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Monday, July 17, 2023




In a surprising move, West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin has been spotted at an event in New Hampshire organized by No Labels, a third party outfit that hopes to get on the ballot in 50 states for the 2024 presidential election with a “unity ticket”. But what does this mean for the future of politics in America? Well, it could mean chaos, confusion, and a whole lot of laughs.

No Labels is a curious organization that aims to bring together people from across the political spectrum. But let's be real, it's just MAGA all dressed up without the nastiness of Trump. And who better to represent this new wave of "moderate" Republicans than Joe Manchin, the senator who loves to dig coal and reminisce about the good old days in Dixie.

If Manchin decides to run for president as a No Labels candidate, it could spell trouble for the Democrats. With his popularity in West Virginia and his "moderate" views on issues like gun control and the environment, he could easily split the Democratic vote and hand the White House to the Republicans in 2024. And let's not forget about his crucial seat in a finely-balanced Senate. If Manchin jumps ship, the Democrats could lose their majority and be left floundering in a sea of red.

But who are these No Labels people anyway? Well, according to their founding chairman Joseph Lieberman, they're just a bunch of MAGA Democrats who want to bring people together. And what could be more unifying than a third-party candidate who pulls more from Biden than Trump? I mean, who needs unity when you can have chaos?

In all seriousness though, No Labels is a fascinating experiment in American politics. They claim to represent the silent majority of Americans who are tired of partisan bickering and want to see real change. But can they really deliver on their promises? Can they bring together Republicans and Democrats in a meaningful way? Or are they just another flash in the pan, a footnote in the long history of American politics?

Only time will tell. But one thing is for sure, with Joe Manchin at the helm of this new movement, we're in for a wild ride. So buckle up America, it's going to be a bumpy one.

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Attention all students and parents in Pennsylvania! If you thought your school was chaotic before, just wait until you hear this news. According to a recent study, Pennsylvania is experiencing a mass exodus of principals and teachers. That's right, it's like a scene out of a movie where everyone is running for the exit before the building explodes. Except in this case, it's the schools that are exploding with problems.

Now, before you start panicking and running for the hills, let's take a closer look at what's going on. Apparently, nearly 10,000 teachers left their jobs in 2022-23, which is more than any other year on record. That's a lot of teachers! It's like they all decided to form a flash mob and quit at the same time. Maybe they were inspired by that "take this job and shove it" song.

But wait, it gets even better (or worse, depending on how you look at it). During the same school year, principal attrition increased to 15.4%, which is the highest it's been since data was made available. That means 463 principals left their positions. It's like a game of musical chairs, but instead of chairs, it's principal's offices. And instead of music, it's the sound of teachers shouting "I quit!"

So what's causing all of this chaos in Pennsylvania schools? Well, there are a few theories floating around. Some people think it's because of low pay and benefits. Others think it's because of the stress and pressure that comes with the job. And then there are those who think it's because of the students themselves. Let's face it, kids can be pretty crazy sometimes.

But whatever the reason may be, one thing is for sure: Pennsylvania schools are in crisis mode. It's like the Wild West out there, with teachers and principals fleeing for their lives (or at least their sanity). If you're a student in Pennsylvania, you might want to invest in some running shoes just in case you need to make a quick escape.

Of course, all of this chaos does have its upsides. For one thing, it's a great excuse to skip school. "Sorry, Mom and Dad, but my school doesn't have any teachers or principals today. I guess I'll just have to stay home and watch Netflix." Plus, it's kind of funny to imagine all of those teachers and principals running for the exit like they're in some kind of action movie.

But in all seriousness, something needs to be done to fix this problem. Students need teachers and principals who are dedicated to their jobs and who can provide a stable learning environment. Maybe it's time for Pennsylvania to invest more in education and pay their educators what they deserve. Or maybe they just need to hire some clowns to entertain the kids instead of teachers.

In conclusion, Pennsylvania schools are going through a rough patch right now. But with a little bit of effort and a lot of humor, we can get through this together. Who knows, maybe this will all make for a great story to tell our grandkids one day. "Back in my day, we had to run for our lives just to get an education!"

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In a country where political satire is becoming indistinguishable from reality, the competition for the title of Dumbest Governor is heating up. Forget about the Oscars or the Super Bowl, this is the ultimate contest of one-upmanship, where the goal is not to govern wisely or serve the people, but to pander to the most extreme and irrational elements of the electorate. The three front runners are: Texas Governor Abbott, Oklahoma Governor Stitt, and Florida Governor DeSantis. Let's take a closer look at their qualifications for the coveted title.

Abbott: The Lone Star Loon

Greg Abbott, the Governor of Texas, is a man who knows how to make a fool of himself. He has been a loyal disciple of Trumpism, even when it meant endangering the lives of his own constituents during the Covid-19 pandemic. He has also shown a remarkable talent for blaming others for his own failures, such as the recent power outages that left millions of Texans freezing in the dark. But Abbott's true genius lies in his ability to come up with absurd and unconstitutional laws, such as the ban on abortion after six weeks, which makes him a strong contender for the Dumbest Governor title. His latest stunt is to build a border wall with private donations, as if he were playing Minecraft instead of running a state. Abbott's campaign slogan should be: "Make Texas Dumber Again!"

Stitt: The Sooner Stupid

Kevin Stitt, the Governor of Oklahoma, is a man who makes you wonder how he got elected in the first place. He has been a loyal disciple of Trumpism, even when it meant denying climate change or promoting conspiracy theories. He has also shown a remarkable talent for ignoring the needs of his own constituents, such as the recent surge in Covid-19 cases that overwhelmed hospitals and led to unnecessary deaths. But Stitt's true genius lies in his ability to waste taxpayer money on useless projects, such as his plan to build a new Capitol building, even though there is nothing wrong with the old one. His latest stunt is to sign a bill that protects drivers who hit protesters with their cars, as if he were living in a Mad Max movie instead of a civilized society. Stitt's campaign slogan should be: "Make Oklahoma Grate Again!"

DeSantis: The Sunshine Simpleton

Ron DeSantis, the Governor of Florida, is a man who makes you wonder if he ever read a book or watched a documentary. He has been a loyal disciple of Trumpism, even when it meant downplaying the severity of Covid-19 or promoting unproven treatments. He has also shown a remarkable talent for catering to special interests, such as the recent law that bans transgender athletes from participating in girls' and women's sports, even though there is no evidence of any harm caused by such participation. But DeSantis' true genius lies in his ability to act as if he were above the law, such as his recent pardon of all Covid-19 related fines and penalties for businesses that violated safety regulations. His latest stunt is to sell merchandise that mocks Dr. Fauci and promotes his own political ambitions, as if he were running for class clown instead of Governor. DeSantis' campaign slogan should be: "Make Florida Gator Again!"

Oneupmanship: The Art of Being More Stupid

The sad reality is that these three Governors are not outliers or exceptions, but symptoms of a larger problem: the degradation of political discourse and the triumph of tribalism over reason. They are not trying to govern effectively or solve complex problems, but to appeal to the lowest common denominator of their base and to outdo each other in their loyalty to Trumpism. They are not leaders, but followers; not statesmen, but demagogues. They are not making America great again, but making it dumber again.

The question is not which one of them is the Dumbest Governor, but how much damage they can do before they are voted out or impeached. The real competition is not among them, but among us: the voters who have the power to elect or reject them; the citizens who have the responsibility to demand accountability and transparency from them; the human beings who have the capacity to think critically and empathetically about the common good.

Let's not be fooled by their slogans or their tweets; let's not be intimidated by their bluster or their threats; let's not be divided by their lies or their hate. Let's be smarter than they are; let's be wittier than they are; let's be funnier than they are. Let's make America great again by making it smarter again.

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