Friday, July 18, 2014

Who Got Capped? | EduShyster

Who Got Capped? | EduShyster:

Who Got Capped?

 What really went down in Massachusetts this week…

dunceIt seems like only yesteryear that an extraordinary amount of money and influence was lining up behind the long-suffering public school students of the Bay State. But this week state senators overwhelmingly declined to doff the *cap of excellence.* Wha happened??? And are there important lessons for us to ignore from what happened? (Like that making thin-skinned white guys the irritable face of a movement that’s supposed to be about low-income kids might not have been the smartest move…) Strap yourself in, reader, because it’s time for the official EduShyster cap the cap recap.  
pioneer-dayPale, male and stale
Can we just start by acknowledging that making entitled suburban men who are both white-skinned and extraordinarily thin skinned the most visible *shoutsmen* on behalf of poor minority students was a dud? Fine—I’ll name names. I’m talking about this guythis guy, and, my one true love,this guy.
Just say no
If there’s one thing the kids hate it’s compromise. Which is why the Massachusetts charter Who Got Capped? | EduShyster: