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SACRAMENTO PROGRESSIVE ALLIANCE: Thousands rally in Sacramento. Were you there? #wisolidarity #wiunion #weac

SACRAMENTO PROGRESSIVE ALLIANCE: Thousands rally in Sacramento. Were you there?

Thousands rally in Sacramento. Were you there?

Over 6000 union members and supporters rallied at the State Capitol in Sacramento in a candle light vigil to support the working people in Wisconsin in their struggle to defend their union rights. The financial crisis that began 2007 is an assault on organized labor, working people, and our democracy. To date the corporate class is winning.
While Wall Street has recovered and returned to profitability, working people continue to suffer 15 million unemployed with at least 10 million more under employed. It is more than a crisis - the reality is that the financial class has looted the U.S. economy. They took 13 trillion dollars out of the economy and caused 4 million people to lose their homes and another 4.5 million to fall into foreclosure. Now they want you and I to pay for their greed by forcing budget cuts on the states.
In 2010-2011 the crisis is hitting state and local governments hard. The AFL-CIO is tracking this assault athttp://www.aflcio.org/issues/states/. Responding the

IAFF:Always on the Front Line #wisolidarity #wiunion #weac

IAFF:Always on the Front Line

IAFF Members Deployed to New Zealand

February 22, 2011 – When the Earth rumbles, the IAFF rolls. Following a powerful 6.3 magnitude earthquake that has killed at least 65 people, California Task Force 2 (CA-TF2), Los Angeles County Fire Department’s USAR and Heavy Rescue Team, has been mobilized for deployment to New Zealand to help rescue and recover victims in Christchurch, the nation’s second largest city of nearly 400,000 residents.

This is the same rescue team that was dispatched to Haiti in January 2010 to help rescues efforts in the aftermath of a devastating earthquake that claimed the lives of an estimated 200,000 people.

The 74-member team received the request from the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), and are currently staging at the Department’s USAR Facility in Pacoima, California.

California Task Force 2 (CA-TF2) is a specially-trained and equipped Urban Search and Rescue Task Force consisting of Los Angeles County Fire Department fire fighters and paramedics rescue specialists, emergency room physicians, structural engineers, heavy equipment specialists, hazardous materials technicians, communications specialists and logistics specialists.

This unique technical rescue team responds with 55,000 pounds of prepackaged search and rescue tools and medical equipment to conduct around-the-clock search and rescue operations at domestic and international disasters, both natural and manmade

Denver’s Rally for Solidarity with Wisconsin Workers « Failing Schools #wisolidarity #wiunion #weac

Denver’s Rally for Solidarity with Wisconsin Workers « Failing Schools

Denver’s Rally for Solidarity with Wisconsin Workers

FEBRUARY 22, 2011
by mariasallee

Today, a number of solidarity rallies were held in cities across the country to show support for public workers, in Wisconsin and nationwide, as well as for unions and collective bargaining. Apparently, there was an organized schedule of counter-protests. In Denver, it consisted of a goofy bunch of people waving “Don’t Tread on me” flags, wearing tri-corner hats, playing Yankee Doodle on the flute, co-opting Pro-U.S. slogans, symbols and songs while otherwise providing a weird panorama of mixed messages and poorly crafted signs. Pandora was there and has some moments to share from the event.

#wisolidarity #wiunion #weac Modern School: GENERAL STRIKE!!! Will Wisconsin Have the 1st General Strike in Over 70 Years?

Modern School: GENERAL STRIKE!!! Will Wisconsin Have the 1st General Strike in Over 70 Years?

GENERAL STRIKE!!! Will Wisconsin Have the 1st General Strike in Over 70 Years?

First the Good News
Wisconsin’s mass demonstrations continued today for the eighth straight day, with public workers demanding that Gov. Walker withdraw his plan to gut their unions. Between 5,000 and 20,000 braved the frost to protest outside the capital. Graduate students also walked out of classes today. Some teachers continued their sick-out despite orders by their union, the Wisconsin Education Association Council (WEAC), to go back to work.

Meanwhile, the Madison-based South Central Federation of Labor, which represents 97 unions in the state, hasendorsed a call for a general strike, possibly to take place the day Walker signs his "budget repair” bill. This is fantastic news in light of the fact that most of the state’s unions have thrown in the towel and conceded that passage of the bill is a done deal. It is also an indication of labor’s growing militancy and frustration with traditional union tactics that a general strike is even being considered. It is particularly exciting, as there have been very few General Strikes in U.S. history, including Seattle in 1919; San Francisco, Toledo and Minneapolis, in 1934; and Rochester, Pittsburgh, Stampford and Oakland, 1946. In a show of solidarity, the tiny but militantIWW has made their General Defense Committee available to support the General Strike.

Now the Bad News
A federation cannot declare a General Strike. It can only educate unions and members on the structure and function of a General Strike. Another problem is that General Strikes were outlawed with the passage of the Taft-

Shanker Blog » Revisiting The Effect Of Teachers' Unions On Student Test Scores #wisolidarity #wiunion #weac

Shanker Blog » Revisiting The Effect Of Teachers' Unions On Student Test Scores

Revisiting The Effect Of Teachers’ Unions On Student Test Scores

Posted February 22, 2011

The Wisconsin protests have predictably spurred a great deal of information-seeking, with union supporters and opponents alike searching for evidence that supports their cases. One of the most prevalent topics over the past week or so is the effect of teacher collective bargaining on student test scores. As a result, a couple of our previous posts have been shared widely. The first (also republished here) compares NAEP scores in states that allow binding teacher contracts with those in states that do not (or have only or two); the second, follow-up post offers some additional, multivariate analysis.

Although it is true that the first post shows that states without binding contracts are among the lowest-performing in the nation, I want to clear something up: As I noted in both posts, neither the data nor my argument offer any conclusive proof that teacher contracts act to increase student test scores. The intention of those posts was to address the age-old counter claim – that teacher contracts are somehow injurious to student achievement – and to provide very tentative evidence that the contracts appear to have little discernible impact either way (which is what the follow-up post, using state-level models that controlled for basic student characteristics, indicated, along with the requisite caveats).

This speaks directly to those who seek to blame unions for poor achievement in the U.S. – if union contracts were in fact a major contributing cause of low test performance, it might be reasonable to expect to find at least some clea

Powerful Women: Servant Leadership: The Unintended Benefits of Taking a Back Seat

Powerful Women: Servant Leadership: The Unintended Benefits of Taking a Back Seat

Servant Leadership: The Unintended Benefits of Taking a Back Seat

In one of those searing moments in life, where every spoken word is remembered in THX and every blink of the eye in HD, someone I cared about told me that even though I was a leader, I took a back seat to social situations. This was clearly not a compliment; rather, it was reason number two that led him to decide that we should no longer date. Aside from the surreal experience of the entire summative and trivial assessment of my value as a potential significant other, the dissonance of that comment struck and stayed with me.

I went home, took out my Myers-Briggs ENTJ personality manual, and reread that I was among one percent of women that should consider being a CEO. I checked for indicators that this personality should also be the center of social situations and found nothing. Of course, he was accusing me of not being a charismatic leader. Clearly, he preferred that I charm groups of people into

#wiunion Koch Brothers: Clear Right-wing Strategy to go After Labor Unions in the United States | Dailycensored.com

Koch Brothers: Clear Right-wing Strategy to go After Labor Unions in the United States | Dailycensored.com

Koch Brothers: Clear Right-wing Strategy to go After Labor Unions in the United States

The billionaire brothers whose political action committee gave Gov. Scott Walker $43,000 and helped fund a multi-million dollar attack ad campaign against his opponent during the 2010 gubernatorial election have quietly opened a lobbying office in Madison just off the Capitol Square.
Charles and David Koch, who co-own Koch Industries Inc. and whose combined worth is estimated at $43 billion, have long backed conservative causes and groups including Americans for Prosperity, which organized the Tea Party rally Saturday in support of Governor of Wisconsin’s Scott Walker’s plan to strip public workers of collective bargaining rights and recently launched the Stand with Scott Walker website. They are the wizards behind the curtain who have been recently tied with Walker’s push to eliminate collective bargaining rights for public workers.
Tim Phillips, president of Americans for Prosperity and spokesperson for the

Wisconsin teachers go back in. Parents come out. « Fred Klonsky's blog #wisolidarity #wiunion #weac

Wisconsin teachers go back in. Parents come out. « Fred Klonsky's blog

The Education Race Man On Black History Month 2011 (Exhibit V) | The Jose Vilson

The Education Race Man On Black History Month 2011 (Exhibit V) | The Jose Vilson

The Education Race Man On Black History Month 2011 (Exhibit V)

by JOSE on FEBRUARY 22, 2011

Glory, by Rory Amor

Normally, I don’t start posts like this, but imagine my annoyance at another misinformed message regarding Black History Month, this time from an unlikely source. Not sure who first posted it, but in the video, Morgan Freeman asserts two points:

  1. Black history is American history, so we shouldn’t relegate the history to a month. To an extent, it’s true, but then …
  2. The best way to get rid of racism is to stop talking about it. Just refer to others as their names and that’s all there is to it.

I love Morgan Freeman, but I hope that doesn’t soften my critique of his position about the influence of race in our country, and from my point of view, the way we school (and educate) children of color. First, Carter G. Woodson first created Negro History Week to ensure that people didn’t forget that Black history was a part of

Indiana Governor: Similar Circumstances, Different Tune « Larry Miller's Blog#wisolidarity #wiunion #weac

Indiana Governor: Similar Circumstances, Different Tune « Larry Miller's Blog

Indiana Governor: Similar Circumstances, Different Tune

Compare Indiana to Wisconsin. In Indiana, the Republican dominated assembly (60 out of 100 seats) gets set to fast track “right to work” legislation and the Democrats flee to Illinois in order to deny the Republicans a quorum. Sounds like Wisconsin? Then the Republican Governor, Mitch Daniels, chimes in; except his message contrasts with that of Scott Walker- Governor Daniels response is to tell the Republican legislators to drop the right to work bill, and he adds that the Democrats have the right to express their views and this is not the year to take on the unions! Meanwhile, in Wisconsin Scott Walker continues his rampage by polarizing the state and bringing the state government to a grinding halt. Wow, what a contrast! Don’t you wish Scooter would just grow-up? Check out the following article on Indystar.com:


3:40 PM — Governor says time to dump labor bill

Parents come out to support teachers in Wisconsin fight for rights #wisolidarity #wiunion #weac

Modern School: Growing Trouble in the Middle West #wisolidarity #wiunion #weac

Modern School: Growing Trouble in the Middle West

Growing Trouble in the Middle West

While Wisconsin has been getting all of the press lately, attacks on workers and their unions are escalating across the country, with resistance also growing. On Monday, 10,000 workers demonstrated at Indiana’s statehouse against a range of anti-worker bills before the legislature.

The laws would make Indiana a “right-to-work” state (AKA Right to Work for Less), which would lower wages and gut bargaining rights for many public and private sector workers, including teachers. Despite the protests and testimony by workers against the bill, the Indiana House labor committee voted 8-5 to send the bill to the full house for approval.

Current law requires non-union contractors to pay union scale wages. The new laws would ban this, creating an incentive for contractors to hire non-union labor and lower their wages in order

Gov. Scott Walker wants to starve MATC! RALLY THUR « Larry Miller's Blog #wisolidarity #wiunion #weac

Gov. Scott Walker wants to starve MATC! Rally Thursday at 11:30 « Larry Miller's Blog

Gov. Scott Walker wants to starve MATC! Rally Thursday at 11:30

Filed under: Scott Walker — millerlf @ 7:25 pm

What are you going to do about it??



Gov. Walker’s bill, which has drawn protests in Madison and around the nation, would destroy public employee unions’ so they couldn’t support keeping MATC a world-class college.

Walker has proposed cutting the MATC budget by millions of dollars, and he will, unless we fight back

His bill would also make it illegal for faculty to protect educational quality, such as

  • Keeping your class sizes small
  • Preventing arbitrary firing of professors for their political views
  • Making sure faculty have a voice in your curriculum and textbooks

Walker’s bill is about raw, political power, not the budget.

Are you going to let him get away with it?

See you at the rally! We’ll march to one of his rich supporters to express our outrage.

American Federation of Teachers

CA GOP lawmaker seeks to end unions' collective bargaining power | News10.net | #wisolidarity #wiunion #weac

GOP lawmaker seeks to end unions' collective bargaining power | News10.net | Sacramento, California | Local News

GOP lawmaker seeks to end unions' collective bargaining power

C. Johnson Last updated 33 mins ago Posted: 2/22/2011

SACRAMENTO, CA - It's happening in Wisconsin and Indiana: Legislation to limit the right of public employee unions to engage in collective bargaining. Now a California Republican lawmaker has introduced a similar bill.

Assembly Bill 961, authored by Assm. Allan Mansoor, R-Orange County, would end collective bargaining for pension benefits. The bill's text does not indicate how that would be achieved.

The intent of the bill, according to Mansoor, would be to give lawmakers the tools to help close the budget deficit.

"We cannot fix our State's problems unless we are willing to address public employee unions," said Mansoor in a news release. "As a former Deputy Sheriff and former union member, I know very well how

Mike Klonsky's SmallTalk Blog: From Brenda Engel of the North Dakota Study Group #wisolidarity #wiunion #weac

Mike Klonsky's SmallTalk Blog: From Brenda Engel of the North Dakota Study Group

From Brenda Engel of the North Dakota Study Group

To the NDSG: An account of my experience Saturday (requested by a French journalist in Paris, Sylvie Laurent, who is a friend of my son-in-law). Feel free to quote any part of it if useful. Brenda

Madison, Wisconsin, February 19, 2011
“The North Dakota Study Group,” a national group of progressive educators, was holding its annual conference in northern Illinois over the weekend of February 18th. The second morning, Saturday, a scheduled speaker – a teacher from Milwaukee, Wisconsin – spoke eloquently and movingly

Big Education Ape: 2- 23-11, Special #wiunion PM Edition #wisolidarity #weac

Big Education Ape: Ed News Now, #wiunion

Big Education Ape: Ed News Now

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leftaction.com -

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host.madison.com - A Wisconsin State Journal editorial madison.com | | Posted: Tuesday, February 22, 2011 7:00 am It's no small thing that only a handful of people have been arrested for minor offenses during the hug...


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bigeducationape.blogspot.com - Wisconsin Democrats: ‘Gov. Scott Walker Is a Dictator’ | Politically IllustratedWisconsin Democrats: ‘Gov. Scott Walker Is a Dictator’BY: RICHARD LONGPUBLISHED: FEBRUARY 21, 2011"Wisconsin's GOP Tr...

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commondreams.org - There is a kernel of truth in Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s claim of a “budget shortfall” of $137 million. But Walker, a Republican, failed to tell the state that less than two weeks into his term ...

cnn.com - By Andrew Reschovsky, Special to CNN STORY HIGHLIGHTSAndrew Reschovsky: Bill would strip Wisconsin public unions' bargaining rightsPublic workers not overcompensated; earn less than private sector,...

huffingtonpost.com - Little-Noticed Provision In Walker's Bill Could Reap Huge Gains For Koch Industries The Huffington Post's Amanda Terkel reports:While there has been significant attention devoted to the fact that W...

bigeducationape.blogspot.com - Donors to Education Seek Ways to End Teacher Tenure - Conference Notebook - The Chronicle of Philanthropy- Connecting the nonprofit world with news, jobs, and ideasDonors to Education Seek Ways to ...

blogs.ajc.com - 8:13 am February 22, 2011, by ctucker Police officers and firefighters may work for the government, but they are not “gum’mint” employees. In other words, they inhabit a separate space in the uncon...

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sun-sentinel.com - You've been had. In his proposed budget, Gov. Rick Scott is throwing Florida households crumbs, a pathetic, estimated $134 a year in tax savings, according to PolitiFact Florida. He gives corporati...

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