SCTA Calls For Censure of
Superintendent and School Board President

In a letter (which you can view here) to School Board member Lisa Murawski, the Chairperson of the SCUSD Fiscal Transparency and Accountability Committee, SCTA called for the censure of Superintendent Aguilar and Board President Ryan for keeping critical financial information from the public and at least one school board member.

The letter points out after receiving extremely critical emails from Mike Fine, the CEO of FCMAT, Superintendent Aguilar and Board President Ryan withheld those emails from the general public and at least one board member. We have asked Murawski to confirm that the emails were kept from the entire board.

The school board member also confirmed the withholding of the March 19 letter from Dave Gordon questioning the District's enrollment projections along with an April 1 email from Aguilar confirming the District failed to count 730 students thereby underestimating the budget by $8 million per year.

The mission of the Fiscal Transparency and Accountability Committee states:

"The committee will work to ensure the district’s spending and obligation of financial resources is transparent, accountable, sound, sustainable, aligned with defined priorities, understandable to the public, and regularly monitored by board members."

The letter also calls for Ryan to resign from the committee because of her clear violation of the committee's mission statement and betrayal of basic principles of fiscal responsibility. Ironically, Ryan also serves on the City of Sacramento's Measure U Committee charged with providing fiscal oversight to the nearly $50 million annually in new taxpayer dollars as a result of renewed sales tax.