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Tuesday, March 9, 2021


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Homeroom: How Grandparents Can Help With Online Learning

Education Research Report: Does Online Course-Taking Increase High School Completion and Open Pathways to Postsecondary Education Opportunities? -

Nearly 3,000 NOLA Public Schools staff vaccinated

What the Covid-19 relief bill does for student loan forgiveness, explained

Tears, sleepless nights and small victories: How first-year teachers are weathering the crisis

A year after schools closed, many kids are in a mental health crisis

What The $300 A Month Child Benefit Could Mean For A Family On The Edge

NYC’s racially segregated public schools violate state law: suit

Lawsuit Challenging NYC School Segregation Targets Gifted Programs

Schools Are Reopening After a Year Online. Hear From Students.

President Biden Will Revisit Trump Rules on Campus Sexual Assault

Radical Eyes for Equity: The “Science of Reading”: A Movement Anchored in the Past | National Education Policy Center - on @NEPCtweet

NYC Educator: UFT Executive Board March 8, 2021--Still Chaos for Women's History Month -

California Parents Of Color Still Have Reservations About Returning Kids To Classrooms

Cleveland schools, union agree to return students to classroom - - on @clevelanddotcom

The Lost Year: What the Pandemic Cost Teenagers — ProPublica - via @propublica

Florida lawmakers take steps to limit students’ grades being shared with law enforcement

House Republicans seek investigation into impact of school closures on students with disabilities - ABC News -

State denies San Diego County districts' reopening applications, causing frustration - The San Diego Union-Tribune - by @Kristen_Taketa on @sdut

Georgia House votes to raise private school tax credit contribution limit - on @ajc

Tutoring Study Points To Answer For Pandemic Learning Loss | WBEZ Chicago -

Iowa Senate passes free speech bill banning certain diversity training at universities, K-12 schools | The Gazette - by @gazettedotcom

A victory for NC transgender students: School records will now list their chosen name

Oregon governor, legislative leaders plan to dole out $325 million for summer school, summer child care - - on @oregonlive

Gov. J.B. Pritzker signs Education and Workforce Equity Act into law - Chicago Sun-Times -

Bill would allow Tennessee teachers to permanently remove disruptive students from class | WTVC - on @newschannelnine

NYC's new schools chancellor says her approach to segregation was formed by experience

Providence targets teacher seniority in bid for more diversity

CDC misinterpreted our research on opening schools. It should loosen the rules now. via @usatoday

Big Education Ape: Missing the Mark – Tennessee Education Report -

Big Education Ape: Biden executive order is first step to reverse Betsy DeVos’s sexual assault rules - Vox -

Big Education Ape: AFT & NEA Issue Joint Statement on Actions Needed After the Pandemic to Benefit All Students | Diane Ravitch's blog -

Big Education Ape: Flast v. Cohen (1968) – Part Two: That’s Me In The Courtroom | Blue Cereal Education -

Letter to the Editor: Tennessee Poised to Fail Students – radical eyes for equity
Letter to the Editor: Tennessee Poised to Fail Students In response to Third grade retention law causing suburban superintendents angst , I submitted the following letter to the editor: While it is increasingly popular across the US to pass third-grade retention laws as part of larger reading policies, often under the guise of the “science of reading,” there are decades of research showing that
New York Times: Readers Respond to Charter Debate | Diane Ravitch's blog
New York Times: Readers Respond to Charter Debate You may recall that sociologist and author Eve Ewing wrote an opinion piece in the New York Times that said it was time to end the debate about charter schools and celebrate all good schools, whatever they are called. This is one of the talking points of the charter industry, which prefers the public not to notice how many charter schools close e
Teacher Tom: A Curriculum of All-Bugs-All-The-Time vs. Hubris and Habit
A Curriculum of All-Bugs-All-The-Time vs. Hubris and Habit I once taught a boy named Rico who had a passion for insects. He came to me that way as a three-year-old and was still hunting for bugs as a five-year-old. He didn't care at all for the tub of plastic insects we had inside the preschool, even the super-sized scorpion that every kid wanted, left him shrugging. Instead, he peered into the
Teachers I Respect and Admire–Carmen Wilkinson | Larry Cuban on School Reform and Classroom Practice
Teachers I Respect and Admire–Carmen Wilkinson I was stunned when I walked into the classroom of Carmen Wilkinson at Jamestown Elementary School in 1975 (all names are actual people and places). In my first year as Arlington (VA) school superintendent, I had already seen hundreds of elementary classrooms. This was the only one I had seen that had mixed ages (grades 1 through 4) and learning stat
School Openings: Political Gamesmanship Collides with Sound Educational Policy. | Ed In The Apple
School Openings: Political Gamesmanship Collides with Sound Educational Policy President Biden set a target of school re-openings within his first hundred days in office; however, the decision to open schools is local; the 14,000 school districts across the nation have the authority to open and close schools. The national teacher unions (NEA, AFT) do not have the authority either; the local unio
Jersey Jazzman: Lakewood, NJ: Where Public Schools Are Left To Wither, Part I
Lakewood, NJ: Where Public Schools Are Left To Wither, Part I If you follow K12 policy, you've probably noticed that the school privatization crowd has recently become reenergized. The folks from right-wing think tanks and the professional school "choice" promoters have been pushing the idea of school vouchers hard, certain that the pandemic has created widespread dissatisfaction with our curren
ARGUING OVER MARKETING TERMS “If I were going to tell one of my sons how to possess the world, I would simply bring him into my house, show him that solid wall of books, and say to him: ‘the secret is in there somewhere, and even if you never find out what it is, you will still have come closer.” ― James Dickey Some of you may notice the Spotify header. From here on out, you can listen to Dad Go


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