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Saturday, August 1, 2020

A MAN WITH A PLAN: Mr. G for District 3: Chris Guerrieri's Education Matters

Mr. G for District 3: Chris Guerrieri's Education Matters

Mr. G for District 3: Chris Guerrieri's 
Education Matters

Greene said she would listen to the medical experts, she is not
Superintendent Greene and the school board have been put in a tough position by the stunning lack of leadership by the mayor and governor. I want to acknowledge that, but that being said the state constitution says they control education in Jacksonville Florida, and in my opinion, their first and highest duty is to keep students and staff safe. Greene has said she would listen to the experts on w
200 here, 1200 there, told to quarantine after graduation ceremonies, we know schools will have to close so why are we risking lives?
Attendees to two separate Florida graduation ceremonies are being told to quarantine. 200 in Palm Bay, and 1200 in Brevard because they were exposed to the virus. We all know this will happen in schools, every school board member and superintendent who tells families to sign up for virtual options, know this, they know schools are not safe, yet they are still pushing to open. We are risking lives

JUL 30

The Times Union has questions
The Times Union sent me a questionnaire and these were my answers. I also included links to the JPEF and Channel 4 questionnaires. Then if you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out, Times Union questionnaire 1. Age 52 2. Education Bachelors degrees in political science and psychology 3. Family status Wife, Julia Furber and four fur babies, Grrl, Rosemary,
About those 2000 subs
The super said there were 80 openings two board meetings ago, their website says there are 157 openings just for teachers. So I thought, well maybe they haven't updated the site so I asked the district and this is what they said. Hey Chris, Hope you’re doing well and staying safe. I’m pretty sure there’s an updated vacancy number. Will follow up wit
Ron DeSantis's big lie
Liar's use two common strategies, make the lie big enough that nobody would believe you would make it up and repeat it over and over again. DeSantis is using both to force teachers and students back into schools. Over and over again DeSantis has said children are not carriers of COVID-19. This is what the evidence says. From the New York Times, In the heated debate over reopening schools, one bur

JUL 29

About those teacher raises
If the state of Florida is going to force me to risk my life by sending me back to the classroom, at least I have that raise they promised to look forward to. Checks notes, oh since they got rid of Best and Brightest and school recognition funds as a veteran teacher, I will probably be getting a pay cut. Well isn’t that a kick in the a** When DeSantis declared this the year of the teacher, little
Education Articles people should be reading in the age of COVID
Here are some great articles about what is happening that people should be reading.
If the choice to risk your child and teacher's lives is okay then everything is off the table.
It's all about choice, sorry, giving families choice, teachers and staff not so much, but as long as families have the choice to risk their children and their teachers lives it is okay, everything is fine. Well, it made me think about all the things that people couldn't bring to school before, the choice to risk lives became in vogue. If death is a serious possibility it makes a t-shirt with a be

JUL 27

Greene risk your life or talk to HR (draft)
That was my take away from the latest flowery letter she sent today. You know there was a time I liked and even appreciated her letters of inspiration but that stopped when she said, her risk you and your family's life or check into other options. I have included the letter so you can make your own judgment. Every time she sends one of the emails I kind of feel responsible. She was hired in June
Major Leage Baseball's COVID plan failed after 4 days, how can schools hope to succeed?
MLB started playing last week, over a hundred days after what was supposed to be opening day. After 3 days, it looks like they will be shutting down. The measures they put in place were far and above what they are doing for schools, so I ask, how can schools hope to be successful where they failed so spectacularly. After 4 days double-digit members of the Florida Marlins have been diagnoses with

JUL 26

How other schools and districts are doing with the coronavirus, spoiler, not well
It is all anecdotal how other schools and districts are doing at this point, but what is happening is not pretty. Sadly it is probably a predictor of what's to come in Florida schools, and that's also not going to be pretty. Private school closes after just reopening. From Bussiness Insider, A Pre-K-7 private school in North Carolina notified parents that a staff member had tested positive for th
Trump, Scott, DeSantis, and Rubio push for in school learning for our kids but not for theirs.
National and state leaders of a particular party despite the unsafe conditions are pushing for the opening of public schools. That's unacceptable, but it is made even made because their children won't be allowed anywhere near them. Saftey for theirs but danger for ours. First, there is President Trump, whose son Barron's exclusive private school announced they will start with e-learning. From Yah

JUL 25

DCPS says they will close schools based on medical advice, well medical advice has been screaming that they should not open! (draft)
When you were a kid, and mom told you no, did you over go ask dad because you knew he would give you the answer you wanted? What about with a business, ever got been told an answer you didn't like ever to call back later to talk to someone else to get a different answer? I feel like that is DCPS they don't like the answers from one medical expert they go to the next, whatever they can do to follo
Not to be Flippant, but NOW we care about poor children?
The powers that be say over and over again that we have to get back because children are falling through the cracks and the achievement gap is widening. Um, these are not pandemic related. Children, especially those mired in poverty have been dropping out and falling behind as long as we have schools, and the powers that be barely shrugged their shoulders. So what's different now? It is that they
Florida's curricular firing squad with schools in the middle.
The state says schools can close at the guidance of their local health department. However, the local health department says they don't have the authority to advise schools to close. UM, WHAT!!!! Andrew Atterbury, 

Mr. G for District 3: Chris Guerrieri's Education Matters