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Thursday, May 20, 2021

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If you want people to go back to work, child care IS infrastructure, especially during a global pandemic | Eclectablog - on @Eclectablog

Historians Clash With the 1619 Project - The Atlantic - on @theatlantic

Maternal prenatal conditional regard orientation and postnatal controlling behaviour as predictors of preschoolers’ helpless coping with failure: A prospective study: European Journal of Developmental Psychology: Vol 17, No 6 - on @tandfonline

Physician Groups Seek Veto Of 'Parents' Bill Of Rights'

AlterNet: How a Florida School Improved Test Scores With a Simple but Powerful Community Approach | National Education Policy Center - on @NEPCtweet

Philadelphia plans full in-person learning in the fall; will also offer remote option - Chalkbeat Philadelphia - on chalkbeat

Choosing Democracy: Equity-Driven Practices and Lessons Learned from 2020 Learning Continuity and Attendance Plan -

National Center for Youth Law | How Districts Planned for Pandemic Learning: - National Center for Youth Law -

Video: “What ADHD Feels Like – An Animation” | Larry Ferlazzo's Websites of the Day... - on @Larryferlazzo

Updated Resources For Learning About The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict | Larry Ferlazzo's Websites of the Day... - on @Larryferlazzo

Child Tax Credit and a Chance to End Child Poverty

Illinois set to mandate full-time in-person learning at public schools this fall

'1619 Project' founder loses UNC tenure offer amid criticism: report

Judge rules DeVos must testify in lawsuit over student loan forgiveness via @politico

GoLocalProv | AFT’s Weingarten Comes to Providence as Teachers Battle Heats Up -

Providence superintendent is asked to resign as police investigate new Alege complaint | WJAR - on @nbc10

Tennessee Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Over School’s ‘Let’s Make a Slave’ Assignment Based on Willie Lynch Speech

UNC-Chapel Hill Bows to Conservative Crazies, Won’t Offer Tenured Position to 1619 Journalist

With city funding uncertain, OPSB committee advances proposal to shift district money

Janresseger: How the Bad Old Third Grade Guarantee May Be Reborn to Hurt Children in the Post-COVID Era | National Education Policy Center - on @NEPCtweet

California is reimagining math instruction. Some worry it will hold back high achievers

Some teens don't think they need the COVID-19 vaccine. Officials say they are wrong

Advocates urge NYC Education Dept. to revamp approach to teaching reading in wake of pandemic

A Utopian Art School in Michigan Looks Back and Ahead


To make pandemic recess fun, one principal turns to ‘old school’ games from her childhood

OPINION: New leadership at the top should mean big changes for English language learners

Troubled by students she’s not reaching — ‘that no one is reaching’

A support system for principals juggling multiple crises

Neal Follman On North Broad Street In Philly: Rush Hour Picnic and Picket #EducateLiberateLove – Wrench in the Gears -

Minneapolis: Segregated But Celebrated Charter School Will Close | Diane Ravitch's blog - via @dianeravitch

University Of New Mexico Faculty Secure Union Contract

As union election approaches, Bricolage CEO on leave, board meets Tuesday | The Lens - by @ on @TheLensNOLA

Study: Number of Kids Hospitalized for COVID Is Overcounted - on @intelligencer

South Bend wants teachers to work longer hours next school year. Teachers are pushing back. | Education | - on @SBTribune

Iowa charter school expansion bill signed into law by Gov. Kim Reynolds - via @thehawkeye

Iowa bans mask mandates in schools, cities after Reynolds signs law - via @DMRegister

Illinois Mandates In-Person Learning This Fall | WBEZ Chicago -

Critical race theory in schools is being challenge by these 20 states - via @indystar

Change is boosting diversity at Boston’s exam schools, but some feel angry about not getting in - The Boston Globe - on @BostonGlobe

L.A. Unified to launch nation’s largest district college savings account program via @edsource

Disabled students failed by virtual learning - The Washington Post -

Wake school policy aims for 'equity for all students.' Critics say it's Marxist. -

Prom will be different this year. San Francisco rules will ban dancing 'in the traditional sense' - on @sfchronicle

Florida education proposal targets effort to 'indoctrinate' students about historical events - via @dbnewsjournal

State school board hires outside law firm amid charter funding fallout | Education | - by @ on @tulsaworld

Legislature passes special session bill to ban face mask requirements in schools

Some Schools Struggle to Get Students to Return After Months of Remote Learning - WSJ - by @jencalfas on @WSJ

Interrupted Schooling Meant A Pause In Discipline. For Some Students, That Was A Relief | Edify - via @wburedify

Big Education Ape: USDOE Announces Virtual Public Hearings on Title IX (Sexual Discrim./Harassment) | deutsch29: Mercedes Schneider's Blog -

Big Education Ape: NANCY BAILEY: Play-Based Learning Isn’t Free Play and May Be Connected to Online Learning -

Big Education Ape: The movement to privatize public schools marches on during covid-19 pandemic - The Washington Post -

Big Education Ape: Texas: Vouchers Lose Again! | Diane Ravitch's blog -

Big Education Ape: Physicians Urge Schools to Maintain Mask Mandates, Protect Kids – Tennessee Education Report -

Big Education Ape: CURMUDGUCATION: MO: Longtime Charter Sponsor Leaves the Biz (And Parents) -

Teacher Tom: Space Has a Way of Imposing Its Will on Us
Space Has a Way of Imposing Its Will on Us We didn't stay in a lot of hotels when I was a boy, but when we did they were mostly motels because our family often opted for taking trips across the country by car. I remember those long motel hallways with doors all along both sides. They seemed to go on forever. As dad wrangled the suitcases, my brother and I would race ahead, vying to be the first
Minnesota: The Money Behind the Effort to Rewrite the State Constitution’s Education Clause | Diane Ravitch's blog
Minnesota: The Money Behind the Effort to Rewrite the State Constitution’s Education Clause In late April, I posted an article by Minnesota blogger and public school advocate Rob Levine about a sneaky effort by elites in the state to rewrite the state constitutional clause on education to protect and encourage segregated charter schools. This new post digs deeper into the machinations and motiva
The K-12 Culture Wars – Have You Heard
The K-12 Culture Wars The public school culture wars are raging more intensely than at any time since the Reagan era. Fueled by intense political polarization and the continued fallout from pandemic school closures, the culture wars now threaten public education. Special guests: New Hampshire teacher Misty Crompton, Iowa teacher Nick Covington, Missouri teacher Jessica Piper and New York City te
CURMUDGUCATION: 19 Rules for Life (2021 Edition)
19 Rules for Life (2021 Edition) I first posted this list when I turned 60, and have made it an annual tradition to get it out on my birthday and re-examine it, edit it, and remind myself why I thought such things in the first place. I will keep my original observation-- that this list does not represent any particular signs of wisdom on my part, because I discovered these rules much in the same
Preschool through Third Grade (P-3) Alignment - Grade Spans (CA Dept of Education)
Preschool through Third Grade (P-3) Alignment CDE seeks to elevate the role of high-quality, inclusive and multilingual preschool, strong early intervention services, and P-3 alignment in ensuring the future of California’s children . The California Department of Education (CDE) is committed to interrupting and counteracting inequities, racism, and bias and also closing opportunity gaps to ensur
Seattle Schools Community Forum: Broadview-Thomson K-8 School Encampment: Hubris and Inaction May Mean Trouble
Broadview-Thomson K-8 School Encampment: Hubris and Inaction May Mean Trouble Editor’s note: I apologize for the wonkiness of the look of this story. In the time I stepped away from blogging, I think Blogger changed some formatting and I’m struggling to understand it. As most of you know, the district reopened schools and three schools had homeless encampments on or nearby their campuses. The di
FL Dept of Ed Commissioner said he fired a teacher for #BlackLivesMatter #CRT #ISUPPORTAMY | Cloaking Inequity
FL DEPT OF ED COMMISSIONER SAID HE FIRED A TEACHER FOR #BLACKLIVESMATTER #CRT #ISUPPORTAMY You should know this is happening: Richard Corcoran, the Florida Dept of Education Commissioner , said he fired a teacher for #BlackLivesMatter Here is what the Florida Times-Union said about the situation A Duval County teacher who hung a Black Lives Matter flag in her classroom says she heard she was fir
A Memo from the Superintendent | The Merrow Report
A Memo from the Superintendent To: Our teachers and other educators From: Your Superintendent May 18, 2021 As a lifelong public educator, I pride myself for having learned from the greatest educators in the history of civilization: John Dewey, Maria Montessori, Aristotle, Jean Piaget, Plato, and Sam Hinkie . For this particular testing season, I suggest that we rely on the wisdom of Sam Hinkie.
Activists Mobilize for Waivers and Opt Outs as Biden Mandates Tests - Rethinking Schools
Activists Mobilize for Waivers and Opt Outs as Biden Mandates Tests O ne month after taking office, the Biden administration faced its first major education policy test. It failed miserably. Despite a campaign promise to end standardized testing in public schools ( See “Biden’s Broken Promise: Time to Opt Out!” by Denisha Jones ), on Feb. 22 administration officials declared it would not grant “
“Chasing Childhood” Explores Crucial Life Skills Learned in Free Play
“Chasing Childhood” Explores Crucial Life Skills Learned in Free Play CHASING CHILDHOOD Chasing Childhood is a feature documentary exploring the unintended consequences of overparenting. What if all this well-intended hovering, fear and over-scheduling has backfired? The film takes us to three communities that are trying to shift culture to create room for play and independence with the hope of


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