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Thursday, April 28, 2022

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Covid Has Hobbled Public Schools. Here’s Why They’re Worth Saving  | gadflyonthewallblog

Larry Cuban on School Reform and Classroom Practice: Debunking the Myth That Teachers Stop Improving After Five Years (Jill Barshay) (Guest Post by Jill Barshay) | National Education Policy Center

Decapitating Medicare. Moving towards 100% privatization., by @fklonsky

The changing nature of war, by @mikeklonsky

Politics? or Power? 1. Vice Presidents

NYC Public School Parents: Please help us advocate against the egregious budget cuts planned for schools next year!

Cartoons on Technology Use at Home and School via @CubanLarry

Please help us advocate against the egregious budget cuts planned for schools next year! | Class Size Matters | A clearinghouse for information on class size & the proven benefits of smaller classes

Teacher Appreciation Week 2022-Style via @sampsongregory

Los Angeles: Teachers at 4 Charter Schools Plan to Strike Today via @dianeravitch

Jeb Bush: Let’s Get Back to Destroying Public Schools | Diane Ravitch's blog

Dana Milbank: The Revolt of the Gentry | Diane Ravitch's blog

Brooklyn Public Library Opens Its Archives to Teens to Fight Book Banning | Diane Ravitch's blog

Ohio Charter School Sector Epitomizes All the Reasons Why the Federal Charter Schools Program Must Be Reformed via @janresseger

Nancy Bailey's Education Website: The Harm Caused by the Third Grade Reading Ultimatum | National Education Policy Center

NYC Educator: There's Only One Thing Better Than Proctoring

Seattle School Board Director Chandra Hampson Loses Case Against the District

Politics? or Power? 2. Mail-in Ballots

Seattle Schools Community Forum: Heads Up!

Ed Notes Online: UFT Election 2022: And the Winner is..... Don't be...

Office for Civil Rights Reaches Resolution Agreement with Nation’s Second Largest School District, Los Angeles Unified, to Meet Needs of Students with Disabilities during COVID-19 Pandemic

Listen To….Me, Talking About “Fostering Student Motivation” On The National PTA Podcast

Schools Are Better Off Without Police -

Coming to a school near you: Stealth religion and a Trumped-up version of American history

Analysis | Actually, Facebook isn’t making people angrier. Some people are just jerks.

Education Professors React to Divisive-Concept Laws

16 Tricks to Stretch Out an Essay - McSweeney’s Internet Tendency

Proposed charter school federal funding overhaul sparks opposition from Sununu, Edelblut via @nhbulletinnews

State audit finds numerous financial violations at former Bridges Academy in Wilkes County via @ncpolicywatch

Blog Posts Archive - Network For Public Education

Interactive map lets Philly learn condition of school buildings via @ChalkbeatPHL

Education Research Report: Mental health of college students is getting worse

2022 NEA National Leadership Summit – Saturday Plenary via @YouTube

The Price Kids Pay: Do Police Give Students Tickets in Your Illinois School District?

The Price Kids Pay: Schools and Police Punish Students With Costly Tickets for Minor Misbehavior

Should a small town library be turned into a police station?

Who Student-Loan Forgiveness Really Helps

NewBlackMan (in Exile)

A Brush with...Kehinde Wiley
' Ben Luke talks to Kehinde Wiley about his influences, including artists, writers, composers, musicians and filmmakers, and the cultural experiences that have shaped his life and work. Perhaps more than any other contemporary artist, Wiley has situated himself within the history of Western portrait painting. He makes direct reference to the art of the past, quoting from artists like Holbein, Tit
In Her Shoes: Leah Thomas
'Sustainability is often framed as an obstacle to a successful business in today's world, but Leah Thomas -- aka Green Girl Leah - - has carved out a career marrying the two. On this episode, host Lindsay Peoples talks shop with Leah, diving into the coinage of Intersectional Environmentalist, bringing Black joy to the environmental movement, and how she's made a career out of making the world a
Edge of Sports: Aaron Maybin Is In The True Trenches
'Former NFL player, artist, and author Aaron Maybin has a new book about history, politics and his work doing mutual aid organizing and education in the communities of Baltimore. Aaron is always great to talk to and as usual, he doesn’t disappoint.'
How We Stay Free - Philadelphia Housing Action featuring Christopher Rogers, Fajr Muhammad, Sterling Johnson, and Wiley Cunningham
'Part 1 of a 2 part conversation with the editors and contributors to a book called How We Stay Free: Notes on a Black Uprising . This book is edited by Christopher R. Rogers , Fajr Muhammad and the Paul Robeson House & Museum and is a great testament to the local dimensions of the Black uprising in Philadelphia in the months after the murder of George Floyd . In this conversation Rogers and Muha
Into America: Is Black Crypto Freedom? Or Fad?
'The racial wealth gap in this country between Black and white Americans is vast. But a sizeable number of people, like Lamar Wilson , the founder of Black Bitcoin Billionaires , say there’s a new way to help close this gap: cryptocurrency. There are even cryptocurrencies made by Black people to benefit the Black community, like Guapcoin , run by technologist Tavonia Evans. But while some people

House Republicans attempt to force vote on transgender sports bill

Education Department Approves $238 Million Group Discharge for 28,000 Marinello Schools of Beauty Borrowers Based on Borrower Defense Findings | U.S. Department of Education

"I would burn them": Republican lawmaker suggests taking Tennessee's book ban to the next level

Across America, Students Must Learn All History

What Happens After Graduation?

Facing a teacher shortage, Texas considers a more rigorous teacher certification exam

G.O.P. Lawmakers Subverted U. of North Carolina, Professors’ Group Says

Priorities for Watlington, Philly’s new superintendent? Readers respond

How social-emotional learning became a target for Ron DeSantis and conservatives

University of California will waive tuition and fees for many Native American students

Encore: A library system announces a program to challenge the tide of book bans

The Big Stakes — And Big Paradox — Of The New School Prayer Case

Before the shooting, Edmund Burke School felt nurturing and safe

The future of work starts early in this California school district — just ask a fifth grader

Disney parks boss on diversity, preventing division and Disneyland's Electrical Parade return

More kids were hit by upper airway infections during COVID Omicron surge, studies show

Larry Ferlazzo's Websites of the Day... | The latest news and resources in education since 2007

A Look Back: 28 Sites To Find Excellent – And Free – Lesson Plans
I’m continuing my “A Look Back” series by looking at past “Best” lists and updating them. monicore / Pixabay I originally published The Best Places To Find Free (And Good) Lesson Plans On The Internet in 2009, and have been revising and updating it since that time. It includes sites like The New York Times Learning Network , Facing History , Oxfam Education , and twenty-five more. Check them all
Video: “Biden Hosts Teachers Of The Year Event At White House”
12019 / Pixabay President Biden, Dr. Jill Biden, and U.S. Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona all greeted the State Teachers of the Year and National Teacher Of The Year Kurt Russell today at the White House today. The first short embedded video is a brief report. The second longer one shares the entire ceremony, and includes speeches worth listening to from all the people I mentioned earlier i
Listen To….Me, Talking About “Fostering Student Motivation” On The National PTA Podcast
I was honored to be a guest on the National PTA podcast that came out today, and primarily talked about student motivation. You can listen to it at their site (which also has a written transcript and other resources), wherever you usually listen to podcasts, or by using the embedded version below: I’m adding this to My Best Posts, Articles & Interviews On Parent Engagement and to the “About Me” p
Around The Web In ESL/EFL/ELL
BiljaST / Pixabay Six years ago I began this regular feature where I share a few posts and resources from around the Web related to ESL/EFL or to language in general that have caught my attention. You might also be interested in THE BEST RESOURCES, ARTICLES & BLOG POSTS FOR TEACHERS OF ELLS IN 2021. Also, check out A Collection Of My Best Resources On Teaching English Language Learners. In additi

For this post-pandemic school super, the to-do list helps map out new challenges

Private school voucher group loses second legal challenge via @NevadaCurrent

NCSSM students protest school’s handling of sex assault cases | Raleigh News & Observer

The Price Kids Pay: Schools and police punish students with costly tickets for minor misbehavior – Chicago Tribune

The Philadelphia School District's new magnet admissions policy is unconstitutional, parents say in new lawsuit

Report: Albuquerque should shrink public schools, cut jobs | AP News

This District Will Cram All State Sex Ed Standards Into Half-Hour On Last Day of School - NJ Education Report

Applied for Student Aid Online? Facebook Saw You – The Markup

Biden criticizes book bans as effort to ‘score political points’

‘Eight to 10’ men push past high school security to fight teens, Michigan district says

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