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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

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Google Hangout: School Climate and Social Inclusion
About the Student Voice Google Hangouts Student Voice is launching an On Air Google Hangout series that will bring together students and other stakeholders in the education field for a face to face conversation. The hangouts will allow students to connect with their peers from across the globe and present action-oriented conversation to the Student Voice community that expands upon the 140 charact

Xavier Rebounds After Devastation of Katrina
NEW ORLEANS — Eight years ago, Xavier University took a heavy blow from Hurricane Katrina and its floodwaters. But while the public University of New Orleans and Southern University at New Orleans have struggled to rebound, this private, Catholic institution has made a dramatic turnaround, increasing its enrollment and expanding its campus since the storm. Founded in 1825 by the Sisters of the Ble
North Dakota Tribal Colleges Racing to Keep Up With State’s Job Boom
BISMARCK, N.D. — Four North Dakota tribal colleges will use state grants to develop and enhance programs that meet the state’s employment needs in high-demand areas. The Legislature set aside $5 million earlier this year to be distributed to tribal colleges to train students in areas such as oilfield operations, commercial driving and construction. “We’re really training for North Dakota occupatio
As We Begin Year 51, Civil Rights 2.0 is All About Diversity
After the March on Washington, and after President Obama’s attempt to top the speech, there’s one thing that stood out to me about his speech that elevated it above all the others. He mentioned us all. Obama was as inclusive in his speech as the modern fight for equality and justice is in our 21st-century America. More than any soaring rhetoric, that’s all I needed to feel good about his vision as
Diverse Conversations: Is Standardized Testing for Colleges a Necessary Evil?
Dr. Matthew Lynch asks, “How can one test take into account so many variables in higher education across the globe.”Standardized testing in K-12 education is a perennial hot button issue. Proponents feel that measuring knowledge in these rigid ways helps lift the entire educational system. Critics say the measurements do nothing but encourage “teach to the test” methods and narrow the scope of wha
Special Courts for Veterans Expanding Across USA
Judge Patrick Dugan is an Army Reserve captain who served in Afghanistan and Iraq. He has been at the helm of the court from the start.PHILADELPHIA — Former National Guardsman Paul Piscitelli is in Philadelphia Municipal Court to answer to drug and theft charges. Elijah Peters, who served in the Army in Afghanistan and Iraq, was arrested twice for assault. Like all the defendants appearing before

Students on the Frontline of Alzheimer’s Battle

Extra Week of Summer Break? Time to Panic
When Rosh Hashana comes early and the school year starts a week late as a result, New York parents have been known to panic and quickly make plans to fill the gap.    
National Briefing | South: North Carolina: College Student’s Candidacy Allowed
The State Board of Elections ruled that a college student living in a dormitory can run for office in that city.    
Another Day, Another Reformy Hypocrite: Camden Edition | Jersey Jazzman
Leave it to Laura Waters to summarize the reformy defense of Camden’s new, very young, very inexperienced state superintendent of schools, Paymon Rouhanifard: While Rouhanifard has many admirers in the world of public education, he has attracted critics who charge that he’s inexperienced and too closely associated with charter schools and other elements of education moreThe post Another Da
After Crisis, Philadelphia Students Head Back to School | EdWeek
By The Associated Press Philadelphia Before they start the school year together, the staff at the Kensington High School for Creative and Performing Arts will grieve: They’ll hold a wake of sorts for laid-off colleagues, reviewing a DVD of their photos and recounting their accomplishments, and then they’ll head across the street to eat. Such is moreThe post After Crisis, Philadelphia Stude
Obama’s newest bad education idea | The Answer Sheet
By Valerie Strauss, Published: September 3 at 2:46 pmE-mail the writer President Obama announcing his plan to reduce college costs. (Carlos Osorio/AP) President Obama’s newest education reform idea, aimed at making college more affordable, is a plan that on its face seems helpful to families but isn’t. Obama said late last month that his administration moreThe post Obama’s newest bad educa
Mr. Van Roekel: Common Core Standards Mean Standardization, Not an End to One-Size-Fits-All | Anthony Cody – Living in Dialogue
By Anthony Cody on September 3, 2013 5:35 PM The critical thinking that the Common Core is supposed to promote cannot come soon enough. It is sorely lacking in the defense of the Common Core standards offered today by NEA president Dennis Van Roekel. Mr. Van Roekel continues the union’s attempt to separate the standards moreThe post Mr. Van Roekel: Common Core Standards Mean Standardizatio

Infographic: “What’s a Toilet Worth?”
I’m adding this infographic to The Best Resources For Learning About World Toilet Day & The Issue Of Public Sanitation In The Third World: by worldbank.Explore more infographics like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.

Soot resolves paradox in climate science, scientists say
The Industrial Revolution could be to blame for an Alpine glacial retreat that is inconsistent with the Little Ice Age conditions during which it took place, according to a new paper published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. A team of researchers has now pinned the...

Anthony D. Weiner And The Housekeeper
I assume it was a joke, but with Anthony Weiner one can never be sure. At the highly dramatic New York mayoral debate tonight came this line that raised eyebrows even as people laughed. Answering a question about whether he employed a housekeeper, Mr. Weiner responded: “Once a week, and I clean up after her […]
New York Mayor’s Race Getting Gritty, de Blasio Likens Opponents As Sclerotic
There is no way not to love the back-and-forth politicking that is taking place in New York as the candidates mark their place as the primary voting approaches. A couple months ago I would have said without a doubt that Christine Quinn would win, and be the first female mayor of The Big Apple.  But […]
For Labor Day - Thank a Teacher
by Lois WeinerTeacher unions offer our best shot at revitalizing the labor movement.Who would have thought that teachers, who often don’t consider themselves workers, would provide the most widespread, most sustained global resistance to capitalism’s anti-labor assault? From Chicago to Mexico to the UK, teachers unions are engaging in militant, head-to-head battles with ruling elites who are r

New Study: Sleep Boosts Production Of Myelin
A new study has come out suggesting that sleep boost the production of myelin, and that lack of sleep reduced it. “So, what?” you might ask…. I wrote about myelin in a previous post titled Deliberate Practice, Myelin & The Brain. Here’s an excerpt from that earlier post: Myelin is white matter in the brain that forms layers that make nerve impulses faster and stronger (see the image at the top
U.S. Constitution Day Resources
Federal legislation requires schools in the United States to offer lessons related to the U.S. Constitution on U.S. Constitution Day — September 17th of each year. You might be interested in The Best Sites For Learning About The Constitution Of The United States.

Protecting kids with advanced non-lethal weapons – because not... | Get Schooled |

Protecting kids with advanced non-lethal weapons – because not... | Get Schooled |

Protecting kids with advanced non-lethal weapons – because not every school has Antoinette Tuff. 

082113 dekalb school shooting BG2
REUNITED AFTER SCHOOL SHOOTING INCIDENT--August 20, 2013, DeKalb County: LaTrease Akins rushes off hugging her 5-year-old son Mark Wheeler on Tuesday afternoon August 20, 2013 after being reunited following the shooting incident at McNair Discovery Learning Academy. Akins was next headed to get her first-grader, who was on a different bus from the school. BEN GRAY / BGRAY@AJC.COM
Anthony Lemieux is associate professor of communication and a lead researcher in transcultural conflict and violence at Georgia State University, where he researches and teaches about terrorist motivations and other matters of security and public health.
In the wake of the McNair school drama, he wrote a fascinating piece about ways to prevent such incidents.
By Anthony Lemieux
That the heroic actions of Antoinette Tuff resulted in the saving of many lives is undeniable.
When Michael Hill walked into the Ronald E. McNair Discovery Academy in DeKalb County three weeks ago, he was armed with an AK-47 and an estimated 500 rounds of ammunition. Tuff talked him out of going on a shooting spree. Of course, this fortunate outcome should be celebrated.
However, it is not acceptable for school security and the fate of our kids to hinge on luck. Not every school has someone like Antoinette Tuff, with the courage, wisdom, skill, humility and