The perpetual question is when is progress progressive. When is a following a trend to an earnest desire to bend? Intellectually we know that nothing happens in an instant. Change, while constant, is incremental. There is a need for constant vigilance. So we ask, who can we trust and when. Does our heart leap when a Governor tweets a proposal to eliminate standardized testing for all k-2 students? Do we dare to think that this might be the beginning of an end to all standardized testing? When this same administrator recommends more dollars for prekindergarten education do we “commend,” condemn, or consider the possibility? Governor Andrew Cuomo is a man on the move, but to where.

Cuomo Expected to Unveil $1.5 Billion Plan to Expand Pre-K Statewide

By Susanne Craig and Thomas Kaplan | Originally Published at>The New York Times.January 21, 2014
ALBANY — Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, in his budget address on Tuesday, is expected to propose setting aside $1.5 billion over five years to pay for an expansion of prekindergarten classes statewide, administration officials said.
The proposal by Mr. Cuomo is likely to be seen as an attempt to outmaneuver the new mayor of New York