Save Our Schools 2016 Celebration of Solidarity, Resilience, and Resistance
It is time to march again!!!

Many thousands of us gathered under the hot summer sun on July 30, 2011 for the historic Save Our Schools March and National Call to Action. We gathered from all corners of the country to voice our grievances about the state of public education and to share our visions for the future. In that moment, we stood in solidarity to denounce an unresponsive political process and its dehumanizing policies. Together, we took to the White House lawn and the streets of our nation’s capital to loudly proclaim: 
We who believe in freedom cannot rest;
we who believe in freedom cannot rest until it comes.
 ~ Ella’s Song by Bernice Johnson Reagon
In 2011, we supported and inspired each other and returned to our cities, communities, organizations and unions committed to the goal of building an equitable, democratic education system for our students, their communities, their schools and educators. We have not rested since. We have organized demonstrations, sit-ins, and strikes. We have resisted, been arrested, written, called, tweeted, blogged, posted and re-posted, sang, spoken, and opted out of high-stakes testing all in our collective struggle for humane public schools and policies across the nation.
For the last five years, coalitions have been building and the movement has been growing. We are parents and teachers, students and seniors, retirees scholars and community organizers, urban, suburban and rural, immigrants and native-born, gay and straight, black, brown, red, yellow and white realizing that more than ever, we have a common vision based on democracy, the human right to education and economic and social justice. Our struggle must reach across our organizational silos, as important as those silos may be… By working in unison, we hope to build a much stronger and coordinated movement!
It is time to mark five years of common struggle and the movement it has wrought. It is time to march again!!!
Save Our Schools envisions a mass gathering of like-minded people – from all walks of life and with diverse causes – speaking and marching in solidarity once more. We envision bold actions and expressions of artful resistance for children and adults alike, which foster awareness and camaraderie in the movement. We propose a gathering in Washington D.C. in early July 2016 to celebrate democracy by living it. It will be an election year, and there can be no better time to show our government and our fellow citizens, “This is what democracy looks like!”
Save Our Schools is beginning to plan for a 2016 Celebration of Solidarity, Resilience, and Resistance this summer and we want you at our table! What do you think? Is it a good idea? Will you join us? Will you promote and support actions that affirm our joint struggle? If you agree or disagree please offer suggestions. Your thoughts and support are welcome at
In solidarity,2016_Summit
Save Our Schools

Celebración de Solidaridad, Determinación, y Resistencia
de Save Our Schools 2016
¡¡¡Es hora de marchar otra vez!!!

Millares de nosotros nos convocamos bajo el sol caliente del verano de julio 30, 2011 para la histórica marcha de “Save Our Schools March and National Call to Action”. Nos convocamos viniendo de toda parte del país para dar voz a las injusticias del estado que se encuentran nuestras escuelas públicas y para compartir nuestras visiones para el futuro. En ese momento, nos paramos en solidaridad para denunciar el proceso político que es insensible con sus pólizas inhumanas. Juntos, nos convocamos en frente del jardín de la Casa Blanca y por las calles de la capital de nuestra nación:
Nosotros quienes creemos en la libertad no podemos descansar,
Nosotros los que creemos en la libertad no podemos descansar hasta lograr obtenerla. ~ Cancion de Ella Bernice Johnson Reagon
En el 2011, nos apoyamos uno al otro y nos inspiramos, luego regresamos a nuestras ciudades, comunidades, organizaciones y sindicatos con el compromiso de continuar por logra la meta de construir un sistema educativo que sea equitativo, y Save Our Schools March – SOS 2016 – It’s Time to March Again!: