This 3 minute clip has been getting some play on the Internet. I don’t know how many people have shared it on YouTube and FB but it has been quite a few. The opening of the new series NEWSROOM, though not having cable I will not be able to see just how honest it will remain.  Most series have at least 3 minutes worth watching.
Now I do have to disagree to a small extent with the last part of the monologue he gives.  That the US was ever the greatest country in the world is highly debatable.  This is our national myth, to get the general populace to go along with whatever hair-brained idea the people in Washington came up with to keep those on Wall Street fat and happy.
If one reads any history as presented by Howard Zinn or James Loewen or Richard Hofstadter or many others, you would see that we really were not better than many other countries. We did not invent everything. And out motivations were significantly less than honorable.  They were downright mercenary nearly all the time.   Our wars were always fought for some economic reason. We were always violent, arrogant and self righteous.   And the whole point of our military and constitution is to protect and serve the financial and merchant classes.
So the ending of this little clip is a bit off. But then it’s television and maintaining the myth pays the bills