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Thursday, May 4, 2023

Why Telling Lies is Always Better than Telling the Truth: A Hilarious Scientific Comparison of the Most Popular Conservative News Outlets

Why Telling Lies is Always Better than Telling the Truth: 

A Hilarious Scientific Comparison of the Most Popular Conservative News Outlets

Let's face it, folks. We've all been taught since childhood that lying is bad and telling the truth is good. But what if we told you that lying is actually better than telling the truth in almost every way? Don't believe us? Well, let's take a scientific look at why lies are superior to the truth.


Firstly, lies are designed to seem true. The expert liar carefully uses elements that seem probable and logical, making them easy to believe. On the other hand, the truth is often illogical, wildly improbable, and hard to explain. Let's face it, lies are simply more believable than the truth.


The truth is spontaneous, accidental, and unpredictable. Lies, however, can be planned in detail long in advance and are thus guaranteed to turn out as predicted. Lies are more dependable than the truth.


To be the truth, an account of a given event must be completely accurate. This requires painstaking resourcefulness, expensive research, time-consuming attention to detail, complex logistics, and thoroughness. In spite of all that, some people will believe it, and others will not. Lies will produce identical results without all the fuss and bother. Lies are simpler than truth; lies cost less than truth in time, money, and effort.


The truth can be found anywhere; it belongs to anybody who finds it, absolutely free. Lies are custom-made! Often by experts, and the best ones are highly polished works of art. Lies are worth more money than truth. Have you ever heard of anybody bribing a witness to tell the truth?


Great fortunes have been made by selling lies to the public. The people who sell these lies are often grateful to the gullible consumers, so they endow libraries and universities and cultural centers. Nobody ever made a fortune selling the truth. First of all, as already stated, the truth is free. The only people who will pay money for the truth are people who are being blackmailed-and they are only buying the truth so they can hide it before anybody else sees it. Lies lead to libraries and universities, while the truth leads to blackmail.


Take one thousand parts truth, add one part lies. Result: lies. Take one-thousandth part lies, add one part truth. Result: again, lies. Note that you can make lies out of the truth, but you can't make the truth out of lies. Lies are stronger and last longer than the truth.


In reporting the truth, a person must research the precise facts and stick to them exactly as they occurred. The liar can report the same incident without doing any research, merely saying whatever comes to his mind and filling in "details" according to his fancy. Lies are more creative than truth.


People are accustomed to hearing lies all the time. If you tell the truth, people will think you are lying. If you convince them you are telling the truth, they will become suspicious. Why is he suddenly telling the truth? What's going on?

Supply and Demand

In describing any given incident, only one version can possibly be the truth, whereas the number of lies possible is unlimited. Obviously, lies are in far greater supply than truth. There is a great demand for lies if they are flattering, if they build up one's hopes, if they help one escape reality or if they promise health, wealth, power or potency. Nobody is very anxious to hear the truth. The only people who demand the truth are those who are investigating something (lawyers, etc.)-and they only want the truth to prove somebody is lying.

Now that we've established why lying is better than telling the truth let's take a look at some companies that have mastered this art.

Fox News (United States)

If you're looking for a news channel that tells you what you want to hear rather than what's actually happening in the world, then Fox News is your go-to channel. They have mastered the art of sensationalizing news stories and presenting them in a way that appeals to their target audience. They have also been known to twist facts and present false information as if it were true.

Breitbart News (United States)

If Fox News isn't conservative enough for you then Breitbart News is your next stop. They have been known to spread conspiracy theories and promote extremist views. They also have a habit of presenting false information as if it were true.

The Daily Caller (United States)

The Daily Caller is a news website that has been known to publish false information and conspiracy theories. They have also been accused of promoting racist and sexist views.

The Blaze (United States)

The Blaze is a news website founded by Glenn Beck that has been known to promote conspiracy theories and extremist views. They have also been accused of presenting false information as if it were true.

The Washington Times (United States)

The Washington Times is a newspaper that has been known to present biased news stories and promote conservative views. They have also been accused of presenting false information as if it were true.

The Daily Telegraph (United Kingdom)

The Daily Telegraph is a newspaper that has been accused of presenting biased news stories and promoting conservative views. They have also been known to twist facts and present false information as if it were true.

The Sun (United Kingdom)

The Sun is a tabloid newspaper that has been known to publish sensationalized news stories and present false information as if it were true. They have also been accused of promoting sexist views.

The Daily Mail (United Kingdom)

The Daily Mail is a newspaper that has been accused of promoting racist and sexist views. They have also been known to present false information as if it were true.

So there you have it folks! These companies have mastered the art of lying and presenting false information as if it were true. But let's not forget that lying is always better than telling the truth. Lies are simpler, more creative, and more dependable than the truth. So go ahead and believe everything these companies tell you-you'll be doing yourself and everyone else a favor!

The Secret Conservative Scholar Who's Shaping GOP Education Policy

The Secret Conservative Scholar Who's Shaping GOP Education Policy

Have you heard of Stanley Kurtz? No? Well, you're not alone. But this little-known conservative scholar has been quietly shaping the right's recent offensives in the education culture wars, particularly when it comes to civics education.

Kurtz has spearheaded a campaign to cleanse classrooms of what he calls "woke civics," arguing that hands-on civics lessons, such as students writing to their legislators, will lead to "school-sponsored indoctrination and political action in support of progressive policy positions." In other words, he's worried that "frothing-at-the-mouth Democratic teachers [could] create little warrior bands of students to go out and fight their political wars for them."

But here's the thing: Kurtz's arguments amount to a fabricated "boogeyman," according to Derek Black, a University of South Carolina law professor. There's simply no evidence that liberal bias in civics classes has become a widespread problem. Nonetheless, Kurtz's depiction of "woke civics" is now being felt in America's classrooms.

At least eight bills proposed in five states have pulled from Kurtz's 2021 "Partisanship Out of Civics" model legislation, according to a PEN America report, making the scholar one of the key thought leaders driving the recent surge in classroom censorship bills. And his advocacy in Texas led to the 2021 passage of an unprecedented state law banning assignments that involve "direct communication" between students and their federal, state or local lawmakers.

The problem with Kurtz's approach is that it undermines the very purpose of civics education. The central philosophy of "action civics," which Kurtz opposes, is that "students learn civics best by doing civics." In this approach, students learn to navigate local government by picking an issue they care about, studying it and presenting their findings to officials. It's a hands-on, real-world approach that prepares young people for active citizenship.

But Kurtz would rather students not engage in political protest or lobbying at all. He believes such activities should be done by students outside of school hours and independently of any class projects or grades. This is a narrow and misguided view of what civics education should be.

Kurtz's influence is not limited to the classroom. His writings are regularly shared by GOP heavy hitters, including Fox News analysts, groups like Parents Defending Education and sitting U.S. senators. And when U.S. Senators Chris Coons, a Delaware Democrat, and John Cornyn, a Texas Republican, introduced a bill in June 2022 to expand grants for civics education, Kurtz was quick to sound the alarm.

In a National Review op-ed, Kurtz claimed the bill would "allow the Biden administration to push Critical Race Theory (CRT) on every public school in the country," calling the Republican co-sponsors "naive" victims of a hidden leftist agenda. This set off a firestorm of criticism from the right, with groups like 1776 Action and America First Policy Institute publishing dire reports pulling directly from Kurtz's article.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis even got in on the act, stating in a press release that the $1 billion federal civics bill would "award grants to indoctrinate students with ideologies like Critical Race Theory." This is despite the fact that there is no evidence that the bill would do any such thing.

Kurtz's influence on GOP education policy is troubling. His narrow view of civics education undermines the very purpose of teaching young people how to be active citizens in a democracy. It's time for lawmakers to reject his misguided ideas and focus on providing young people with the tools they need to participate fully in our democracy.

The Conservative Scholar Who Convinced GOP Lawmakers Civics Conceals CRT – The 74

Oakland Teachers Strike Again, Demand Better Pay and Protection from Billionaires Hellbent on Destroying Public Education!


Oakland Teachers Strike Again, Demand Better Pay and Protection from Billionaires Hellbent on Destroying Public Education!

It's time to give a round of applause to the Oakland teachers who are on strike for the second year in a row. These educators are not only fighting for better pay and working conditions, but they are also standing up against the underfunding of public schools by the state and the influence of billionaires who want to destroy California's public education system. 

Let's face it, the situation in Oakland is not unique. Teachers across the state are facing similar challenges, including a pandemic, staffing shortages, and rising costs of living. It's no wonder that strikes in public education have become more common since the Chicago teachers' strike in 2012. 

But why is this happening? Well, it's because the state has been underfunding public schools for the past 20 years. And if that wasn't enough, billionaires are working to destroy California's public education system. It's like a two-headed monster that teachers have to fight against. 

The root cause of these problems is the lack of funding by the state and the influence of billionaires who want to destroy public schools. Teachers are fighting for better pay and working conditions, but they are also fighting for the future of public education in California. 

It's not just Oakland teachers who are taking action. Teachers in Los Angeles, Marin County, and West Contra Costa Unified School District have all authorized strikes or gone on strike in recent months. Even San Francisco teachers, who haven't gone on strike since 1979, are ramping up pickets this week to demand better pay and working conditions. 

The situation is dire, but teachers are not giving up. They know that they are fighting for something important, and they are willing to do whatever it takes to win. Strikes may cause problems in the short term, but in the long term, they may be what's needed to have strong public education. 

The situation in Oakland is particularly concerning. The district has been without a fully new contract since 2017, and negotiations have been ongoing since October. Teachers are demanding a 22.9% pay raise, improved working conditions, and support for students who are unhoused. 

The district has proposed a new salary schedule that would give teachers varying pay increases depending on their experience and education level, as well as an ongoing 10% raise retroactive to November of last year, and a one-time $5,000 bonus. While this is a step in the right direction, it doesn't go far enough to address the root causes of the problem. 

Teachers are not just fighting for themselves. They are fighting for their students and for the future of public education in California. They know that if they don't take action now, things will only get worse. 

It's time for the state to step up and fund public education properly. It's time for billionaires to stop trying to destroy public schools. And it's time for everyone to support our teachers as they fight for a better future for all of us. So let's give a big shout-out to all the teachers who are on strike right now. Keep fighting the good fight!

Oakland teachers strike to raise some of the state’s lowest salaries | EdSource

American Eighth Graders Flunk Civics and History: Experts Warn of Future of Easily Manipulated Adults

American Eighth Graders Flunk Civics and History: Experts Warn of Future of Easily Manipulated Adults

The Nation's Report Card has just been released, and the results are in: American eighth graders' knowledge of civics and history is at an all-time low. In other words, we're raising a generation of kids who are about as informed as a bag of rocks.

Experts are sounding the alarm bells, warning that these kids are going to grow up to be easily manipulated by social media and political liars. And let's face it, if anyone knows how to manipulate people, it's politicians and social media.

The report shows that only 22% of eighth graders scored at or above basic proficiency levels for civics. That means that over three-quarters of students are basically clueless when it comes to understanding how our government works. They don't know the Constitution from a can of beans, and they couldn't tell you what the Bill of Rights is if their lives depended on it.

But wait, it gets worse. Girls performed worse than boys, and whites had steeper declines than blacks and Hispanics. Charter school students performed far worse than students in traditional public schools, while Catholic school students' performance was flat. In other words, we're all screwed.

The steepest decline in civics was in the Midwest. This is alarming because when ignorance of such basics prevails, kids are more vulnerable to manipulation by nefarious individuals. Think Steve Bannon hawking lies about the 2020 presidential election being stolen or Alex Jones claiming that a school mass shooting was a hoax.

And if you thought civics was bad, just wait until you hear about history. Only 14% of students scored at or above proficient. That means that 86% of kids don't know their history from their elbow.

Politicians and conservative networks are working overtime to convince parents that children should not be taught the full, unvarnished history of slavery and how it continues to impact the Black experience today. Students need to know the historical foundations of the First Amendment and why the separation of church and state is essential.

But let's be real here, today's students are reading less and testing lower on reading abilities. The chances of them sitting down to read a newspaper or knowing how to distinguish between a credible news source and a bogus one are about as likely as a snowball surviving in hell.

Civics and history are the foundations of an informed and engaged public. And right now, those foundations are crumbling faster than a stale cookie. It's time for schools to invest more in these areas and for parents to demand that their children be taught the truth about America's past and present. Otherwise, we risk raising a generation of ignorant citizens who are easily led astray.

So if you see an eighth grader today, give them a hug. They're going to need it when they grow up to be easily manipulated adults.

CURMUDGUCATION: Can We Fix Civics and History Education

Test scores for 8th-grade students decline in US history and civics following prior declines in math and reading, report says | CNN

Child-Gender Culture War Must Surrender to the Power of Facts and Logic!

Child-Gender Culture War Must Surrender to the Power of Facts and Logic!

In a world where politics and medicine collide, the debate over child gender transition has become a hot topic. While some states in the US have passed laws to prohibit or restrict the practice, others have embraced it as "lifesaving." But amidst all this polarization, one thing is clear: we need a more nuanced approach.

Take Sunny Bryant, for example. At just 9 years old, she's already a pro at testifying before lawmakers. She and her mother have spoken at the Texas legislature multiple times, advocating for the right to undergo gender transition. But with over 450 bills proposed or passed this year that the American Civil Liberties Union characterizes as anti-LGBTQ, the debate has become increasingly heated.

On one side, we have those who believe in "watchful waiting," preferring talk therapy to medical interventions. On the other side, we have those who advocate for "affirmative care," believing that "kids know who they are." But with little consensus among medical professionals, it's hard to know what's best for gender-nonconforming children.

What we need is a middle ground. We can't simply ban gender-affirming care, nor can we rely solely on medical interventions without proper assessment and therapy. Instead, we should require medical assessment and counseling before prescribing puberty blockers or hormones to minors, and insist on tracking patient outcomes over several years.

This more reasoned approach would represent a triumph over partisans on both sides, and most importantly, do right by the thousands of children seeking care every year. So let's put politics aside and focus on what really matters: the well-being of our children.

The Child-Gender Debate Needs Better Evidence, Not Punitive Bans - The Atlantic

Clarence Thomas Gets Creative with Child Support: Harlan Crow Foots the Private School Bill for 'Son'

Clarence Thomas Gets Creative with Child Support

Harlan Crow Foots the Private School Bill for 'Son'

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has found himself in hot water once again. This time, it's not for his controversial opinions or his questionable behavior on the bench. No, this time it's because he allegedly failed to disclose that a billionaire friend paid for his grandnephew's tuition at a private boarding school.

According to ProPublica, Thomas' teenage grandnephew, Mark Martin, attended Hidden Lake Academy in Georgia, a school that charges over $6,000 a month in tuition. But instead of footing the bill himself, Thomas allegedly accepted payments from billionaire real estate magnate Harlan Crow. The payments reportedly covered Martin's entire time at Hidden Lake Academy, as well as his tuition at Randolph-Macon Academy in Virginia.

If true, this would be a clear violation of federal law, which requires officials to publicly report most gifts. Ethics law experts agree that Thomas should have disclosed the payments, as they appear to be a gift to him.

But Thomas has a history of accepting gifts from Crow. ProPublica previously reported that the justice accepted luxury travel from Crow virtually every year for decades, including international superyacht cruises and private jet flights around the world. Crow also paid money to Thomas and his relatives in an undisclosed real estate deal, and donated much of the budget of a political group founded by Thomas' wife, which paid her a $120,000 salary.

“This is way outside the norm. This is way in excess of anything I’ve seen,” said Richard Painter, former chief White House ethics lawyer for President George W. Bush.

And yet, Thomas seems unfazed by the controversy. He has not responded to questions about the tuition payments, and in response to previous reporting on gifts of luxury travel, he said that the Crows “are among our dearest friends” and that he understood he didn’t have to disclose the trips.

It's not just Thomas who should be concerned about this scandal. Crow has long been an influential figure in pro-business conservative politics, and has given millions to efforts to move the law and the judiciary to the right. He serves on the boards of think tanks that publish scholarship advancing conservative legal theories. The fact that he may be using his wealth to influence a Supreme Court justice is deeply troubling.

But perhaps the most troubling aspect of this story is the fact that Martin himself was seemingly unaware that Crow was paying for his education. Martin, now in his 30s, told ProPublica he was not aware of the payments. This raises serious questions about who was really benefiting from Crow's largesse.

All in all, this is just the latest example of how money and influence can corrupt even the highest levels of government. It's up to us to demand accountability from our elected officials and hold them to the highest ethical standards. Because if we don't, who will?

Clarence Thomas Had a Child in Private School. Harlan Crow Paid the Tuition.