Friday, July 18, 2014

For Sam Pirozzolo Seven Years is Magic southbronxschool

For Sam Pirozzolo Seven Years is Magic

Lately on these pages we have been sharing the comedy stylings of Sam Pirozzolo, president of CEC 31 and optical store owner in Queens.

Yesterday we shared how Sam claimed that 80% of students are unable to read or write in NYC. We asked for proof, and Sam shared it with a report by the Annenberg Institute.

Today, Sam Tweeted out (In regards to theAnnenberg report);

We are still a bit confused. According to Sam, 80% of the students of NYC are illustrate. However, the report he cites is specifically geared to middle schools.

On the second tweet from Sam, that our criticism of the ELA and math exams in 2013 based on Common Core is unfounded because the Annenberg Report was written in 2007. Oops! We got caught with our knickers down.

The Crack Team did not read the report properly and did not see that on page 2 that it was written in 2007. We should have known and apologize to Sam.

But 7 years is a long time. How long is 7 years? Well Pon Farr is how long a Vulcan goes without