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Grassroots Education Network- February 2022 Newsletter - Network For Public Education - https://networkforpubliceducation.org/grassroots-education-network-february-2022-newsletter/ via @Network4pubEd

Speak Loudly (Anti-Censorship) – ALAN - https://wp.me/PcUUJS-9t

Privatizing Medicare. Changing the name won't make it any better. - https://fredklonsky.substack.com/p/privatizing-medicare-changing-the?utm_source=url

Weekend Quotables - by Michael Klonsky - https://michaelklonsky.substack.com/p/weekend-quotables-08c?utm_source=url

CURMUDGUCATION: Study: Test Data Does Not Help Students Raise Test Scores - https://curmudgucation.blogspot.com/2022/02/study-test-data-does-not-help-students.html

WHAT DID YOU SAY? – Dad Gone Wild - https://wp.me/p4d08y-371 via @norinrad10

Five Reasons Why the Lawsuit Filed by Over 100 School Districts to End Ohio’s EdChoice Vouchers Is So Urgently Important | janresseger - https://wp.me/p3JgEc-8HT via @janresseger

Watch Out! Koch Foundation Is Funding “New Education Models” | Diane Ravitch's blog - https://wp.me/p2odLa-vyq via @dianeravitch

CURMUDGUCATION: Burnout and Moral Injury - https://curmudgucation.blogspot.com/2022/03/maybe-its-not-burnout.html

Jeff Bryant and Velislava Hillman in The Progressive: How Big Businesses Are Colonizing the Classroom | Ed Politics - https://edpolitics.org/?p=405

Corporations Are Turning Public Schools into Their Workforce Training ‘Pipelines’ | Ed Politics - https://edpolitics.org/?p=407

When rationality trumps Trump Republican ideology – wsg Jeff Timmer, former Exec. Dir. of the Michigan GOP | Eclectablog - https://www.eclectablog.com/?p=73326 on @Eclectablog

Big Education Ape: Center for Black Educator Development CBED, Author at Philly's 7th Ward - https://bigeducationape.blogspot.com/2022/03/center-for-black-educator-development.html

Teacher Tom: Finally Free To Learn At Full Capacity - http://teachertomsblog.blogspot.com/2022/03/finally-free-to-learn-at-full-capacity.html

Privatizers of a Feather – Tennessee Education Report - http://tnedreport.com/?p=5546 via @TNEdReport

Gag Orders, Loyalty Oaths, and the New McCarthyism – radical eyes for equity - https://wp.me/p2GmBR-aov via @plthomasEdD

Schools Matter: The Hillsdale Curriculum: Adult Mythology as Children's History - http://www.schoolsmatter.info/2022/03/the-hillsdale-curriculum-adult.html

Janresseger: Closing Achievement Gaps Will Require Closing Opportunity Gaps Outside of School | National Education Policy Center - https://nepc.colorado.edu/node/11299 on @NEPCtweet

NYC Educator: All Americans Should Have Jobs Like Ours - http://nyceducator.com/2022/03/all-americans-should-have-jobs-like-ours.html

Ed Notes Online: UFT Executive Board Minutes - Mulgrew speaks for 15 minutes - 2-28-2022 - Nick Bacon, New Action - Ed Notes Online - https://ednotesonline.blogspot.com/

David Remnick: Putin’s Assault on Ukraine | Diane Ravitch's blog - https://wp.me/p2odLa-vzB via @dianeravitch

North Carolina: The Fate of Troubled Charter Chain Will Be Decided Today (Probably) | Diane Ravitch's blog - https://wp.me/p2odLa-vAv via @dianeravitch

Indiana’s ‘divisive concepts’ bill dies in the Senate - Chalkbeat Indiana - https://in.chalkbeat.org/2022/2/28/22955665/indiana-divisive-concepts-bill-curriculum-restrictions-update-senate#Echobox=1646094208-2 on chalkbeat

RTE S2E3 Notes from a Native Teacher by Race Through Education - https://anchor.fm/racethrougheducation/episodes/RTE-S2E3-Notes-from-a-Native-Teacher-e1f1d7t on @anchor

THE TEACHER SALARY PROJECT - About Us - https://www.teachersalaryproject.org/

Toni Morrison novel The Bluest Eye off banned list in St Louis schools | Books | The Guardian - https://www.theguardian.com/books/2022/feb/27/toni-morrison-novel-the-bluest-eye-off-banned-list-st-louis-schools on @guardian

Blog Posts Archive - Network For Public Education - https://networkforpubliceducation.org/best-posts/ on @Network4pubEd

Education Research Report: Self-Interest in Public Service: Evidence from School Board Elections - http://educationresearchreport.blogspot.com/2022/02/self-interest-in-public-service.html

Philadelphia district cuts back regular COVID testing of staff - Chalkbeat Philadelphia - https://philadelphia.chalkbeat.org/2022/2/28/22955683/philadelphia-district-cuts-back-covid-testing-staff on chalkbeat

Tons Of New Useful Resources For Teaching & Learning About The Russian Invasion Of Ukraine | Larry Ferlazzo's Websites of the Day... - https://larryferlazzo.edublogs.org/?p=124998 on @Larryferlazzo

Vadilal Industries Inc Recalls Custard Apple Pulp - Nutrition (CA Dept of Education) - https://www.cde.ca.gov/ls/nu/viirecallapplepulp.asp

Black Food Folks: Diasporic Desserts | NewBlackMan (in Exile) - https://www.newblackmaninexile.net/2022/03/black-food-folks-diasporic-desserts.html via @NewBlackMan

Stop Keeping Healthy Kids Home From School https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2022/03/ending-kids-school-covid-quarantine/622814/?utm_source=feed

Gagging Teachers, Whitewashing History https://www.laprogressive.com/gagging-teachers/

Joe Manchin and the Resurgence of the Culture-of-Poverty Debate https://www.laprogressive.com/senator-joe-manchin/

NewBlackMan (in Exile) - https://www.newblackmaninexile.net/ via @NewBlackMan

Black Food Folks: Diasporic Desserts
'Sweets look different across the African diaspora, where baking is less about decadent desserts to end a meal and more about special occasions, a taste of other parts of the world, and the botanical bounty of indigenous fruits. I wanted to start this season with a grounding conversation at the West African center of the Black culinary diaspora. On this episode of Black Food Folk , host Therese N

California to drop school mask mandate after March 11 https://www.politico.com/news/2022/02/28/california-drop-school-mask-mandate-march-11-00012367

Mask mandates being eliminated throughout Texas school districts https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2022/03/01/texa-m01.html

Minneapolis, St. Paul teachers file intent to strike https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2022/03/01/minn-m01.html

Justices agree to review constitutionality of Indian Child Welfare Act https://www.scotusblog.com/2022/02/justices-agree-to-review-constitutionality-of-indian-child-welfare-act/

Indiana Lawmaker Apologizes for Saying Black Students Lack ‘Respect for Learning’ https://www.theroot.com/indiana-lawmaker-apologizes-for-saying-black-students-l-1848604083

Hope Chicago Partners With Five Chicago Public Schools To Send About 4,000 To College Tuition-Free https://www.theroot.com/hope-chicago-partners-with-five-chicago-public-schools-1848602713

House GOP blocks bill fighting hair-based discrimination, citing lack of ‘serious’ problem https://www.politico.com/minutes/congress/03-1-2022/a-stunning-house-vote/

ACLU wants North Texas school district to apologize for removing over 100 library books https://www.texastribune.org/2022/02/28/granbury-isd-aclu-book-removal/

Larry Ferlazzo's Websites of the Day... | The latest news and resources in education since 2007 - https://larryferlazzo.edublogs.org/ on @Larryferlazzo

Tons Of New Useful Resources For Teaching & Learning About The Russian Invasion Of Ukraine
13smok / Pixabay I’m continually – and very carefully – adding new resources to The Best Teaching & Learning Resources About The Russia/Ukraine Conflict , though I won’t keep writing new posts sharing them. Some of the new ones I’ve added over the past couple of days include good lesson plans, resources on comparing how Ukrainian refugees (and the war) are being treated with how refugees from non


Pins Of The Week
I’m fairly active on Pinterest and, in fact, have curated 22,000 resources there that I haven’t shared on this blog. I thought readers might find it useful if I began sharing a handful of my most recent “pins” each week (I’m not sure if you can see them through an RSS Reader – you might have to click through to the original post). You might also be interested in MY MOST POPULAR PINS OF 2020 Here
Tuesday’s New Articles & Videos On School Reopenings – California Lifts School Mask Mandate Edition
ArtRose / Pixabay Ordinarily, I’d add these new articles and videos to The Best Posts Predicting (& Showing) What Schools Look Like During The Pandemic . However, that list is just getting too massive. So, in the future, if you want to find these in one place, click here: San Francisco public schools won’t drop masks despite city’s health officials and California lifting mandate is from The San F
Classroom Instruction Resources Of The Week
Each week, I publish a post or two containing three or four particularly useful resources on classroom instruction, and you can see them all here. You might also be interested in THE BEST RESOURCES ON INSTRUCTION IN 2021 – PART ONE . Here are this week’s picks: Opportunities for Student Decision-Making is from Edutopia. I’m adding it to The Best Posts & Articles On Student Engagement . Hardship a
A Look Back: Wash. Post Publishes My Commentary On “Accelerated Learning” & “Learning Loss”
I thought that new – and veteran – readers might find it interesting if I began sharing my best posts from over the years. You can see the entire collection here . This post originally appeared in 2021: The kind of teaching kids need right now is the headline of my latest column in The Washington Post. It’s a commentary on the two latest buzzwords in education, “accelerated learning” and “learnin

When colleges defraud students, should the government go after school executives? https://www.npr.org/2022/03/01/1062679587/for-profit-colleges-student-loan-borrowers-fraud

Va. lawmakers pass bill allowing parents to review sexually explicit school material, a win for Gov. Youngkin https://www.washingtonpost.com/dc-md-va/2022/02/28/virginia-general-assembly-explicit-schools/?

Want your child to receive better reading help in public school? It might cost $7,500 https://hechingerreport.org/an-independent-neuropsych-evaluation-is-critical-for-getting-access-to-special-education-services/

Are Conservative Culture Warriors At Odds With School Choice? - https://www.forbes.com/sites/petergreene/2022/02/25/are-conservative-culture-warriors-at-odds-with-school-choice/?sh=6f8ad12019cd#new_tab by @palan57 on @forbes

San Diego superintendent finalists vow to prioritize equity, closing opportunity gaps for students - The San Diego Union-Tribune - https://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/news/education/story/2022-02-26/superintendent-forum-sdusd#new_tab by @Kristen_Taketa on @sdut

Los Angeles Unified to expand online learning, improve independent study | EdSource - https://edsource.org/?p=667989 on @edsource

Las Vegas charter school would be first adopted by gaming company | Las Vegas Review-Journal - https://wp.me/p8qdWm-aDCV on @reviewjournal

Randy Watson suspended as Kansas education commissioner after remarks - https://www.cjonline.com/story/news/education/2022/02/25/randy-watson-resigns-kansas-education-ksde-commissioner-after-comments/6927152001/#new_tab via @CJOnline

Legislators push for money to train Oregon teachers in the science of reading https://oregoncapitalchronicle.com/2022/02/28/legislators-push-for-money-to-train-oregon-teachers-in-the-science-of-reading/ via @OrCapChronicle @plthomasEdD @palan57
San Francisco public schools won’t drop masks despite city’s health officials and California lifting mandate -
https://www.sfchronicle.com/sf/article/San-Francisco-public-schools-won-t-drop-masks-16960554.php#new_tab on @sfchronicle

Indiana House Bill 1134 dies in Senate | wthr.com - https://www.wthr.com/article/news/local/indiana-lawmakers-kill-house-bill-1134-school-curriculum-bill/531-37fedc56-877c-4d79-9872-4b34a3ea1e47#new_tab on WTHRcom

Middle schoolers can finally take off their masks. Why some really don't want to - Los Angeles Times - https://www.latimes.com/california/newsletter/2022-02-28/8-to-3-middle-schoolers-want-to-keep-masks-8-to-3#new_tab by @deborahnetburn on @latimes

Utah lawmakers reject school choice bill called Hope Scholarship - Deseret https://www.deseret.com/utah/2022/2/28/22954955/utah-lawmakers-vote-down-school-choice-proposal-vouchers-legislature-education#new_tab on @deseretnews

Bill would allow for-profit training for Alabama teachers, cut certificate time - al.com - https://www.al.com/news/2022/03/bill-would-allow-for-profit-training-for-alabama-teachers-cut-certificate-time.html#new_tab on @aldotcom

Bill spurred by 10-year-old Izzy Tichenor’s suicide would require Utah schools to track race of bullied students -
https://www.sltrib.com/news/education/2022/02/28/bill-spurred-by-year-old/#new_tab by https://www.facebook.com/saltlaketribune on @sltrib

Inside The Divide Over The Future Of The Washington Teachers' Union https://dcist.com/story/22/03/01/washington-teachers-union-dc-divide/

Fight between Jersey Shore towns over where kids go to high school gets heated - nj.com - https://www.nj.com/education/2022/03/fight-between-jersey-shore-towns-over-where-kids-go-to-high-school-gets-heated.html#new_tab on @njdotcom

Big Education Ape: THE TOP BANANA: TODAY'S EDUCATION HEADLINES Monday, February 28, 2022 #REDFORED #tbats #edchat #K12 #learning #edtech #engchat #literacy #edreform #TEACHtheTRUTH #CRT - http://bigeducationape.blogspot.com/2022/02/the-top-banana-todays-education_28.html

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