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Peace to one and all… At a time when we must all redouble our work for Peace... - Wait, What?

Peace to one and all… At a time when we must all redouble our work for Peace... - Wait, What?:

Peace to one and all… At a time when we must all redouble our work for Peace… - Home - Christmas Lessons From Hanoi - Home - Christmas Lessons From Hanoi:


The wreckage of an American B-52 shot down in the middle of a residential neighborhood during the Christmas air raids of 1972, Huu Tiep Lake, Hanoi.
Today’s peaceful Hanoi, alight with Christmas ornaments, was the scene of a decisive battle forty years ago this week, one which the Pentagon prefers to forget. I will be there this week to take part in the restoration of memory and reflect on how wars end.
During the fall of 1972, Jane Fonda and I travelled with the Indochina Peace Campaign (IPC) to one hundred cities campaigning for peace in Vietnam and the election of Sen. George McGovern. Fearing the peace movement, a paranoid Richard Nixon instructed Henry Kissinger to float the idea in late October that peace was “at hand.” Nixon won in a landslide, but peace talks 

Happy Holidays from the Big Education Ape

From My Family to Yours

Prayer for a New Mother « Student Activism

Prayer for a New Mother « Student Activism:

The things she knew, let her forget again –
The voices in the sky, the fear, the cold,
The gaping shepherds, and the queer old men
Piling their clumsy gifts of foreign gold.

Let her have laughter with her little one;
Teach her the needless, tuneless songs to sing;
Grant her her right to whisper to her son
The foolish names one dare not call a king.

Keep from her dreams the rumble of a crowd,
The smell of rough-cut wood, the trail of red,
The thick and chilly whiteness of the shroud
That wraps the strange new body of the dead.

Ah, let her go, kind Lord, where mothers go
And boast his pretty words and ways, and plan
The proud and happy years that they shall know
Together, when her son is grown a man.

–Dorothy Parker, 1928

CHARTER SCHOOLS: Additional Federal Attention Needed to Help Protect Access for Students with Disabilities

CHARTER SCHOOLS: Additional Federal  Attention Needed to  Help Protect Access  for Students with  Disabilities

CHARTER SCHOOLS Additional Federal Attention Needed to Help Protect Access for Students with Disabilities

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