How states are scrambling to find new teachers via @politico 

Satanic Temple opens 'After School Satan Club' at elementary school in Moline, Illinois

Keeping kids in school during the pandemic has been tough. In WA, at least 29,000 can’t be found. | The Seattle Times - on @seattletimes 

NY lawmaker compares charter school expansion to COVID-19 crisis

S.F. school board recall race goes down to the wire as supporters, opponents rally for turnout - on @sfchronicle 

Budget report on Pa. education agency provokes spat between lawmakers, watchdogs from @spotlightpa

Schools flush with emergency relief funds are only spending a fraction of it

Durham school board voted in favor for additional support | Raleigh News & Observer - on @newsobserver 

CNN Poll: Economy and education could shape how Americans vote in 2022 - CNNPolitics - 

: School board defends segregated meeting, says 'marginalized' are uncomfortable around whites - - via @mynorthwest 

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Big Education Ape: TOP POSTS THIS WEEK Saturday, February 5, 2022 #REDFORED #tbats #edchat #K12 #learning #edtech #engchat #literacy #edreform #TEACHtheTRUTH #CRT -

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