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Saturday, August 1, 2020

Magical Thinking Threatens American Children - LA Progressive

Magical Thinking Threatens American Children - LA Progressive

Magical Thinking Threatens American Children
Trump’s Sociopathic Magical Thinking Will Ignite a Horrific Catastrophe if Schools Reopen In-Person

On July 16, according to The Washington Post, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos made the dangerously ignorant claim that,

“More and more studies show that kids are actually stoppers of the disease and they don’t get it and transmit it themselves, so we should be in a posture of — the default should be getting back to school kids in person, in the classroom.”
Her tag-team partner for bullying the reopening of schools based on magical thinking that threatens the health and safety of children, teenagers, their teachers and families is the Merchant of Death-in-Chief Donald Trump. He offered an equally perilously uninformed argument for reopening schools on July 23, claiming incredulously that “a permanent shutdown was never the strategy, which would ultimately lead to greater mortality and irreversible harm.”

If we once again are bullied into Trump’s magical thinking and DeVos’s ignorance, a cataclysm awaits us, compounded by the runaway infection caused by “reopening” the economy.

BuzzFlash warned that Trump’s blustering, threatening calls to “reopen the economy” would lead to a Coronavirus surge. Then on July 13, we urged the media to acknowledge Trump’s sociopathology in order to prevent a compounding catastrophe from reopening the schools, given the daily evidence that children of all ages (including infants) can get and transmit the disease and can become ill and even die from it. The health impact and transmission varies based on age, but no age is immune from the Coronavirus, including infants.
All one needs to do is to read the statistics from the Red States that are going along with the Trump’s magical thinking to reopen schools that are the very states that are in the midst of record-setting COVID-19 spikes, hospitalizations and deaths. It appears the more adamant the pro-Trump governor is to spreading the virus in a mistaken notion that it is worth it to “reopen” the economy (when the surges are actually setting back a safe restart of the economy based on CONTINUE READING: Magical Thinking Threatens American Children - LA Progressive