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Saturday, August 1, 2020


NewBlackMan (in Exile)


The Quarantine Tapes: Walter Mosley
' Paul Holdengräber is joined by writer Walter Mosley on episode 084 of The Quarantine Tapes . Walter and Paul speak about Walter’s books, his experiences in writers’ rooms, as well as what it has been like working from home in the past few months. They talk in depth about language and history, touching on the subjects of monuments, policing, and what this pandemic may set us up for in the future
Nell Irvin Painter: Why Capitalize White? It Reminds White People They Have a Racial Identity
' Nell Irvin Painter , author of The History of White People , explains how the language of Whiteness — and its meaning — has evolved.' -- Washington Post
The Tight Rope: Lecrae in The Deep End—Finding Restoration and Forward Motion
' Lecrae is a Grammy laureate, NY Times Best-selling author, entrepreneur and philanthropist. He joins Dr. Cornel West and Professor Tricia Rose on The Tight Rope to discuss hip hop, culture, faith, and justice.'
Driving Equitable Solutions for Racial Justice Amid COVID-19
'A panel of experts convened by UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School , its affiliated Kenan Institute of Private Enterprise and the Institute of African American Research offered a press briefing on the intersection of the COVID-19 crisis and the Black Lives Matter movement—providing a framework for developing solutions to achieve equitable public health and economic outcomes for the short- and long
The Quarantine Tapes: Aja Monet
'On episode 050 of The Quarantine Tapes , Paul Holdengräber is joined by poet Aja Monet . They discuss how poetry teaches us to listen and understand ourselves better, and what it means when a country doesn’t offer support or infrastructure for the arts. Aja also shares her perspective on how each one of us can show up to use our unique skill sets for justice, particularly in relation to standing

JUL 29

This Afro-Dominican Pastry Chef is Fighting Racism – with PIE
'After the killing of George Floyd by police, celebrated Afro-Dominican pastry chef Paola Velez and her fellow culinary masterminds launched Bakers Against Racism , a campaign to fight systemic racism by baking. Yara catches up with Paola to make peach cobbler and learn the story of Georgia Gilmore , the O.G. Baker Against Racism who sold baked goods to fund the historic Montgomery Bus Boycotts d
Black Voices Speak Their Truth
'Inspired by the storytellers, the conversations and the art that have arisen from the Black Lives Matter movement, we know that there are a lot more stories that need to be told, and a lot more listening that needs to be done. So we handed the mic over to Black people across the U.S. to ask them to share their thoughts, their feelings and their experiences with us. We worked with artists and ani
"They Call Me... Landry": A Cinematic Portrait of a Boxer's Journey from Africa to Europe
'Uprooted from the Ivory Coast and sent to live in Denmark as a child, professional boxing champion Landry “Hardkore” Kore tells the story of his eighteen-year journey from homelessness and family breakdown to international success in an elevated documentary. When Danish Director Meeto met the boxer a few years ago he knew that the conventional shaky cam athletic profile would do no justice to Ko

JUL 28

Lincoln Center At Home: Vanessa Williams
'Singer and actress Vanessa Williams leads Lincoln Center at Home 's tenth #MemorialForUsAll with renditions of "Colors of the Wind," "Save the Best For Last," and "Love Is" (with Darius De Haas ). Memorial For Us All is a secular community remembrance, welcoming all to celebrate the lives of those who have left us too soon during this pandemic. ' -- cunytv75
On the Clock: Kenny Leon, Tony Award-Winning Director of Stage & Screen
On this episode on On the Clock with Caroline Clark e, Tony Award-Winning director of stage and screen Kenny Leon discusses the sources of his inspiration. -- Black Enterprise
Animating While Black
'In June, a number of white actors said they would step down from voicing Black characters on popular animated shows. The producers of “The Simpsons” also announced they would no longer have white actors voice nonwhite characters. But these stories represent just one aspect of animation's complicated relationship with race. Los Angeles Times digital editor Tracy Brown discusses racism and represe
Wynton Marsalis on Arts in the After-Times
'In partnership with Gothamist and their Future NYC series, host John Schaefer consults with Wynton Marsalis as he considers arts possibilities in the after-times, touching on full participation and the ways to question institutional curation. Marsalis would like to see increased engagement with the arts - inviting folks to participate, creating the will to participate, and building community. Pr
How Can We Protect Essential Workers During the Pandemic?
'From hospitals to grocery stores, essential workers throughout the country have put their lives at risk serving the public since the pandemic began. While some employers have provided their essential workers with protective equipment like masks and hand sanitizer, as businesses around the country begin to reopen there’s one big question that looms large: who’s liable happens if someone gets sick
Candid Conversation with a Black Businessman: 7 Myths of Racial Equity
'As we are deep into this moment of civil unrest over systemic racism, Dr. Randal Pinkett , co-founder, chairman and CEO of BCT Partners, and co-author of Black Faces in White Places , offers his advice as a Black businessperson to other business people and in particular, white professionals. This is his advice to individual contributors, managers, executives and leaders on how to answer the ques

JUL 27

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is Not Understood For Who She Really Is
'In this premiere episode of The Tight Rope , Dr. Cornel West and Professor Tricia Rose ask their esteemed guest Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) the right questions for her to share powerfully about her journey, politics, and thoughts on social justice in an electoral framework, the discipline of non-attachment, and intentional vulnerability. Together they “pull the curtain” on power
'I May Destroy You' Let Michaela Coel Explore Dangerous Areas In A Safe Place
'The new HBO series I May Destroy You is a stylish, sometimes funny drama about a very serious subject: rape and sexual assault. The series centers on Arabella, a young writer who is raped after her drink is spiked at a bar. Michaela Coel , the show's creator, writer, director and star, was assaulted in a similar way when she was writing and starring in her first TV series, Chewing Gum . Coel say
Why 10 U.S. Cities Are Testing Universal Basic Income Policies
'The mayors of Los Angeles; Oakland, California; Atlanta, Georgia; Tacoma, Washington, Newark, New Jersey; Saint Paul, Minnesota; Jackson, Mississippi; Compton, California; Shreveport, Louisiana and Stockton, California, have joined Mayors For A Guaranteed Income , a coalition advocating for UBI policies, or the idea of giving out recurring cash payments to all individuals without any strings att

JUL 26

Remembering Radio Host Patrick Ellis, Who Brought The 'Gospel Spirit' To D.C.
' For more than 40 years, 96.3 WHUR-FM broadcast Patrick Ellis 's beloved and popular radio show Gospel Spirit Sunday mornings, filling the homes and cars of Washington, D.C., with the sound of church.' -- Weekend Edition Sunday
Un-HolyLand? An Arab Muslim Reckoning With Racism
'After his daughter's racist and anti-LGBTQ social media posts became public, an Arab-Muslim entrepreneur is fighting to keep his once-burgeoning business alive in the middle of a national — and personal — reckoning with anti-blackness.' -- Code Switch

JUL 24

New Wharton Business Dean Erika James Says Lack Of Diversity Stems From A Lack Of Prioritizing
'One of the country's leading business schools — the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania — has never had a woman or a person of color as its dean since it was founded nearly 140 years ago. Until now. Erika James was named as Wharton's 15th dean in February and officially started the job earlier this month. The business world has been slow to reflect the gender and racial makeup of Am
New Study Reveals Economic Drivers Behind The Sterilization of Black North Carolinians
'Between 1929 and 1974, North Carolina officials sterilized an estimated 7,600 people, many by force or coercion. The state’s eugenics program targeted people deemed “feebleminded,” sick or living with a disability. A recent study finds that it also targeted Black people considered economically “unproductive” in society. University of New Orleans professor Gregory Price led the research with co-a
Eddie Glaude Jr. On His New Book And What America Can Learn From James Baldwin
'NPR's Noel King speaks with Eddie Glaude Jr. about his book Begin Again: James Baldwin's America and Its Urgent Lessons for Our Own.' -- Morning Edition
Talking Digital Colonialism with Morehshin Allahyari
'Morehshin Allahyari has been capturing the imagination of art lovers the world over since her Material Speculation: ISIS series from 2015-16 propelled her into the spotlight. For that project, she recreated objects destroyed by the